AmGrip - Hashtag ($6 upgrade)

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Amgrip Griptape! This is the perfect balance of grit that keeps the board attached to your feet while not destryoing your shoes too fast. It skates great with the new Hashtag cutout. Grab a sheet!

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Hashtag amgrip
Written by Andrew on 10th Jan 2018

Hashtag amgrip

Written by Joe on 28th Dec 2017

Amgrip. THE BEST! Easy as that.

Written by Romona Rodriguez on 19th Dec 2017

Nice and sticky griptape. For sure buying another!

Super Good
Written by Noah on 14th Nov 2017

It's the best grip tape I've ever had!

perfect griptape
Written by Boston on 4th Jul 2017

this is not to gripy under your shoes and does not rip your shoes perfect

Written by chris jones on 6th Feb 2017

Theres not to much to say besides that its super amazing its prrfect its not to grippy where it just destroys your shoes and your thumb its perfect

Fantastic Grip Tape
Written by Brandon W on 29th Dec 2016

The #AMGRIP is some fantastic grip tape. I love to see the top deck color show through the #AMGRIP! Looks and feel great.

Very grippy
Written by Armando Villarreal on 15th Dec 2016

This grip tape is probably the best I have ever used. I will be buying more when I have the funds to do so!

Written by undefined on 21st Nov 2016

It's pretty good, the only thing i didn't really like was how thick the grip tape was. It made it all the more difficult to cut when placing on the board but my skill of cutting my have contributed to the difficulty. Overall, amgrip has a bunch of grip and looks nice on the deck.

Very Nice
Written by Dan Kavcak on 16th Oct 2016

I really enjoy this grip. It sort of reminds me of MOB Grip in a weird way, but I love this griptape

nice product
Written by greg on 10th Oct 2016

My son was happy with the grip tape. East to apply and very textured

awesome griptape!
Written by jacob on 20th Sep 2016

Super grippy griptape with a bad ass #amgrip

Written by Draven Rubio on 8th Sep 2016

AmGrip is exactly what you would expect and more, very grippy and the little graphic cutout adds finesse to any board you stick it to. Well worth the extra 7 bucks in my opinion.

Awesome Grip Tape
Written by undefined on 16th Aug 2016

It looks amazing on my new deck, was a little tough to get the letters to come out but definatly worth the little bit of hassle.

Written by joshua on 16th Aug 2016

This griptape is so incredibly grippy when doing tricks but not enough while riding to make it hard to move your feet.

am grip
Written by Carlos on 1st Aug 2016

The logo or cutout on the board looks super sick so glad I chose revive skateboards for this product

It's amazing!
Written by Trevor James Dunn on 27th Jun 2016

The Grip is really good I haven't had any issues with it.

Does it's job!
Written by Michael on 20th Jun 2016

For grip tape I can say it grips! Very well! Almost too well haha! The #AmGrip cutout looks very nice aswell!

now that's grip tape.
Written by Frank on 13th Jun 2016

Came in the mail very quickly with the board I ordered. Easy to apply, grips like a champion.

great grip tape
Written by undefined on 12th May 2016

my son loved the tape. Will purchase future items from u guys again... Thanks

comes off a little bit
Written by Mitchell dowdell on 4th Apr 2016

comes off a little bit when you slam or fall of the board but stays very sticky

Got what we paid for.
Written by Richard on 25th Feb 2016

My kid couldn't wait to get grip from Revive...He was.stoked! Thanks guys! We will purchase again.

Great Griptape
Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2016

This very sticky griptape is the perfect balance between stickyness and not-ruining-your-shoe-ness. And the #amgrip cutout makes it complete.

great grip
Written by undefined on 25th Dec 2015

Super to support Doug and revive

Written by Kyle Hartman on 24th Oct 2015

The only thing I don't like about it is that the letters were extremely hard for me to pop out. I had #amgrip.