Jonny Giger - Bored 52mm



  • White Wheel
  • Red Graphic
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • 99a Durometer Urethane
  • Built for the smoothest parks and the roughest streets 



Jonny Giger is actually a robot meant for technical martial arts. The only problem with this is that Jonny's programmer accidentally copy and pasted EA SKATE into his

programming which made him into a super robot skating machine. True story. (False)


Quality Force wheels featuring 99a durometer urethane built for the smoothest parks and the roughest streets!

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Written by Mauro Strozzi on 13th Jun 2017

The wheels of the Late Flip God. They're common wheels but I get motivated on flat ground more than before.

Wheels...yup they're good.
Written by John Maybee on 6th Apr 2017

Awesome skater represented, watermelon, UFO, lightning, axe...that's all.