Set includes: 
 8 Bearings   


High Performance Blessed Silver Precision Steel Bearings

• Chrome Steel Races 
• Prime Synthetic Oils 
• High Level Surface Finishes 
• Premium Nylon Retainers


Product Reviews

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JUJU blessed silvers
Written by Bryant Hyams on 8th Jun 2018

These bearings are sick! They're fast, smooth and try break in so nicely! Would highly recommend!

juju bearings
Written by Michael Henry on 13th Apr 2018

they spin good was gonna go with synopsis but i remembered sam tabor talking about so i gave them a try

Awesome Bearings
Written by Jennifer Atilano on 19th Mar 2018

I bought these beacuse of Sam Tabor and i LOVE them, i was hoping that i would get a Juju sticker but oh well i still love them Thank You!

Best ones so far
Written by Michael on 6th Feb 2018

Ive been riding juju since 2016 and ive loved them since.

Best Spin, and Amazing Sound
Written by Caleb C on 26th Jan 2018

These bearings work incredibly well for their price. The spin can last up to 15 seconds, and they are incredibly silent... they give me such a nice long ride before I have to push again. 101/10 Recommend.

Written by Michael Turi on 19th Jan 2018

Nice bearings for the money seem to be really smooth

Great price, great quality!!!
Written by Gerard on 16th Jan 2018

Bearings are fast and come at a great price...

These Bearings ride very smoothly and are a good price
Written by Joe Helton on 16th Jan 2018

All of the emails that came from the email lauraleehelton are from her son the person who is using the skateboard

Juju blessed silver Bearings
Written by Cody O'Brien on 9th Jan 2018

Great bearings only better is the gold cermics

Spin good
Written by undefined on 6th Jan 2018

Popped into my wheels nicely and they ride fast. Would recommend

Written by RJ on 2nd Jan 2018

they roll!

Written by Devin Rubel on 27th Dec 2017

They roll

Written by Romona Rodriguez on 19th Dec 2017

Very fast bearings. Really cool!

Dat good JuJu
Written by Christopher on 14th Dec 2017

My board hasn't stopped rolling (unintentionally) since I started! For real though, great product and great performance for the price.

Great Bearings
Written by Tyler Sargeant on 27th Nov 2017

These bearings held up really well. My little brothers left my skateboard in the grass when the sprinklers came on, and although my deck was ruined, all I had to do was clean the bearings, and they were good as new! That was three months ago , and they are holding up great!

Super Fast
Written by Brandon Thompson on 14th Nov 2017

Great for beginners and experienced skaters, plus they have the added benefit of blessed silver to keep the demons and ghouls away from your board.

Smooth bearings!
Written by Frank Kolondra on 6th Nov 2017

These bearings are great! Fast and reliable.

Written by Daniel on 2nd Aug 2017

Like the other reviews have said, these things are fast. I was using Reds on my last setup and wasn't too impressed. I put these on and right off the bat I was a speed demon. I've had to improve my balance because they are so smooth and frictionless. Now I hardly have to push on flat and it has made skating transition so much easier.

Great Juju's
Written by Nitsa on 14th Jun 2017

Great bearings. Fantastic quality and super smooth ride.

Fast and Reliable
Written by Mauro Strozzi on 13th Jun 2017

Bought these as a beginner's level and they totally satisfy me.

Best Bearings I've Ever Tried
Written by Alex on 18th May 2017

I've never tried bearings this good. I was riding on Bones Reds before switching to these, and now it just feels like you're riding on air. I almost feel like I'm accelerating rather than rolling. Definitely worth buying.

Best Bearings Available
Written by Jeremy Schafer on 18th Oct 2016

These bearings are great if you want affordable bearings that can spin like no other.

Best bearing I've ever had!
Written by undefined on 13th Oct 2016

These bearings are the best that I have ever own. I've only ever had Bones reds before and these are so much faster. They are so smooth and fast and I think they will last a long time. I've only skated them for five minutes because of an injury, but I'm really looking forward to skating them more!

Written by Espi on 19th Sep 2016

I was very surprised how well these bearings spin. I must have been riding on garbage in my previous experience. These bearings get me going super fast without much effort.

super fast
Written by Michael Stuefen on 5th Sep 2016

Almost too fast right off the bat, great quality.

Great Bearings For A Great Price
Written by thatcodybenson on 18th Aug 2016

I've been skating for about 18 years. And for most of those years, I have used ABEC9 bearings. For about the last 10 years now I've used exclusively Rush Abec 9 Ceramics. And these feel just like them. They roll great, they're quiet, and best of all, they're a great price. I highly recommend these or the Blessed Gold versions.

Written by Kev A. on 8th Aug 2016

Once broken in they feel just as great as any other bearing in my opinion. I would recommend.

juju bearings
Written by Carlos on 1st Aug 2016

This bearing are rad they are so smooth when I'm riding them

Awesome Bearings
Written by Taylor Arendt on 13th Jul 2016

First set of bearings and they feel great. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Great bearings
Written by Nassim on 15th Jun 2016

Very good bearings : fast and smooth. I am really happy to have bought this product !

Written by Zion Offord on 22nd May 2016

Love them. Super smooth, rided for a while, and just all in all pretty solid bearings. Defintely buying these again.

Review on juju abec 9 blessed silver
Written by bryce knoth on 15th Apr 2016

there great, i love them, very smooth. but one of them has a little chater to it but some cleaning and regreasing should fix that. all in all, 10/10 would buy again.