Sun Destroyers - Defiant


Here are the Sun Armors big brother the Sun Destroyers! They're sleeker looking with the emblem graphic on the side. With the glossy finish and UV protection you'll up your style game while still waging a war against the sun's rays. Girls dig a dude that fights ultra violet radiation. 


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bLocK oUt tHe hAteRs
Written by Elizabeth on 29th Jan 2018

These shades are perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun, or protecting your heart from the haters. They have a glossy finish to them which makes them shiny. You deserve to shine, so give these a try!

Great shades
Written by Joseph on 17th Oct 2017

When I unboxed these my friend said, "that's just another pair of cheap sunglasses." and then I put them on and they were significantly better than cheap sunglasses that I've paid more for. And they look incredible.

Destroying the Sun
Written by David Walstad on 28th Feb 2017

These shades do exactly what they say, destroy the sun!! Well, at least the harmful UV rays from it anyways... I like that the tint is a little lighter near the bottom; easier to see your feet skating. That's what I think they were going for anyways.

Blocks Out the Haters! (at night)
Written by Royce on 15th Sep 2016

Not sure what prescription these are, but the bugs no longer splatter on my eyes while cruising. Polarized versions would be worth twice the price in seriousness thou!.... ;) <-- bug in eye

They're grrrreat
Written by Shawn Sawyer on 13th Sep 2016

Honestly these are probably the best sunglasses I've owned. They're durable, incredibly comfortable and for the price is so low you shouldn't pass them up.

Awesome and Stylish shades,but.....
Written by undefined on 12th Jul 2016

I was excited to get these and when I did I wore them in my car...walking around and just doing normal things. Until yesterday they fell on the floor,which was carpeted and they didn't fall very far. When I picked them up, the screw on the left arm was gone lol....and it vanished. I don't know how the screw fell out when I only wore them for a couple of days. Overall though these tho vs are great at blocking sun!

Written by Josh Vitvitsky on 17th Jun 2016

I had been wearing them for about 3 weeks just about everyday and they work amazingly! Well they worked amazingly till I lost them in the ocean but up until that point amazing. Would recommend to anyone.

Hella Rad!
Written by Gabriel VonHeeder on 31st May 2016

i've got an abnormally large head, (72cm) and these are the first sunglasses i've gotten that actually look hella rad. To top it off, they look great on anybody! Even my little sister sometimes rocks my sun destroyers around town

Gr8 I r8 8/8
Written by Camrin Carpenter on 12th May 2016

These glasses are really nice they block the sun and are fun to wear

Written by Ben on 8th May 2016

These things are great! They look so cool! I've gotten very many compliments from wearing a these and the lenses are super cool, I like how they fade out:) the only minor bummer is that they are a little crooked:( but I'm sure that mine were the only one that had that issue. ( I agree with PATRICKDRAPER by having white glasses)

souprah sicckk!
Written by PATRICKDRAPER on 19th Apr 2016

I never owned sunglasses that was a little lighter at the bottom on the lens but I dig it a lot. Red and black is my fav combo. Be cool to have a white pair!?

Review on sun destroyers-defiant
Written by bryce knoth on 15th Apr 2016

I love the glasses, love the color. 10/10 would buy agian.

I Love These!!
Written by Keith Needham on 18th Mar 2016

The Sunglasses Came Very Fast They Look Great And A Great Price I Wear Them Everyday Now I Highly Recommend Them!

Written by undefined on 17th Feb 2016

i love these glasses i ware them any time i go drive. they are much better quality than the sun armors that are also good.

Got More Than What I Expected
Written by Cory on 5th Feb 2016

Okay, so not only are these absolutely AMAZING shades and very styling but they gave me way more than what I was expecting. $16 (with shipping) and I got these high quality shades (which could probably go for a lot more tbh) that are great for blocking rays and also they threw in stickers AND Casey wrote me a note! I was really not expecting how interactive and good they are to their customers seeing as their just a small-time skateboard company off Youtube. I've seen these people grow for ages and I REALLY do hope they continue to expand their stock further and grow as a company. I want to see these people go big and become a mainstream line. They just have everything so cheap yet so high quality!!!

gnarly glasses!
Written by undefined on 7th Aug 2015

These glasses are sick! And they came a day early from the established shipping! Love rocking these in my local skatepark

Written by undefined on 15th Jul 2015

Block the sun very well and fit comfortable

Written by undefined on 12th Jun 2015

awesome shades! Perfect, just perfect.

Written by Turner on 10th Jun 2015

I love them, awesome looking and they work to perfection.

very comfertable
Written by alex on 27th May 2015

I got my glasses and they are extremely comfortable best glasses ive ever bought and they look stylish too and the tint isnt extremely harsh its just right I recommend them to many people

Written by Sebastian Haukås on 27th May 2015

These are so fresh and nice looking! Fast shipping too

Great service!
Written by undefined on 26th May 2015

Great product and fast service. No damages in shipping.

destroyed the sun
Written by Nate on 23rd Apr 2015

These are awesome and make me look cool

Written by Jonathan Frost on 23rd Apr 2015

For what you pay, you get an insanely good quality pair of sunnies!

Written by tim on 20th Apr 2015

The glasses are sick but the lenses are massive but there good anyway and really cool

Really awesome
Written by Chris Plourde on 6th Apr 2015

I got these and loved them and then my friend tried them on and I just bought her a pair so she doesn't steal mine. Really good quality shades at a great price.

Best pair of sunglasses ever
Written by Adam on 1st Apr 2015

These sunglasses are so nice. And for a very low price i cant believe the quality.

Written by Frank on 12th Mar 2015

I really like these sunglasses, they're really good and I couldn't be happier.

Nice Shades! Even Nicer Price!!
Written by Matthew J. Hull on 10th Mar 2015

These are really nice sunglasses. Don't expect some $165 Ray-Bans for $8, but do expect not to get dollar store POS sunglasses. Skaters supporting skaters is what it's about. 2 thumbs up REVIVE!!

Holy damn
Written by Dan Spiller on 23rd Feb 2015

These are really strong and not some cheap crap you might think they are. they really do destroy the sun. i love these

Written by Matthew Rising on 13th Jan 2015

there awesome!!!

Written by undefined on 25th Dec 2014

Looks grate with grandsons yellow Pebbles Suck Tee.

Written by jordan anderson on 11th Dec 2014

These are te best sun glasses I've had in a long time