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Who invented cell phone batteries and why didn't they do a better job? Also this is a ReVive Amgrip collab and it rules.

Amgrip Griptape! This is the perfect balance of grit that keeps the board attached to your feet while not destroying your shoes too fast. It skates great with the new Hashtag cutout. Grab a sheet!

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AMGrip Collab
Written by JR Curtis on 23rd Jun 2020

Such and amazing and beautiful design. One of the best in the game

Written by Ave on 6th Jun 2020

Perf grip tape this that shit you need in your life

Written by basswolfe on 21st May 2020

Cool logo. Was easy to grip the board and get the logo pulled and placed perfect. Grip felt great, I'd say somewhere in the middle (for stickiness/abrasiveness/coarseness)? Not an authority on the subject, but I liked it a lot .

Best grip I've ever had!
Written by Chris Bernardi on 7th May 2020

I instantly noticed a difference when I got my brand new revive deck with this grip upgrade! I took my setup out as soon as I could and popped one of the highest Ollies I ever have! I'm still a novice and have been working on my shuvs and pop-shuvs, and with this grip I felt I had so much more control over my front foot than ever before. Thanks guys for making an outstanding product!

Am grip
Written by Griffin on 20th Apr 2020

Was very grippy and felt dope to shred with

Its very grippy and pretty
Written by Jesus Araujo on 27th Mar 2020

I love the grip and the cutout makes it look really nice

Written by Marilyn Murphy on 20th Jan 2020

My 5 and 14 year old grandkids love it. They were so excited for it to come.

Written by Jay Suarez on 16th Sep 2019

I love the Revive symbol and when I saw the upgraded version I instantly wanted it. I also looked up through Andy's youtube channel how to put stickers behind the griptape to make it unique. the quality of the grip is perfect too.

Written by Braiden lesperance on 14th Sep 2019

Anything from revive company is amazing Our Products shipped fast got them neatly packaged

Written by Dan Simmerman on 23rd Aug 2019

Great feel, nice design amazing service. Thanks gang

The Best
Written by Zane on 28th May 2019

Best grip tape we have tried to date. Will soon be switching out our other decks for AM Grip as its perfect for my sons skating. Shout out to Doug Des Autels for personally apply the grip to our board!

Revive grip tape
Written by Enrique Guerra on 15th Apr 2019

Its nice an grippy plus it has an awesome cut out where you can see the revive logo

Written by Terry Blevins on 20th Mar 2018

Amazing feel, shoes stuck perfectly, able to give the right amount of flick.

Grip tape
Written by Christian on 14th Mar 2018

Love the tape. Great grip and love the design!

AmGrip Revive colab
Written by Lanakila Barbieto on 23rd Jan 2018

Only ridden once since setup (which was today). Love the abrasiveness, my shoes stuck well to the board.

Written by Alex on 15th Jan 2018

I love you guys and your products

Grip tape
Written by Tyler denkenberger on 12th Dec 2017

Love the grip and the design

Super grippy
Written by Eriq Young on 13th Oct 2017

Very good grip tape. Perfect for getting tricks just right... Or making wood smooth if that's what you wanna do

Super grippy
Written by Charlie on 16th Sep 2017

Super grippy and very cool looking the cutout is very clean. Totally worth the upgrade!

Written by Joshua Richards on 6th Apr 2017

Great product super sticky, helped me get my flips dialed in.

Written by alex on 20th Feb 2017

the deck has a damn good pop is durable and may be a little bit bigger tail and nose than other brands... however it just makes you fly bruh! because it looks beautiful, i put on riser pads and rails whereas it is heavier due to this stuff i do significantly higher ollis and switch ollis

best griptape
Written by marc on 11th Feb 2017

This grip tape is super black, cuts well, and is very durable. I do not think I can buy any other grip tape after finding Amgrip.

son is stoked
Written by mommarocks on 31st Dec 2016

Christmas rocked for my son this year.. He was stoked about this grip

Written by Patrick Reed on 9th Dec 2016

You guys are the best and this grio tape is the best!!

Written by @NicksPhotograph on 5th Dec 2016

Will be a loyal #amgrip skater. I really like the amgrip/revive colab logo.

Fantastic Grip
Written by Edwin Arellano on 22nd Nov 2016

Love the way it feels on my shoes. If this makes sense, it's super grippy. Great product.

Best Grip
Written by Jorge Grijalva on 15th Nov 2016

Best grip I've ever had. I've never installed grip on my own but this grip came out perfect no air bubbles or any thing. The cut out stencil was surprisingly easy to install.

Written by lachlan on 25th Oct 2016

amgrip is the best griptape I have used yet

great griptape but...
Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2016

I really like the grip on this board and I think it's really solid, however... when I pulled the tape off the paper it comes with the am grip logo ripped and I ended up with a board that says "mgrp".

Written by Matthew Smith on 3rd Oct 2016

Its a lot better than most tip tape I have used over the years. And intop of that it has a revive logo on it. Its pretty sick.

Written by undefined on 19th Sep 2016

AmGrip/Revive. Great product. Looks and feels good. The only thing I wonder is if the emblem comes only on the left side or if there is an option for having it on the right. As a regular rider the emblem is essentially at my back.

Written by Isaiah Slider on 19th Sep 2016

Sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. This is some of the best grip out there.

This Grip's No Gyp!
Written by Royce on 14th Sep 2016

Even as a complete newbie skateboarder I had pervious experience with AmGrip from gripping the NES that Braille skated. (already broken) Seemed to work quite well considering the beating the console took, so I decided on a repeat buy. (Would like the option to have Sam Tabor draw on the AmGrip though and not just Jessup.) Get yours today and support the thug Doug himself! (a notably kindly thug)

Grippy and easy to cut
Written by Samuel De Grace on 13th Sep 2016

Got that griptape with the Ambs Bros deck. It was my first gripjob and the griptape was easy to apply and the razor blade cut through it like butter. Grips really good; kickflips for days. The Revive/amgrip logo is also pretty sick!

Grippy stuff
Written by undefined on 8th Sep 2016

Very course super grippy, but the revive cut out was hard to remove properly and I all but destroyed it in my attempt. I'm sure if I had an xacto knife and patience it would have been better though.

Grippy and Easy to Apply
Written by Adam Tomlinson on 25th Aug 2016

This was the first grip that I actually applied myself and I was a little worried about how it would go. The grip is super thick, which means it's easy to apply, and the ReVive collab looks sick on my red-topped deck. The punch out was a little difficult on the word, but other than that was easy to get how I wanted. The grip cuts really easily, and while it isn't perfect on my board, that's a me problem, not a grip problem. I love it, super grippy and strong.

Super Grippy!
Written by undefined on 21st Aug 2016

I love this grip tap, and the cutout looks great!

My son loved it!
Written by undefined on 17th Aug 2016

This was a birthday present for my son. Revive is the only site he wants to order from - great service and quality products!

Written by Eddy on 21st Jul 2016

Best skateboards ever made!

Written by Johnny on 14th Jul 2016

This is the best grip i have ever skated! Am grip RULES!! Recommend everyone to buy on c:

Good Grip
Written by Lucas Cain on 13th Jul 2016

Grips well, has a cool design. There's not much to say its just great grip tape.

Repping for life.
Written by Jacob on 5th Jul 2016

The guys at Revive once known as Revenge are just the best, I get people saying that the boards are JUST for kids but I prove them wrong by skating both the lifeline and broken deck with AMgrip and honestly they are the best all of the boards are especially if you like variety, I'm not gonna write this review just for this board but for revive as a whole..They will treat you like family and the boards are all top notch..Just skate on and buy a revive board that fits you. ReviveForLife. :3

Very grippy
Written by Tim on 30th Jun 2016

Great griptape, very grippy though, it will wear down shoes pretty quick.

so far so good
Written by undefined on 28th Jun 2016

I messed up the design but made it work but other than that great grip tape

super girpy
Written by Austin on 28th Jun 2016

Super grippy tape Love the design on it aswell

Great grip and nice design
Written by Eliot Frantz-Holmes on 27th Jun 2016

the grip itself is really rough but surprisingly doesn't wear and the design looks really good with even just the top color of my board

revive skatebored splatter deck
Written by Tyler Cronk on 27th Jun 2016

It's really cool and very strong and overall an amazing bored so I recommend this skatebored to all skateboreders

Written by Chase Boucher on 27th Jun 2016

This was the first grip I've ever put on a deck and it was pretty cool especially when I see Sam, John and the other guys using the same stuff

Best grip eva!!
Written by Eddy on 17th May 2016

This grip is so grippy! I like it better than grizzly grip plus the logo is cooler as we'll!

Black and sticky:)
Written by Ben on 8th May 2016

Great grip tape!!! In fact the best I ever used! I put it on my ReVive cruiser board and it look great! I accidentally messed up the cut-out (ughhh) but that's just me:) it's pretty hard to get the cutout on without messing something up but it's all good and it looks pretty sweet! Thanks Doug!

AmGrip is Amazing
Written by Christian S. on 12th Apr 2016

After ordering my Tie Dye Lifeline deck, i got some AmGrip to go with it and all i can say is.. This grip tape is amazing, great quality, amazing grip, and i like this grip better than GrizzlyGrip to be honest. Keep up the good work Revive!

Simple & Beautiful
Written by Mitchell Hunte on 29th Mar 2016

Got it, was stoked, first griptape kob I ever pulled off, and was successful! I have watched a lot of content from both Andrew Shrock and Braille Skateboarding that the "How to" was both understood and simple enough. Peeled it, placed a gold Revive sticker underneath the cutout, lined it up on my Kyro Tiger board, pressed, scrapped, cut and sanded it to my likeness! Thank you for the product, as I will be getting more!

Written by undefined on 28th Mar 2016

Good quality, be patient when removing the backing near logo, damaged mine.

Written by Rachel on 7th Mar 2016

Amazingly smooth but grippy and I love the revive heart lifeline my most favorite griptape and the only one I'm buying!

Written by Gen on 21st Dec 2015

Super grippy and tough. The decal is also a great added bonus.

you guys are awesome
Written by Tim Thomson on 13th Dec 2015

Love everything about the product and the people. You guys have awesome quality and awesome personality. Super cool Brian wrote "Tim! Shred on!" and signed the packing slip. We just have to work on getting you guys into Canada so I don't get hammered by shipping and border fees.

I just love it
Written by rick coover on 10th Dec 2015

it's grippy strong and beautiful

Best Grip Ever!
Written by Ian Chambers on 8th Dec 2015

Love the Revive Collab grip. Great look, and the quality of the grip tape is next level. Will be getting a lot more of this!