Blue Strike - Silver X FORCE Collab Tool


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 I simply love that whoever wrote the information below listed "blue color" as a point.

  • Blue color
  • Features 3/8 Inch Socket with ratchet capabilities for adjusting hardware
  • 9/16 inch socket to easily tighten or loosen your trucks and 1/2 inch socket to add/ remove and secure your skate wheels. 
  • Removable screwdriver- slide out reversible phillips and allenhead driver.
  • Precision file- for a smooth griptape edge 

This Silver/FORCE collab skate tool is what you need. Not only will this fit all of the parts to your skateboard and has a ratchet for easy tightening, it also doubles as the letter T. It is convenient and flashy. Get this before you don't get this. Congrats you reached the end of this description.

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Skate tool
Written by p407 on 26th Apr 2019

This is the best skate tool you can get. I don't need to set up boards frequently but I just wanted a tool to make the process a little bit easier and quicker. This tool definitely delivered the expected result.

Best skate tool ever
Written by Brayden Hill on 22nd Apr 2019

This is the best skate tool I have ever had, it reliable and great all around.