Carlos Lastra Couch Potato - Deck (Available in 7.75 only)

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***Each deck comes with a complimentary sheet of Jessup grip tape. You can switch out for AmGrip for a $6-$7 upgrade***

**We are unable to assemble complete skateboards**

This deck has a standard concave. It's been tested by many and skates great! Free Jessup grip with every deck! If you're skating around for trick or treating this year, this deck will pull in extra candy fo sho!

We actually end up paying slightly more than we charge when it comes to shipping so most of the time we ship Parcel post to keep costs down for both you and me! Normally it takes about 5 business days for the decks to reach you. Maybe 6 or 7, if you live on the west coast. As long as we have everything we need in stock, we send your package out within 24 hours of receiving your order!

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import ON TOP OF your paid shipping cost.

Please consult your local postal office to see the duty rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Product Reviews

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Really love this board
Written by Yoa on 10th Aug 2019

Board feels great and of course got to always support and rep Carlos, He's such a legend

Couch potato
Written by Daylen petty on 18th Jul 2019

Such a good board

Excellent board
Written by Daniel Montano on 29th Jun 2019

Happy with this deck

Couch potato deck review
Written by James Dukes on 24th Jun 2019

This is truly the highest quality deck ever created! It is a well known fact in the skateboarding world that any deck with the word “Lastra” on it possesses special powers. It has been said that anyone in possession of such a deck can instantly master any variation of the late flip. It’s true! I bought this deck on the day of its release and was able to skip straight to skateboarding made simple volume six. Upon receiving the confirmation of delivery I raced home so fast that the shear speed alone summoned the spirit of Paul Walker. When I finally got the beast out of the box I could feel it’s power radiating around me, it was so intense it cause me to instantly fall asleep! While I was out I was clutching the deck in my hands like Ralphie with his red rider BB gun. In my trance like dreams I was landing flat ground late hardflips and blindfolded switch triple flips. When I woke from this dream I realized that such a powerful tool should only be used in moderation, so I hung it on the wall in my office only to be taken down in the instance I am challenged to a game of skate by the great Chris McNugget! The only thing that could make this deck any better is if it had the autograph of the legendary Carlos Lastra himself on it. However it did come with a pick ticket stating “shreadtastic” signed by the ever so infamous Brian Ambs , so that’s a neat bonus. I’m probably going to buy a second one of these decks to actually skate, that is if I can’t actually handle it’s powers! But honestly you guys should offer a limited run of autographed versions of each of the pro decks when they are released. I would for sure be willing to pay the extra price to have those in my collection! Thanks a bunch guys and I hope you keep manufacturing your awesomely painted popsicle stick shaped pieces of wood for many years to come!!