Conical Strike 18' - 52mm


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 If a T-Rex Skated he would skate these wheels ... I feel like there's nothing cooler that I can say after that.


  • White Wheel
  • Set of 4 wheels
  • 101a durometer
  • Built for the smoothest parks and the roughest streets!

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Conical Strike
Written by Trace on 29th Oct 2018

Amazing wheels...such a smooth ride!

Excellent wheels
Written by Manny on 18th Oct 2018

I didn't know what this conical non-sense was all about... then i bought these. Now i know. For real, they are a smooth ride. You obviously still don't want to hit a pebble or skate on a tough surface, but on even grainy flat concrete they have a buttery feel. Would roll again, 11/10.

Written by Jennifer Atilano on 2nd Oct 2018

I LOVE THESE SOOOO MUCH!!! with my Juju Bearing and these AWESOME wheels my ride is SOOOO smooth!!! Aint no pebbles stopping me any day heh and i love the red connical design. I've always wanted to own force wheels and im super stoked tht these were my first set of force wheels. 10/10 the BEST wheels by FAR!!!