Doug Des Autels Old Street Reissue - Deck

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Comes with a FREE SHEET of Jessup grip tape or you can upgrade to Amgrip starting at $7.49

Concave: MEDIUM

Length: 31.5 INCHES


Ply count: 7

These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.

*We can assemble complete skateboards ONLY with the purchase of a Starter Pack and by selecting the Assembly Option on the Starter Pack product page*

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Product Reviews

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Doug Des Autels
Written by Will on 7th Dec 2021

Great first board.

Written by Atticus goebel on 7th May 2021

Great product

Love it
Written by Esmeralda bedolla on 14th Apr 2021

This new deck is awesome the concave is perfect and it's easy to tell the nose from the tail I'm just getting back into boarding and these things really helped me get back into the groove of it all.

Best deck ever
Written by Aiden Coulas on 12th Apr 2021

This is deck was amazing I got it on March 16 and since then it's awesome concave feels good and has good pop.

Great Board
Written by Darren Coburn on 14th Jan 2021

Great deck and feels very nice! Very sturdy and also very snappy.

Written by Daniel Leonardo on 13th Jan 2021

Bought it from a local skate shop few week ago, the deck matches my style, perfect!

Written by Sherri H Jenkins on 16th Dec 2020

My 7 yr. old grandson wanted this one...( his dad is a skateboarder)..So I ordered this one for him!! Thanks Guys! Merry Christmas to you all! This is a present!! Peace Out! Skateboarder Mom & MawMaw

Written by JESSE DEBERNARD on 1st Dec 2020

Perfect board..straight '90s

Looks even better in person
Written by Kevin R. on 18th Oct 2020

Was time to replace my “Amb’s World” deck. I had planned on picking up another of the same, until I saw this new graphic and had to grab it. The reference and design were too cool to pass up. It honestly looks even better in person. Really pleased with my new deck. Can’t wait to throw some grip tape on there and go mess it up.