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  • This is 50% paraffin and 50% vegetable based wax and it works amazing 

Remember that one time that you needed wax for a box or ledge and didn't have it? Yeah that's probably 90% of all skate sessions for everyone. Get wax, be prepared for the session! Also having sour patch kids on hand wouldn't hurt either. So good.  Grab some and see for yourself.

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10/10 Tacos
Written by Elizabeth on 29th Jan 2018

This wax is super durable, so you don't have to worry about accidentally breaking it. It's red (which rules). It slides like a beaut as well so there's that too.

So good.
Written by Michael McKenna on 6th Oct 2017

This wax is great stuff and nice revive logo on it a win win in my opinion.

Fantastic wax!!!
Written by Marko Polo on 18th Feb 2017

It allows for smooth slides and grinds, keeps it's form, and it's the Revive emblem... absolutely perfect!

Let me wax poetic....
Written by David Walstad on 27th Jan 2017

Definitely waxy, but that's how you'd want your wax to be.

works grate
Written by Andrew Bueckert on 8th Dec 2016

The wax surprised me on how slippery it was I used it the day I got it on some unwaxed ledges and I only had to apply one coating and never got stuck

A Product Review
Written by Royce on 14th Sep 2016

Not bad!.... seems to be sealed in some kind of wax.

Written by Logan on 12th Jul 2016

It does what I bought it for, that's all that matters.

Good but melts
Written by undefined on 4th Jul 2016

Product os good but melts in the sun.

Great wax!
Written by Dick Aronsson on 30th Jun 2016

This wax is working exillent and i will come back for some more!

Written by rudy duh ojeda on 22nd Jun 2016

I think I will always use this wax until you guys stop selling it!! Lol my friends want it cause it looks cool! Thank you

Written by Joey bell on 6th Jun 2016

Does its job well, and it's revive. If you were to ask for more, you couldn't get it.

Wax is Wax:)
Written by Ben on 8th May 2016

Looks great, works great, and is a ReVive product so yeah it's amazing!!!:)

Written by Jesse Crawford on 19th Feb 2016

It's nice. It works like good wax should. It doesn't really melt like some wax. Definitely will buy more when I need it.

Written by Jc on 7th Feb 2016

Great wax totally worth it