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Hardware! Here is 8 1" Phillips head bolts to keep those trucks attached to your skateboard. There are two white bolts so you can quickly look down and tell which end is your nose and which is your tail.

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Force hardware is great!
Written by Faith on 31st Aug 2019

I haven’t had any problems with it and I don’t think I ever will

Force hardware
Written by Gary Shaw on 12th Aug 2019

Very sturdy bolts and nuts and being able to tell the nose from the tail just by a glance is a huge bonus...great product

Love them!
Written by Jennifer Atilano on 6th Nov 2018

I like tht they're white and that right away from the package you can tell they look like straight up AWESOME quality!! I love Revive!!!

Force Hardware
Written by Michael Henry on 13th Apr 2018

It good to just look down and see where my nose is

Force Hardware
Written by Bug on 9th Jan 2018

Great Hardware, nice to be able to look down and know where my nose is, YOU GUYS ARE THE MOST AWESOMEREST :P

Awesome Hardware
Written by Brandon Thompson on 14th Nov 2017

Love the white bolts, they look sick and help me tell my nose apart from my tail

force hardware
Written by Boston on 4th Jul 2017

easy to find the nose and to stick through the board

Great Product
Written by Hayden Cornelius on 3rd Jun 2017

There's really not much to say (since it's hardware) but I definitely love having the white bolts in front. Looks cool and isn't painted with some cheap paint that would chip off. Quality stuff.

Written by VHS on 6th Mar 2017

Simple hardware. Works as expected. I like the white bolts.

Awesome stuff
Written by Shane on 3rd Jan 2017

The hardwear is just as good as any, but for christmas I got the platinum lifeline and it is the most beautiful skatebord ive ever had. I love what you guys are doing, keep up the great work :)

Great hardware
Written by Brandon on 29th Dec 2016

This is solid hardware, and I love the two white bolts up front!

Written by Alexander Walters on 25th Nov 2016

I really dig this hardware w/ the 2 white screws. It looks good any way you set it up and it gives your board a distinction that is just overall satisfying.

Nice hardware
Written by Jason on 27th Sep 2016

Chuck Norris would approve.

Written by undefined on 23rd Sep 2016

8/8 would skate again.

Force products never fail me
Written by Chris L Campbell on 22nd Aug 2016

Love the 2 white bolts. Really help me to know my nose from tail. Thanks for the awesome products at such a good price.

Awesome hardware.
Written by Cory Crowe on 17th Aug 2016

I love that they include two white screws. I like to put them at the nose so I can just easily tell when I look down.

both Nuts and Bolts
Written by Samuel Stevenson on 9th Jul 2016

They are both not important and very important at the same time. This hardware will do its job as well as any other. I like the white paint, but for people really looking to save money it would be cheaper to go to a hardware store and find the hardware you need.

Best hardware I've used
Written by Colton on 12th Jun 2016

This hardware is great. I can tell where the nose of the board is all the time. I can even see at night because of how they are painted white. My friend recommended me this hardware set and it is better than I expected

Great hardware
Written by Michael K on 25th Apr 2016

Myep. Sure is hardware alright. Nothing over the top about it or anything. Just great hardware. The painted bolts are super helpful though. These are my #1 favorite hardware because of that.

Written by undefined on 22nd Feb 2016

I love the white 2 white bolts it makes it easy to find the nose from the tail They hold my trucks in great

good product !!!!!!
Written by undefined on 31st Jan 2016

Great hardware quality made bolts I like the wite tops and no stripping on the heads even tho they are Phillips head bolts

Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2016

Good job, very sturdy

Written by Rachel on 29th Jul 2015

Amazing hardware love the colors and they are super awesome everyone should buy this or revive hardware they are amazing

Written by Andrew Williams on 27th Jul 2015

Definitely helpful. The white bolts make it super easy to see if it's the nose or tail. Very cool!

Love it
Written by undefined on 24th Jun 2015

Awesome gear. Will continue to order.

Written by Michael Vanatta on 18th Jun 2015

I really like the two white bolts, it's helpful and cool. They worked great too, I had no problems putting them in and they're keeping my tricks on tight!

just great!
Written by undefined on 1st Jun 2015

I love these force hardware bolts. They're just amazing. You can tell which way is the front from the 2 white bolts. They lock your trucks right in there.

Nice hardware.
Written by Aaron on 27th May 2015

It looks great on the board and makes ot very easy to find the nose with the 2 white bolts. It seems to hold up really well. Keeps my trucks on so I'm happy. It's nice hardware. What else can I say?