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 Ok about time right? Funny Fact John Hill's uncle swore this video would never come out and we were very close to naming it "HA, PROVEN WRONG JOHN'S UNCLE!"

The FORCE Wheels team visited Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York city. 

It includes skating from:

Alex Buening

Chris Chann

Alex Decunha

Doug Des Autels

Jonny Giger

John Hill

Jordan Hunter

Aaron Kyro

Jason Park

Alexander Rademaker

Andy Schrock

Cody Whitt

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Loved it
Written by Bastian Bering Hvalsum on 15th Apr 2019

I loved it! you get it out so fast and goos quality. Big thumbs up from here :)

Four dvd
Written by Patricia penick on 4th Dec 2018

It's a christmas purchase, so he hasn't opened it yet but I want to say i cant be happier with my purchase experience. These guys are really involved with their company and their customers happiness. We have not had one problem with any of the purchases we have made including my sons personal purchases. These guys rock!

Four DVD
Written by Jordan on 4th Dec 2018

Great video! Worth it for the New York section alone.

The best video yet
Written by John on 3rd Dec 2018

Not as many funny sketches as "End of the World", just lots of excellently filmed skating. Filming was great, editing was excellent, and the music choices were spot on. Definitely their best video yet. Only complaint was how short it was. But with so many extras on the disc, still a lot of cool stuff for such a low price.