FP Flat 5mm Terry Kennedy

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  • Let Footprint give your feet the impact control they need to try that gap over and over until you get it. The Footprint Hi Profile King Foam Shoe Insole were designed for skaters with mid to high foot arches to skate longer and more comfortablly. This Footprint insole works best with vulcanized shoes.

    Since 2011, Footprint has been working on improving the health of skaters and snowboarders from the feet up. By utilizing innovative orthopedic technology, in conjunction with input from skaters like Brandon Biebel, JAWS and Terry Kennedy, Footprint insoles drastically reduce impact stress on your feet, knees and back. In other words, you skate longer and harder without wrecking your body.

    • Best for skaters/riders with mid-high arched feet

    Built to withstand 5-8 months of heavy skating

    • Breathable PU base layer
    • Moisture wicking sublimated fabric
    • KingFoam Insoles absorbs up to 90% of Impact Energy!
    • Its the best impact absorbing insole out there
    • It fits in all shoes and is giving you the best possible performance
    • 5mm thickness
    • Recommended for mid to high arch foot
    • Comes with adjustable heel risers
    • Trimmable
    • TERRY KENNEDY signature model