Footprint Insoles

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HI Profile King Foam Insoles 7mm East Vs West

  Compatible with all foot types Trimmable- if your size is out, get one size up and trim with scissors. Best for mid to high arch Absorbs 91% of impact energy in lab testing compared to 53% in other “performance” insoles...

King Foam Insoles 5mm Joey Brezinski Burrito

  KINGFOAM INSOLES A simple stock insole replacement. Works for all foot types but recommended for mid to high arch. Simply replace stock insoles Trim to fit if needed Use in shoes with 4-6mm thick ?stock insoles Absorbs...
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King Foam Insoles 5mm Skeleton Red

Gimmick free zone- While most other insoles out there feature cool looking gels or other similar cheap materials designed to look fancy, kingfoam insoles are pure performance from heel to toe. Full foot bruise protection and primo protection, kingfoam...

Kingfoam Elite - HEEL SAVIORS Elite

The new standard in durability and impact protection, the elite series heel saviors will double to triple the impact protection of stock insoles and increase impact protection to the max when placed under footprint insoles. Sloping from 6 mm to 2mm, the...
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