Jonny Giger Cerberus Reissue - Deck

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Comes with a FREE SHEET of Jessup grip tape or you can upgrade to Amgrip starting at $7.49

Concave: MEDIUM

Length: 31.5 INCHES


Ply count: 7

These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.

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Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 16 ratings)
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Deck is amazing!
Written by Chris on 29th Oct 2021

Almost as amazing as Mr. Giger!!

Amazing Service with a personal touch
Written by PR on 26th Oct 2021

This is a deck that I purchased because Jonny Giger is my son and myself favorite skateboarder. This is the second Jonny Giger Pro deck that we have purchased from Revive. The graphic on this board is amazing. The one thing that meant the most to me was that I left a note that I was purchasing the deck for my son's birthday. When the package arrived it had an autograph from Brian on the packing slip and a happy birthday! I think that meant more to my son than the deck. I wanted to make sure to mention this to emphasize the quality of not only the deck but the service of Revive Skateboarding.

Nice board
Written by Steve on 24th Dec 2020

Been skating this thing a few months and really like it. Pop is noce and the print is surprisingly resilient so it still shines through. Pop is great but the only problem ive had is one tail has sagged noticibly. Still love it but its annoying

Written by Paulo Salas on 22nd Dec 2020

Excelent deck!

This Deck Is Awesome
Written by Hayden Vanwinkle on 20th Dec 2020

Literally no complaints, coming from a wknd deck of 3 years this deck is surprisingly light, I got the Johnny Giger Cerberus deck and it's amazing, light, sturdy and overall just has fantastic feel, if you are on the fence about buying it just go for it, the price to performance ratio is insane on these

Super Deck!
Written by Kendall Wilson on 14th Dec 2020

My 9 year old loves the Jonny Giger Cerberus Reissue Deck. Colors are bright. The Jessup grip tape was easy to install. He can ollie with it so he's extremely excited. Now my 10 year old wants a Revive deck!

Jonny Giger cerberus reissue deck review
Written by Tom on 18th Nov 2020

Great price. Came a day early. lovely quality. Loads of pop. Great graffic. Supporting a great company and one of my favourite pros. Perfect.

Jonny Giger Cerberus
Written by Ryan on 14th Nov 2020

Very happy with purchase. Bought at 1am wednesday night, received saturday. Faster shipping than I thought. Packaging wasn't ideal, just the board in the box but board had no chips or scratches. Would recommend

Jonny Giger - Cerberus Deck
Written by Spencer on 5th Nov 2020

I really couldn't be happier with this deck. The pop is feels fantastic and the graphic is rad. I am super thankful for how fast it came as well considering I was without an intact deck upon ordering. Jonny Giger is simply one of the most inspirational skateboard content creators in my opinion and I'm thrilled to be able to support him this way and help him to succeed.

Deck Review
Written by Ryan Sullivan on 31st Oct 2020

I'm loving the design of this deck and the other deck I recently purchased. My family has a ton of dogs so I figured it makes sense to get this deck. I use to skate a little as a kid, but with this pandemic and being stuck at home I decided to try to learn some tricks out front. So far I can land a shove it stationary and I'm working on it moving. I always enjoyed watching skateboarding videos and how to do certain tricks on YouTube, such as your videos, Braille, and Jonny Giger. I love that your boards definitely seem to have a video game feel to them. I actually created a youtube channel on funny moments in video games that I play if any of you get a chance to check it out (search "StemSull" on youtube). I'm considering making a StemSullSkate channel in the near future to show my progress with skating. I had already bought a complete deck, for these two decks I decided to hang them on my wall. For my next full board I plan on buying the trucks/wheels/etc from you guys and a new deck when you guys release the Winter boards. I'll continue to watch your guys videos, and I hope Andy heals quickly.

First Skateboard
Written by Benjamin on 26th Oct 2020

A great first skateboard. Awesome design and the colors really pop out! Haven't had it for a week yet and it's already chipped but that's on me since I'm just learning how to skateboard and my board keeps flying and hitting everything. Will definitely buy again!

Giger 8.25 Cerberus
Written by Richard Clarke on 26th Oct 2020

Board quality is excellent and shipped quickly. Very satisfied and will deffinately order again from these guys. Great job.

Great Deck! Only graphic was off-centered
Written by Jarad M Rock on 22nd Oct 2020

I paired this Jonny Giger deck with Krux Trucks since Jonny Giger only skates Krux and I am glad I did! It has amazing pop and feels light but sturdy. I also bought the synopsis bearings and Park wheels. Everything came together nicely. However the graphic is a bit off-center, Jonnys name drifting to the left and the ReVive drifting to the right, minus one star, but it does not affect the board itself. I am happy overall.

Good Wood
Written by Rex on 22nd Oct 2020

Prior to this deck I've ridden mostly BBS/Generator (the woodshop that makes Polar, Primitive, Baker, Real and a ton of others) and figured I would just stick with them cuz, you know, they have been great so why try something else? On the other hand, I have been curious about Revive wood and I like that Revive doesn't promote a myopic view of skate culture. Besides, how can you not like Jonny Giger… and a sweet Cerebus graphic too?? I mean come on. So how does it compare to BBS/Generator? The pop is just as good, although it has a bass-ier note. I'm not sure what that means but it is satisfying. The nose and the tail are maybe a hair steeper than “medium”, but not what you'd call “steep”. I'm getting occasional ghost pop but I think I'll adjust. The concave seems solidly in the medium zone to me. Mine had “P8” stamped on top… if that means 8th in the stack when it got pressed then others closer to the top might be steeper. The wheelbase on the 8.5 came in at 14.375. I would have liked to see 14.5 because I think that would match up with Indys better but it's close enough. It doesn't feel too short with Indys and I have a hunch it wouldn't feel too long with Thunders either so it's a good compromise. Soo… that's about it. All in all I'm really pleased and would say Revive decks are definitely worth trying. Plus if it puts a dollar in Jonny's pocket… bonus.

Written by Kash McHan on 12th Oct 2020

really like it, just like the skulls deck A++

Jonny Giger deck
Written by Kash McHan on 6th Oct 2020

Wonderful. My first REVIVE board was Jonny's skulls deck, but this reissue is great as well. Thanks, Kash