JuJu (Jason Park)


A Smoother, Super-tuned version of our popular Blessed Silver Precision Steel Skateboard Bearings with shields in Jason's favorite color.  

Set includes: 
8 Bearings + 
4 Spacers + 
1 Sticker


• Chrome Steel Races 
• Prime Synthetic Oils 
• High Level Surface Finishes 
• Premium Nylon Retainers

  • Juju Bearings are heat sealed in food grade mylar packaging at the factory to keep out evil dirt and moisture. Cleaner bearings stay faster longer. You can count on Juju Bearings to be the consistently cleanest bearing from source to skater.

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 7 ratings)
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Written by Michael McKenna on 6th Apr 2018

i have got juju ceramic bearings and these ones now they don't disappoint i highly recommend either of them they spin forever and already oiled and factory sealed and comes with a really dope sticker.

Written by Edwin on 19th Feb 2018

These bearings are amazing I recommend and also just supports the skater. I love revive

Good 6 months
Written by Kimberly Williams on 13th Feb 2018

The bearings lasted me 6 months. At 3 months the started to get loud and slower. I would recommend. My reds lasted me six months and don't slow done to much or get loud.

Jason Park Sucks not
Written by Brett Muller on 31st Oct 2017

Out of the box smoooooothness. Got tired of waiting for new bearings to break in, so I tried these. Very good!

Written by John Maybee on 6th Apr 2017

Silky smooth. Great color.

Love them
Written by Chris McCrackan on 27th Mar 2017

Smooth ride and great looks. Couldn't ask for better

Written by Mackrai Tullos on 15th Mar 2017

Jjason Park only need his own hardware now.GREAT COLOR AND GREAT BEARIGS