LIVE. SKATE. DIE. Unlimited - Deck

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Comes with a FREE SHEET of Jessup grip tape or you can upgrade to Amgrip starting at $7.49

Concave: MEDIUM

Length: 31.5 INCHES


Ply count: 7

These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.

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Product Reviews

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Love this board
Written by Andrew Hynds on 24th Aug 2020

Great board. Like all revive boards it just feels good to skate. This one I love as I loved their first video (live skate die). Was amazed they still had this one in stock.

the deck was amazing it was so exiting to get it
Written by adrian on 16th Mar 2016

The deck was in great form it had really good pop.

great board
Written by undefined on 9th Mar 2016

It flips and spins great and can take a beating the only thing that could improve it is a little concave or a concave version

best deck i ever had
Written by dirk vanvliet on 10th Feb 2016

Revive decks are the best i ever had thank you

Awesome Deck!
Written by Gray on 18th Jan 2016

My son ordered this deck and was so excited when he received it! He has non stop skated and is super happy with his purchase! Will def order from here again for my youngest son as well! Super fast shipping too :) Thanks from a happy kid and his mom!

Awesome Deck.
Written by Abner Alfaro on 10th Jan 2016

Awesome Board Super Fast Shipping and an Amazing concave totally recomend it.

Excellent board for the price!!
Written by Anonymous on 1st Jan 2016

When I saw it , I had to have it!! Great looking board, well constructed. Will purchase again when in stock!!

Written by undefined on 9th Dec 2015

I had my fair share of boards ranging from Walmart, to pro boards, and this one feels the best! I had an element board before this, and it cracked within a few days. How lame. This board is just amazing in every way! Love it, and would recommend it to beginners, and pro skaters! :D

Pure amazing
Written by Joey Donahue on 7th Dec 2015

New favorite deck, I've had many different companies decks before and I even got stuck on one, until now all I'm going to keep on going with is new revive decks. Thank you guys for the amazing videos and inspiration to keep skating!

Written by zach on 17th Nov 2015

I havent used it yet but the design is nice and i didnt have any problems applying grip tape, waiting for new wheels and trucks before i shred.

The Boy had to have it..
Written by D.Perry on 16th Nov 2015

not sure what you guys are doing over there at Revive..but you got my stepson's attention .. he ranted and raved about how he wanted that first board we buy him to be this one.. and nothing else.. well I ordered it " he's new to skating btw" and been using an old deck some kid at the park gave him. Anyway this board looks legit.. and i'm sure it will last him a while considering he is still just learning to kickflip

Very Noice
Written by Bryson McDonald on 28th Oct 2015

ever since i ordered my first board from Revive thats all i've ever wanted. the wood is always great and usually lasts me a while.

Very good price
Written by Tristan on 20th Oct 2015

For its quality and the price there is nowhere to go wrong. I bought this board about a two weeks ago to get a feel for it. I am a very rough skater I usually skate for about 4 to 5 hours every day and I was surprised on how the board kept up. I would recommend this board to anyone.

Written by will on 15th Sep 2015

supwr awesome great board

No Complaints here
Written by undefined on 30th Aug 2015

Good Quality, good value. Bought for my son for his birthday and has been raving over it since because I got him the "Best" board out there. Two thumbs up for him and some for me!

Great board!
Written by Devin Hall on 30th Aug 2015

So this is my first revive deck, but certainly not my last! I'm a newer skater, and have tried a few board, and so far this is the best one I've had. Revive boards are definitely worth buying!

definitely the best!
Written by Keith Ermakov on 30th Aug 2015

Ive skated several different decks and none can compare to the awesome pop and amazing concave revive decks have! Never again will i skate another deck again

hella $w4g
Written by Mike Rotch Hirts on 19th Aug 2015

ok so I'm a new sk8r and I tried the kickflip challenge And landed a quadflip while I was skating off my roof (idk how to kickflip) but I new this board had hella $w4g! Anyways so I decided to try and Ollie over a 2004 Cadillac Escalade speeding towards me and now I can't sk8 :/ but it's ok cuz as soon as I can sk8 again I'll try again!!!!!

one of the best boards out there!!
Written by will on 15th Aug 2015

Great pop and really durable Recently started to skate again, and I have had a few boards in the past but this board is amazing. It looks sick, super smooth and again durable. Best money I have ever spent. Concave is just right to really flip the board! Go revive or go home.

Great Board
Written by undefined on 13th Jul 2015

This board definitely is on par with all other ReVive decks. By far the best boards I have ever rode are ReVive decks! If you are trying to choose between ReVive and another company, choose ReVive.

sweet board. i love it
Written by Kevin Pineda on 29th Jun 2015

This board is very light. I love the design, I know the guys at revive will come up with more awesome designs.

ReVive boards are my favorite to use
Written by Matt on 28th Jun 2015

The board is nice and light and with the combonation with Force wheels I wouldnt want to ride anything else. I definetly love how the board feels and how the wheels roll. Ive seen more imporvement with a ReVive board and Force wheels than any skateboard Ive rode. I will definetly keep buying and buying boards and wheels. Also Amgrip is definetly great. I love it with my setup. For a low price these boards are definetly worth it tenfold. Stay awesome ReVive crew!

Great quality board.
Written by Brock on 20th Jun 2015

The Live. Skate. Die. Deck exceeded all expectations, the pop is excellent and overall the board just feels natural under my feet. Honestly the best quality I've seen for this price range, highly recommend it. (You may want to pitch in a few extra dollars on shipping though, as the standard post took quite a while.)

its amazing
Written by elijah on 19th Jun 2015

The graphic is amazing and it has great pop

Great Deck
Written by Chris Gonzales on 16th Jun 2015

The decks graphic is very cool, and this board has great pop.

Written by undefined on 5th Jun 2015

I love this board so much great pop and everything one thing is that some ppl didnt know of the brand so they said stuff like oh its a fake brand but you know what F*** the haters insainly happy

Great Board
Written by Kenny Todd on 27th May 2015

Great board! Great price!

Written by Tom Brown on 19th May 2015

this deck is amazing have good concave and extremely good pop. all products are good buy them all!!!

Amazing board
Written by Steven on 19th May 2015

Ive on been riding this board for a couple days and this board is insanely nice i would definitely recommend this revive deck

great deck
Written by stephan on 18th May 2015

awesome deck, awesome graphic, awesome brand! Live skate die revive!

Great Board
Written by Alexander Sturgeon on 16th May 2015

This board feels really good it has alot more pop than my darkstar and planB had it feels really nice and the concave is harsh which is good for doing flip tricks on.

Written by undefined on 16th May 2015

I have been skating since I was 11, I'm now 18. So I've gone through many boards. I got this deck 2 1/2 weeks ago and I couldn't be more stoked about it. Awesome pop, very durable, and all around just feels good under my feet. I recommend it 100%.

this is one of the best boards ive ever had.
Written by Rylie Monias on 16th May 2015

The board is great i love the pop on it and it stays under you when you do your tricks. Its really durable it will last you a long time trust me.

live skate die
Written by undefined on 14th May 2015

Great biard but paint on seaign chips insstead of blending

Written by ABDULRAHMAN KHAN on 12th May 2015

BEST COMPANY TO GET YOUR BOARD FROM!!!!! what i like the most is their complimentary jessup grip-tape, you gys the best!

Written by Hunter on 4th May 2015

Great graphic on this board simple yet awesome. Keep up the good work

Son loves it!!
Written by Carrie on 3rd May 2015

I bought my son his first board last week from you and he loves it. He was so stoked to get it and now he won't stay off it. He went from a 24/7 gamer to skateboarding and I couldn't be happier!! Thanks for the great product!!

board with real snap and feel
Written by reDd jones on 20th Apr 2015

Revive has really put themselves at a higher level then bigger commercial brands. Putting out a board with real snap that you don't only feel but hear echo all across the parks and streets. The board feels great. If I hit bumps or dips it stays strong and doesn't bow out. I hope all the boards they sell have this feel and performance level that this one has. The graphics are such a real statement to me (being a MN skater) that I found it a hard to add stickers. Because of the season changes I get the time where I can live. Skate. Die. And Revive next season. I'm sure I've lost most of you but really buy revive boards.

Written by Ethan on 17th Apr 2015

I love the board. The deck has amazing pop and overall I love it. I love the graphic. I will be buying so many more boards soon. I love the cheap price for a amazing board.

best fell ever
Written by undefined on 3rd Apr 2015

thus board has good shape and I luv it

great board
Written by undefined on 14th Feb 2015

This skateboard is VERY well designed. I love the live skate die graphic. The wood lasts a long time and is smooth. I am soooo hyped to skate it. Also, It's pop is very crisp.

A great deck with a philosophy we can all live by
Written by Alex M-G on 14th Feb 2015

I had only ever owned one other board, but when I started seeing Revive on YouTube, I was dead set on getting my first Revive board. I am excited to go skating again, and that is a rad feeling for any skater. B)

The kid is lovin it
Written by undefined on 9th Feb 2015

My son recently received this deck and a puppy for his birthday. He has managed to get the neighbors to watch his pup so he can go skate around town. So my best guess is he loves the board and is continuing to add to his compliment of tricks.

dope pop
Written by Chris Baker on 14th Jan 2015

I don't ride that often in the winter but after I got this board I want to go ride. The pop is great and I've learned a few tricks I never thought I would on this board too. It's an all around fun board to ride and the graphics look great too. I also like it more than my previous board that was a deathwish.

live.skate.die. review
Written by james on 7th Jan 2015

Awesome deck love th wood love the pop feels like strong wood that will hold up very well!

best board ever
Written by undefined on 2nd Jan 2015

i have skated bigger brands before, and revive is the bast by far. never going back

i love revive
Written by Maleki armendariz on 2nd Jan 2015

The design is simple and bold and who doesnt like a combo of black white and red.

son loves his Christmas gift!
Written by Winter on 30th Dec 2014

I ordered this deck for my son for Christmas. He got it a day late, because he asked for it late. But he knew it was coming!! He received it a day after Christmas and loves the deck and had saved the receipt because Andy signed it!

Written by Atle on 18th Dec 2014

The service are greate the product are great it has a great pop it is no factory issues or anything its just great!

I <3 revive
Written by undefined on 18th Dec 2014

I live everything up guy's are doing shout out the Griffin gageant in a vid? =^.^=

great looking board
Written by undefined on 8th Dec 2014

My sons loves your boards. This is the second one we purchased for him

one of the est skateboards you can get
Written by nick on 6th Dec 2014

I loved it right out of the box. The simple graphic looks so good. It's good wood and will be kinda hard to snap. And for the price you can't beat it.