OG Space Lifeline - Deck (only 8.25 or 8.5 available)

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 Star Trek, Star Wars, and the TV Sitcom FRIENDS. What do they all have in common? They all take place in Space and they all rule. So does this deck. Boom. (not goes the dynamite)

***Each deck comes with a complimentary sheet of Jessup grip tape. You can switch out for AmGrip for a $6-$7 upgrade***

**We are unable to assemble complete skateboards**

This deck has a standard concave. It's been tested by many and skates great! Free Jessup grip with every deck! If you're skating around for trick or treating this year, this deck will pull in extra candy fo sho!

We actually end up paying slightly more than we charge when it comes to shipping so most of the time we ship Parcel post to keep costs down for both you and me! Normally it takes about 5 business days for the decks to reach you. Maybe 6 or 7, if you live on the west coast. As long as we have everything we need in stock, we send your package out within 24 hours of receiving your order!

Unfortunately shipping is fairly expensive outside the US. However most of the time the total is still less than it normally is for a board in your country. Sorry if the prices seem high, but we don't make the postal prices!

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Product Reviews

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Written by Matthew Hargis on 13th May 2019

Hands down the best board I've ever road. I will never buy another brand. Great fucking board 20 put of 10 stars

OG Space Lifeline - Deck
Written by Drew Freeman on 1st Mar 2019

Great deck, Revive quality as expected. Good tracking info, delivery & packaging. My 11 year old and I both love this deck. Great for street skating, and riding to school. A quick wheel change and we have an awesome Skate park board. We will be ordering another Revive deck soon, so we can skate together in the park!

Space lifeline deck
Written by Austin Dougherty on 13th Oct 2017

Cool design. seems pretty durable.

Great deck.
Written by Roman Sylvia on 20th Jul 2017

I just got this deck and im very impressed. It feels amazing and i would highly recommend it.

Great Product!
Written by Madisson Wittig on 29th Mar 2017

I have been ordering from these guys for a few years now and Revive Skateboards is by far my number one favorite skateboard brand. Not only do you/they produce excellent skateboards, but you also produce excellent wheels and apparel as well. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Awesome Deck
Written by Jacob Bentley on 27th Mar 2017

This is the 2nd ReVive deck that I've skated. After riding one of their decks, a Girl board, and one from Polar Skate Co., I can say that Revive decks have something special about them. Their boards are really really poppy, more than any other board I've skated. They're stable, have a great shape, and have sweet graphics (I mean, come on. It's a nod to Pink Floyd, whats not to love?). Only thing is they razor tail a little more quickly than other boards, but its hardly an issue. Keep doing you, guys!

better in real life!
Written by Adela and Roy on 14th Feb 2017

My son is over the MOON with his new Space Lifeline deck! I was very impressed with the quality and price. He wanted it for Feb 14th. I ordered it the first week of Feb. and with us on the west coast I did not expect it to show up anytime soon. I'm no hurry so I paid basic FedEx shipping and WOOSH it showed up Feb 13th! It also came with some high quality stickers (I know my stickers.) and a nice note on the receipt that read Smile! signed by Andrew Thanks Revive team you are Awesome!!!!

Written by undefined on 10th Jan 2017

Daughter loves her new deck. Excellent quality board and print. Thanks, guys!

Space Lifeline
Written by Johnny Gornto on 12th Dec 2016

Literally I've seen some awesome decks but this one is the sickest one one I have seen/had

Awesome Sauce
Written by Patrick Reed on 9th Dec 2016

This deck is so killer. I feel lucky to own it :)

Written by undefined on 3rd Dec 2016

Good stuff from good people

10/10 Deck
Written by undefined on 21st Nov 2016

I have not skated much skateboard decks but this has been by far my most favorite deck I have used. I highly recommend this deck to any skaters who are looking for board with long lasting pop/high pop and amazing graphics. This deck has an unbelievable amount of pop. After I am done with my current Space Lifeline, I will currently be investing on another ReVive deck.

Big Boy Board
Written by Sean Veber on 26th Oct 2016

First off I would like to say this board looks amazing. Superb quality and pairs perfectly with my white thunder light trucks. I am new to skateboarding, but wanted to make sure I started with the best quality products I could find. I'm 6'5" with a size 14 shoe and the 8.5 seems perfect. When I opened the package I noticed the plastic wrap was signed and said "Big Boy Board" with a smiley face and had my name printed next to it. This made purchasing the board feel much more personal. I felt like the company actually cared and honestly that is really important. If I ever have an issue I feel I can trust them to make it right. I have Bones Redz with white thunder light 149mm trucks, and Ricta cloud 78 durameter wheels. Everything in my set up feels right. It just goes together and works well. I don't do tricks I just cruise around. Eventually I would like to learn tricks, but that's beyond my experience at the moment. Watching Braille skate videos and seeing Lance Silber learning how to skate and starting tricks at a late age is really what motivated me to buy this board. I'm 21 years old and I thought it was too late for me. When I saw him skating and getting better and better it made me feel like skateboarding could be possible. So far I have no regrets and I recommend this board or any Revive board to beginners and experts alike. One last mention is the grip tape. I decided to go with the Jessup grip tape that came included in the price and it is excellent grip tape. It's not too grippy so I can maneuver my feet easily and still feel like I'm not going to slide off the board.

excellent overall
Written by tw on 5th Oct 2016

I've ordered three revive boards and they all seem to have great pop, crazy stong but still has a decent amount of flex, fairly tough against razor tail, just grip and rip! On a side note, personally I think the graphics they do are awesome from retro video games to the lifeline logos. I will be buying more revive decks and force wheels for sure. Thanks to Andy, Brian, and everyone involved at revive and the shred quarters, you're the reason I started skating again!

i love the shape, concave, and the graphic.
Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2016

The shape is exactly what I been looking for the tail isn't too small and the nose is perfect, this board feels so good under my feet. I love the low concave of the deck. I am on happy skater from New Mexico :) thanks Andy and brian, as well as all the revive and force guys! I'm definitely ordering again soon!

Written by Kenny on 3rd Oct 2016

Absolutely love ALL ReVive products! Keep up the good work guys

Written by bayler egdorf on 29th Sep 2016

I love the board so much it really is the best thing ever and the AM grip tape is amazing just overal perfect

Written by undefined on 23rd Sep 2016

8/8 would skate again.

great board
Written by Skinny Pete aka the skate geezer on 22nd Sep 2016

great board

Great board
Written by undefined on 19th Sep 2016

Has nice pop and durable. GREAT PRODUCT

Written by Draven Rubio on 8th Sep 2016

Like any other Revive deck I've come across, it is very poppy, unbelievably strong, and overall, just a great solid piece of wood that I insist that you put under your feet immediately! Trust me, Revive is the way to go!

just perfect
Written by Pablo Alonso on 27th Aug 2016

Very solid deck,it pops really well, I love the design I think that this is the only board I'll ever buy. If you want a board that will last a lot buy a revive one. And also the order came at the time it said, so that is just awesome

I ordered it shorter than wanted
Written by Gibson Coleman on 24th Aug 2016

I like the concave of the deck

only decks ill buy now
Written by joshua on 16th Aug 2016

After riding a revive i honestly dont want to ever ride another deck again.

great board
Written by Mike on 1st Jul 2016

Great pop, good shape, feels really light been skating for years and I've never found a better deck than this

Written by Matthew Reeves on 22nd Jun 2016

First let me say that I am a skater of 15 years. I have been a proud patron of real skateboards for the majority of my life and recently found Andrew Schrocks channel on youtube. Seeing his passion for the sport made me want to support his business and lead me to buy this deck. It took me maybe a total of one hour to come to the realization that I will never skate anything but revive again. This board is as durable as they come. I will recommend this company to everyone I know.

Written by Muhammad on 16th Jun 2016

I bought this board because I really like these guys on YouTube and saw their stomp tests and stuff and this board is truly amazing.

awsome deck
Written by thomas smith on 15th Jun 2016

Deck looks better in person, up for debate on whether or not to skate this one. Only complaint not really is that the stars in the background should be glow in the dark other than that deck is strong and durable sweet sounding pop from revive decks.

this is absolutely the best board that i have ever gotte
Written by JOEL GONZALES on 7th Jun 2016

and it came within 2-3 days of the order and the board has some very high quality material so hands-down the best part of ever gotten

This is the best deck I've ever used
Written by Trevor Gascho on 3rd Jun 2016

Perfect pop, perfect concave, sturdy and very strong, and an amazing design. This is the lightest and strongest deck I have ever used. This deck is the first of many I will be ordering from Revive!

Best wood
Written by Justin Roekle on 27th May 2016

The best deck I've ever owned. Extremely durable. Nothing tops it.

Good Board
Written by Erik on 28th Apr 2016

All Revive boards are good quality and last a long time. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the sides around the nose and tail seem to chip incredibly easy. I know that all boards chip and I also contributed to the chipping since I am still trying to get consistent. Other than that keep up the good work Andrew and the Revive Crew. Hey that rhymed :D

Great Wood
Written by Gerardo P on 16th Apr 2016

Very durable and strong wood , recommend to anyone

Written by bert on 6th Apr 2016

Light weight, cool graphic. It's awesome

Written by Cooploin Linkston on 4th Apr 2016

When the deck came was in awe! The graphic is radical! But I am quite sad that the graphic scared after couple of failed ollies and some grinds

Written by chris on 28th Mar 2016

It feels great and the graphic looks better in person than online. Revive killed it!

Subtle reference makes for awesome graphics
Written by Charles Salazar on 18th Mar 2016

On top of having an awesome graphic the wood is also super sturdy and surprisingly light!

amazing board and graphic
Written by jaewoo park on 2nd Mar 2016

this was my second deck and they are the best deck (and cheapest) only if they dont razor tail that quickly

Great deck! That grip tape doe...
Written by Justin Hargett on 1st Mar 2016

Just opened the box, the deck looks sick!!! Only one problem though. I opted for the standard Jessup grip tape. And I'm not sure what happened, but the grip tape is all crinkled up and creased. I'm sure I'll be able to manage putting it on still. I'm not sure if it was the way that it was packaged, or if it had something to do with the delivery people. Either way, the deck looks phenomenal! I can't wait to put it together and cruise.

Good wood!
Written by Tucker on 29th Feb 2016

Awesome deck! Graphic is sick and I will always support revive skateboards.

Expectations Met
Written by undefined on 29th Feb 2016

I really like the shape and concave of this board. I have heard a lot of these decks and the Space Lifeline is my first, but, without a doubt, not the last. Not as heavy as I have heard, they are actually on the lighter side to me and they just feels so good!

this deck is dank
Written by Chris on 22nd Feb 2016

Shape? DANK. Quality? DANK. Pop? DANK. Graphic? DANK. This deck is DANK.

only had for 2 weeks
Written by Victor Ferri on 16th Feb 2016

I've only had my Revive board for a little time nor but I'm living every second I'm on it; the shape and concave are flawless

great deck
Written by Mark Talavera on 15th Feb 2016

This board is really tough. I am 203 lbs and it hasnt broken yet. I dont go skate every day but i do skate often, and the board has held up fine. highly recommend revive.

Just starting
Written by William on 8th Feb 2016

I am just starting skateboarding and this boards graphic is fantastic. Also, I am not the lightest thing in the world and the board feels sturdy under my feet. I am very happy with my purchase.

Written by Nathan reid on 2nd Feb 2016

I had two revive boards so far they still haven't broke.kept up what your do team!

10/10 Would Flip Again
Written by undefined on 2nd Feb 2016

Best board so far! Definitely buy this board!

sick board
Written by Jayden on 1st Feb 2016

Sick graphic, great pop. Don't hesitate to buy!

Great Board
Written by undefined on 27th Jan 2016

Overall its a great board, the design its cool and the wood its really good quality. Revive its the best.

great board
Written by zach on 16th Jan 2016

Its an great board over all. I recamend it.

RE \/IvE: Live, skate, die!!
Written by Cody Carlson on 12th Jan 2016

I love this board!! Its flexible without being mushy and gives a smooth cruize when I'm not tricking. This board has great pop and is by far, the best deck I have come across and I've been through several. Thank you Re\/ive

Great Board
Written by undefined on 5th Jan 2016

Got my board before Christmas and I was really excited to have it. I set it up and took it to the skate park and I had a lot of fun riding. Graphic looks great and love the stickers that came with the order. Basic Jessup grip tape that came with my order was also really good and high quality.

Revive decks are great!
Written by Eleazar on 26th Dec 2015

The deck is great with my kick flips and I really like the space picture. It came just in time for Christmas. Looking forward to buying more decks.

Oh my god!!
Written by Kalie on 25th Dec 2015

This deck is amazing. Today is Christmas and I kept begging my dad for a revive board and he couldn't possibly pick a better deck. Good graphic, good pop, it's amazing! The best part was getting a personal letter from Casy and Andy. It truly is amazing. If your second guessing it, just buy it!