Park Controller - 53mm


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  • Set of 4 wheels
  • 52mm
  • 101a durometer
  • Built for the smoothest parks and the roughest streets!

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Product Reviews

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GFORCE Park controller wheels awesome so far
Written by Robert dean on 27th Jul 2020

These wheels are sweet with the OG grey N64 controller on em. A lot slimmer than my spitfire classics and lighter even though the Spitfires are 52s and these Gforce wheels are 53s I’m loving the hardness so far to but I haven’t broken them in yet.

Good wheels!
Written by Ryan N on 22nd Jun 2020

Nice set.. and supporting J Park on top! Love 'em!

Jason Park 53mm wheels
Written by Sam baylin on 19th Jun 2020

INCREDIBLE wheels. I mean I dont know how they skate yet because im still waiting for trucks i ordered, but i learned how to juggle with them and i get mad girls from it. These wheels took me from virgin to megachad and they can for you too. Ive had force wheels in the past and they skate great, landed my first treflip down a gap with em so i expect these wheels will inly bring me more benefits when I actually skate them, thanks Andy and Brian, and shouts out to the whole force and revive team. Cheers!

Written by Jeremy on 3rd Jun 2020

These wheels are BUTTER! LOVE THEM! Smooth and rideable right out of the package! The 53's are great for vert/street transitions and ride so smooth on my Venture trucks and Revive deck!