Revive & Force Super Sticker Pack


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Introducing the Shredquarters Super Pack!! Included are 5 of each of the following stickers:

-Force Wheels "Greatest Hits"

-Force Wheels "Prowler"

-Force Wheels "Controller"

-Revive "Emblem"

-Revive "Greatest Hits"

-Revive "Block"

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Oh yeah!
Written by Jack on 16th Jan 2020

I love myself some skate stickers and these are a great price and awesome designs!!!

Written by anthony on 25th Jul 2019

oh my god i love these stickers they stick amazing i wiill be ordering more stickers soon.#revive4life

Yeah sticker!!
Written by Peter Fluch on 6th Aug 2018

Those are excellent, i orderd them to use on my mountain bike. Great price for such an awesome collection!

Revive Super Sticker Pack 2.0
Written by Michael McKenna on 11th Apr 2018

Cant fault this sticker pack love all the different revive stickers nice choice of stickers and a wide variety some old and some new i like it a lot.

Written by Penny on 13th Jan 2018

A big bundle of awesome and unique stickers which we cannot get here in the uk so it made Christmas for some friends that i shared them with :) good value pack will order again soon

Awesome sticker pack
Written by Kai on 9th Jan 2018

Great variety of stickers! Absolutely love them.

Revive Sticker pack -Super pack
Written by Garry on 3rd Jan 2018

Very good stickers, plastered them all over my mac, and my dash board of my car

Flawless as expected
Written by Eric Bennett on 2nd Jan 2018

Great deals aways

Written by Nicole on 20th Oct 2017

I have ordered from Revive before...they are the best! I know absolutely nothing about skateboarding, but my son loves their stuff! Bought him a deck last year for xmas and am planning on buying another. They are awesome!

They're Dope as
Written by Calum Raymond on 18th Sep 2017

Coolest stickers of all time, didn't expect there to be so many inlove with the gold circle Revive Logo ones.

Mega Sticker Pack
Written by Nitsa on 14th Jun 2017

Great stickers. This has every sticker you would ever want and more!

Super cool stickers!!!
Written by dfata01 on 17th Apr 2017

I put these stickers on my skateboard!!! And had some left to put on me!!!

stickerrr overboard
Written by chris jones on 13th Feb 2017

The amount of awesome stickerss you send is amazing especially for the price considering most places charge 5 dollars for one little sticker you guys hook it up

Best Sticker Super Pack!
Written by on 16th Jan 2017

Awesome sticker pack!

totally rad
Written by undefined on 8th Dec 2016

Great pack of stickers. My son loves them.

Amazing sticker pack
Written by undefined on 8th Dec 2016

Best pack ever! It came with more stickers, but hey who can't use more stickers.

Written by Reign Hammett on 3rd Dec 2016

Lot more stickers than I thought. Pretty sick though

Pretty good
Written by Ben on 28th Nov 2016

Stickers are all great designs, but don't hold up to sliding quite as well as some others.

Soooo Many Stickers
Written by Caleb Mayfield on 14th Nov 2016

You get so many stickers when you get the super packs. They definitely make sure you get your moneys worth.

cool stickers, cheap
Written by Pit on 27th Sep 2016

I was positivly surpised when I opened the package an saw the many stickers. They are super cool looking and even bigger than I sought