Revive/FORCE - Wax bundle


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1 piece Revive Wax

1 piece FORCE wax

  • This is 50% paraffin and 50% vegetable based wax and it works amazing 

Remember that one time that you needed wax for a box or ledge and didn't have it? Yeah that's probably 90% of all skate sessions for everyone. Get wax, be prepared for the session! Also having sour patch kids on hand wouldn't hurt either. So good.  Grab some and see for yourself.

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Slides and Grinds great, but taste is lacking.
Written by Tom S on 27th Sep 2018

I ate most of both blocks and was really disappointed in the flavors. The Revive wax barely tasted like cherry and the Force wax barely tasted like lemon/lime. The bit of wax I didn't eat skated really well.

Written by Jennifer Angel on 1st Feb 2018

It’s awesome!