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Based on Sam's "Subscribers Design My Griptape" series, you can now grab yourself your very own, hand drawn "art" from Sam himself! Leave a note when you're purchasing the product to let Sam know what you want him to draw and he will do it. Note: Don't expect these drawings to be incredible masterpieces, they are going to be just like how they are in his videos, which can sometimes turn out hilariously bad. No inappropriate requests will be drawn, and if you do not leave a note with the order, he will draw whatever the heck he wants to. This product applies to JESSUP GRIPTAPE ONLY. Salsa.

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A toast to brian ambs
Written by Brandon Toeppen on 19th Feb 2019

You crushed it sam! Now i have brian as a piece of toast. As well as toast the dog dressed as brian. I love it! Y'all sincerely are the best@

A toast to brian ambs
Written by Brandon Toeppen on 19th Feb 2019

You crushed it sam! Now i have brian as a piece of toast. As well as toast the dog dressed as brian. I love it! Y'all sincerely are the best@

autograph on griptape
Written by karen L melvin on 7th Jan 2019

Sam nailed it (the caracture) by the discriptioon I provided regarding my grandson`s personality. He was so proud of the drawing and board, he held it close Christmas week. Thank you so much for making his holiday a bit more special!He is a talented athelete, now if he can only master the skateboard! It is a new venture. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

Grip Tape
Written by Mariah Rackliff on 30th Nov 2018

My son James is thrilled with his grip tape that Sam Tabor drew on! He put it on himself. :) Thank you so much! He purchased this with his own money that he had earned shoveling snow for neighbors! Thanks again! :)

Sam's drawing
Written by Linda Hart on 30th Nov 2018

I told Sam to go wild with the drawing and he did, in a good way. He drew a guy that is a hamburger. I am so happy with the drawing!

Sam's drawing
Written by Jennifer Foster on 22nd Sep 2018

Sam's llama drawing is awesome!! Thank you so much for your amazing artwork!

Sam tabor's griptape art
Written by Scott Shoemaker on 25th Aug 2018

Just recieved my grip tape and I couldn't be happier. As part of my order I asked for signatures from the revive guys and ended up getting Sam tabor, Andy schrock, Brian ambs, Casey bechler, and Alex buening which was way more than I anticipated.

Son loved it
Written by Jessicca Varacalli on 25th Jun 2018

Awesome that he would sign it. Made my son's day

Sams personal touch I could almost feel
Written by Esteban Compean on 4th Apr 2018

I can put my hand on the board and almost feel where is smooth hand once was!! Sams art is fun and I thank him for his time he put into my grip tape thanks again!! Worth the upgrade.

Sam draw on grip tape
Written by Leesa Ashton on 19th Mar 2018

Thank you Sam! ! You are an amazing artist you drew two of my daughters favourite characters I asked for dc and marvel and got batman ( my daughter favourite dc obsession is batman she loves all things batman ) and spiderman her favourite marvel character and the fact you signed the grip has made my daughter lifetime as she is one of your biggest fans I can't thank you enough

Written by Erich on 9th Feb 2018

Awesome job

Written by Chandler Mccrider on 5th Feb 2018

This is a awesome way for you guys to reach out to your fans with a personal touch.

Awesome Artwork.
Written by Jason on 25th Jan 2018

Worth the extra money. Sam never disappoints.

Written by Tom on 21st Dec 2017

I got the grip tape art done and it turned out great.

Very Pleased!
Written by Courtney/Corey on 15th Dec 2017

This is a Christmas gift for my husband; thanks to the ReVive team and Sam, I will win the "best wife" trophy! Sam is very artistic and didn't disappoint.

Sam tabor drawing on grip tape
Written by Matt Frederick on 4th Dec 2017

Sam’s grip tape artwork was the icing on the cake for my son’s first revive deck! Nice touch on a special purchase!

Absolutely love it Sabor.
Written by Zach Young on 15th Nov 2017

2 plus 2 is 4 minus one that’s 3 quick maths

Awesome grip
Written by willie lawrence on 12th Oct 2017

Thank you to Sam Tabor Casey bechler for the signatures you guys are great I wish Andy and Brian could have signed the grip tape also. No biggie. I really dig the grip.

Written by Chrastopher on 4th Sep 2017

This is honestly the best part of my board, it looks so beautiful and I will order this stuff whenever I get a new board.

Awesome job Sam
Written by Sam G. on 8th Aug 2017

My son thought your artwork was the best dude. Thanks a ton.

Artist in the making!
Written by Nitsa on 14th Jun 2017

The drawing on the griptape was exceptional. I think Sam should showcase his best griptape work in an Art Gallery Exhibition.

Neat-O griptape
Written by Andrew on 30th Jan 2017

Awesome drawing! I'm just a dumb guy and put it on backwards. But hey I still love it!

Revive Guys as Favorite Star Wars Characters
Written by Tammy on 30th Jan 2017

Sam Tabor, I love the art! Very cute drawings. I am going to have this one framed. The whole Revive crew is awesome. I am happy that I found Andy's YouTube channel, and through him have subscribed to most of the other dudes. I also really dig the Revive and Force products. I have placed an order every week for the last seven weeks. Some product is for me and some I have given to friends. I like sharing when I find something cool. Thank you all for being so cool. Take care, and thanks again for the grip art. Best wishes to all the Revive and Force crew and family Sincerely, Tammy Sprague

awesome job . nailed it.
Written by Lauren Burke on 31st Dec 2016

Thanks Sam it was really good and I'm glad you did it.

Sam is the bomb.
Written by on 16th Dec 2016

Thanks dude. Clever hamburger boarding, and board is awesome of course! He's going to love it, probably so much he won't use the grip for anything but a wall decoration now. Really appreciate it. He looks up to you guys. Jillian

Written by Jake on 6th Dec 2016

Kid can draw, loved the way it came put and had a great signature. 10/10 IGN

Written by Alexander Wankowski on 6th Dec 2016

I gave Sam complete freedom to draw whatever he wanted. I find it so hilarious that he drew of skateboarding cheeseburger when burgers are almost all I eat. Either it's a coincidence or he can read my mind LOL. It was an excellent drawing in my opinion and I will definitely be ordering more!!!

Aaron Kyro.....First Tryyyy
Written by Skinny Pete aka the skate geezer on 5th Dec 2016

This is the second grip tape that I requested from Sam. I am using them as artwork which they are. I have bought the board that fits each tape. I am satisfied to the point that I have a few more planned.

Thanks So Much!
Written by undefined on 10th Nov 2016


I Like it so Much, it is Hanging on My Wall
Written by Dan Kavcak on 16th Oct 2016

I bought this because I wanted to see Sam try and draw something really weird for me. I asked him to draw the squid-pig from Don Hertzfeldt's REJECT Cartoons. Its not the same as the one in the REJECTED Cartoons, but I liked it so much that I have it hanging on my wall so I can get a good laugh every morning. Once again, thanks Sam!

Grip Tape review
Written by Edbert Castillo on 12th Oct 2016

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the grip tape and the drawing that was done by Sam Tabor. I follow everyone from the Shred Quarters and enjoy everything you guys do. Honestly, I'm star stuck over the fact that I have something that Sam Tabor drew. I would like to say thank you to everyone of you guys for the constant work you guys put into your products. I also bought a Revive board and I know that will be the only brand I skate because I'm tired of skateboarding companies that are not owned by skaterboarders. So again thank you and here's to the further success of your company.

Written by cheryl on 27th Sep 2016

Sam drew the cutest picture on my son's grip tape. He loves it. He's even thinking of never using the grip tape so he'll always have it.

Written by undefined on 23rd Sep 2016

My Space Sloth is amazing

Written by Skinny Pete aka the skate geezer on 22nd Sep 2016

Sam did a great job designing a Darkslide Sam Tabor Pro Board grip tape.

Written by Michelle Runyon on 20th Sep 2016

Nice drawings!

Written by Nick Haberthier on 20th Sep 2016

Friggin cool as heck

Written by Caden Smith on 20th Sep 2016

The grip tape is amazing and the drawing is way better than I expected! I definitely recommend!

Thank you Sam!
Written by Hooksie on 16th Sep 2016

Hey Sam, I dig it dude! Love the artwork and all the effort you guys put into your products/ channels. Top notch :)

Written by undefined on 15th Sep 2016

Sam you are one of my favourite YouTubers and Skaters and when I got my grip tape I was so stoked because it looked so awesome and was so well drawn. Thanks to you I have the best grip in town!!!!!!!!

Written by undefined on 13th Sep 2016

I asked to have Sam draw an adorable dinosaur of his choice... I was not disappointed... My goofy T-Rex buddy now runs the grip show at my local park. Thank you Sam, you've made my new board famous...

Do it for sure!
Written by brett on 10th Sep 2016

One of the great things in the world. It is awesome!

Written by Josh on 6th Sep 2016

Absolutely love all of revives products and I am very pleased with my purchase! So pleased to have got such a unique product! Thank you!

Looks so good i dont want to ride it
Written by Jagger Poe on 29th Aug 2016

He drew me a sandshrew and it looks amazing the only problem is that it wasn't centered so I had to take the top of the grip and move it to the bottom. Which actually made it look cooler. Easy 5 stars.

oh yeah
Written by undefined on 20th Aug 2016

The drawing was sooo sick!!

F%&*ing Amazing
Written by Jeff on 17th Aug 2016

drew exactly what i asked for it was awesome and would def do it again

Written by Michael Brown on 31st Jul 2016

Came when it said and I am very satisfied! Love the little note. Thanks a ton.

Pretty much perfect
Written by Jeff on 27th Jul 2016

Bought this with the Gems deck and asked for whatever he felt like drawing that matched the deck. He killed it! Drew an awesome Triforce on the grip. I'm totally gonna be the coolest kid in town with my new setup.

I liked it a lot!
Written by Justin Stephenson on 21st Jul 2016

It's really cool for Sam to do these drawings. It's a good way for him to interact and do stuff for fans that really have no chance of just running in to him somewhere. I ordered a drawing for my friend who's birthday was coming up, and he loved it! Great job Sam.

awsome job
Written by Jesse Bilderback on 18th Jul 2016

Got my sons grip tape today wanted a griptape with a minecraft character on it and Sam did an Awsome job. My son is 6 and just started riding and man he is so excited about this new griptape.

Great drawings!
Written by lisa on 18th Jul 2016

What's not to love about Sam Tabor drawing on your grip?! Seriously they are awesome and fun drawings. Great imagination Sabor.

Amazing Art
Written by Mason Ellis on 13th Jul 2016

This sabor art is amazing. I really love it and it makes me laugh every time I look down at the drawing he put. Really dig it.

awesome drawing
Written by undefined on 12th Jul 2016

My daughter loves her purple panda you drew for her she literally jumped up and down when she saw it thank you

i highly reccomend this product
Written by chatlie on 7th Jul 2016

I think selling this lroduct was a great idea because a lot of people watch sams videos and its nice to get something that is so personnal off of someone you look up to :)

Precious Sloth
Written by Will on 6th Jul 2016

Such an amazing drawing. Honestly don't think i can put it on my deck because id feel bad skating it!

Written by undefined on 30th Jun 2016

You drew me a chubby Mario with a light saber and it's amazing thanks

Amazing artwork!
Written by Elliott Huryk on 28th Jun 2016

Thank you so much Sam! It makes the deck!

Mini Spidey and Venom
Written by undefined on 27th Jun 2016

I just opened the grip tape and asked Sam to draw a mini Spider-Man and a villian and i was jumping up and down it was so sick!! Really great product!!

original tabor artwork :)
Written by Hans-Phillip Kunert on 23rd Jun 2016

i asked him to draw vault boy from fallout, and its actually pretty acurate, you can definetly tell what it is supposed to be. reson for 4 star and not 5: i asked him too to give me any signature from any person around him (except sam tabor) which he didnt do, he just signed it himself. besides that i like it and will order again in the future if its available

Limitless Imagination
Written by Noah Wingard on 2nd Jun 2016

You can ask Sam to literally draw anything you desire on your grip. I asked him to draw Andy with a unicorn horn boardsliding El Toro, and he delivered with the best art.