Sticker Pack - Alpha


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                 This classic sticker pack features three Spray, three Red Lifelines and three of the

            Gold Foil ReVive stickers!

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Great Sticker Pack
Written by Wade Massey on 16th Apr 2018

Great Sticker Pack. Stays on the deck nicely.

there pretty good for stickers
Written by jt on 19th Oct 2016

Well it's just stickers but I like how you guys included free ones.

Written by drake on 7th Oct 2016

I would have given 5 stars but the stickers I received are the same stickers we get anyway when we order other items.

awesome sticker pack
Written by Chris L Campbell on 22nd Aug 2016

Super sticky, high quality, great graphics. What more can I say. Well done revite. Gonna go far with revive at this rate.

Stickers are great
Written by Nathan Cox on 18th Aug 2016

these stickers are awesome, very well made and look sweet on my deck actually got a couple extras with my order so i shared with a few friends

Cool stickers.
Written by Cory Crowe on 17th Aug 2016

They are nice and stick to the board without peeling off within a few days.

solid stickers
Written by Christina Duncan on 27th Jun 2016

High quality Clean graphics Super sticky

really durrable
Written by Ryan Brown on 16th Jun 2016

I bought these stickers because my board was quite plain, these stickers are not the cheap ones they are the best long lasting stickers that I have ever had! Good job ReVive! BTW don't you think that there should be a skateboard emoji.?

high quality
Written by thomas smith on 15th Jun 2016

Stickers are of high quality, thick and are very sticky. Came neatly packed in plastic with the others I had ordered.

Awesome stickers
Written by Izzy Kaplan on 13th Jun 2016

They are awesome and cool.

Awesome company
Written by undefined on 26th Apr 2016

Ordered some stickers, they arrived very quickly and are in excellent condition.

sticker pack - Alpha
Written by James milburn on 18th Mar 2016

Ordered ALPHA sticker pack. excellent sticker good size and graphic . I need more 100% . Fast post to the UK . Thanks .

Made my 7 year old son "Peanut" Day!
Written by Mr. Peanut on 25th Feb 2016

Great pack of Revive Skateboard stickers!

Written by Owen on 24th Feb 2016

These are great stickers and they took like 4 days to arrive. Thanks Andy and Brian

Written by wyatt on 24th Feb 2016


best stickers yetb
Written by julio on 7th Jan 2016

i was doughting the whole sticker thing but when thry arrived at my house i was surprised to see the stickers are of high quality and are worth the $5. thanks so much Andy and the revive crew

Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2016

The stickers were great. They were bigger than expected and looked amazing on my new board. I also enjoyed the personal note written by Sam Tabor. I am certainly sticking that on my board as well!

Very unique
Written by Angel Curiel on 1st Dec 2015

The stickers are great because there is diversity in the shape and color. The best ones in my opinion are the foil ones because of the such great design concept. Thanks Revive.

Awesome stickers
Written by undefined on 6th Nov 2015

These stickers are so cool! They have a cool design and they even sent me extras. I would recommend this sticker pack and Anything from Revive.

Signed stickers!
Written by Josh on 19th Oct 2015

Revive did a great job with my order and was awesome to deal with. Very nice guys on this team and I am really happy to be able to support the team with these stickers.

Written by riley kerr on 16th Oct 2015

Good stickers

good quality stickers
Written by Justin on 10th Oct 2015

I like the material they are made of they feel really really durible and the sticky part is actually strong so in my apinion they are top quality stickers

Cool stickers
Written by Connor Clark on 26th Sep 2015

Look just as good on things as they do in the picture

amazing stickers
Written by macaulay jenkins on 17th Sep 2015

Your stickers are so fresh i love them

My Son is so stoked!
Written by undefined on 19th Aug 2015

Thanks for the great product. Super quick ship thanks, 11 year old boys have no patience so 3 day delivery was fantastic. He loved the personal note. Customer service done right. Much appreciated.

Written by Logan on 13th Aug 2015

This company is so awesome!

Quality products
Written by Kimberly Gonzales on 31st Jul 2015

The sticker pack was better than I hoped for. Of course, this is for my son and his board(s). He told me last night he was going to put some on his school binders to represent Revive! Love the products!

Written by Andrew Williamd on 27th Jul 2015

They're very well made and well worth the money I paid for them

So sick! Signed, too!
Written by Kayla! on 16th Jul 2015

I ordered one of the sticker packs and asked the team to sign some of them, and they did! So stoked. Don't know if I will put them on my board (I'm weird) but they will make their way to places! I have a red Revive sticker on the back of my truck and it looks so good. Would definitely recommend, and you can't go wrong with the price!

Written by undefined on 22nd Jun 2015

It's the first time I order here and I'm happy with it, I also get more stickers than I ordered. You guys are awesome.

Best Stickers ever
Written by undefined on 28th May 2015

Love them. Just got them today, already on my skateboard and on the door in my room. - Gift for my son.

Really nice stickers
Written by Riley on 6th May 2015

The revive stickers are really good quality and really nice looking.

Written by Gaby on 5th May 2015

amazing stickers!! they look great and there also at a really good price. i'm really satisfied with having these on my deck!!

Written by Freddie Kingaby on 1st May 2015

These stickers are absolutely perfect :) amazing quality, look great on my deck, im proud to ride with them!

Amazing Stickers
Written by Ben Eaton on 25th Apr 2015

These stickers look amazing on the Red Lifeline that I ordered them with. My friends at school got jealous that I have a Revive deck and stickers and they said they were going to buy from here in the near future.

rad stickers
Written by Nate on 23rd Apr 2015

I love these stickers they look super cool and don't lose stick on my board everyone should get them

Written by Noah on 30th Mar 2015

The stickers are sick. The gold foil ones are gigantic so i had no where to put them on my board. That wasn't a problem tho, just put it on my helmet. Great sticker pack and cheaper than buying them seperate at any shop.

Written by Brandon on 30th Mar 2015

The stickers were great and I got a lot too!!! Thumbs up!

on my skateboard
Written by Antoine on 16th Mar 2015

Really good quality for stickers !! let's go on my skateboard right now ! kiss frome france ! Antoine

one of the best stickers ever!
Written by sandi on 29th Oct 2014

They were one of the best stickers I've ever had, they just tear if you have it on your tail and pop.

Written by james aitchison on 22nd Oct 2014

I love stickers, so this was a good buy for me. Would recommend to other sticker enthusiasts.

lots of sticker!
Written by lisa on 15th Sep 2014

My son LOVED this sticker set. Great quality! He loved the personal note on the packing list.

Written by Arthur on 27th Aug 2014

Really good quality stickers cool for decorating your deck!!

Nice stickers and great deal !
Written by undefined on 11th Aug 2014

You get nice and Cool looking Stickers !

best sticker deal ever
Written by Tanner McKee on 8th Aug 2014

You get a lot of stickers and there awesome!

best stickers ever
Written by liam on 4th Aug 2014

These stickers are amazing. They are very durable and strong

Written by jacob harrison on 15th Jul 2014

This product is awesome

love my sticker pack
Written by Cory Campbell on 2nd Jun 2014

Great value and the stickers are awesome! Great addition to my massive collection!

High Quality
Written by undefined on 30th May 2014

Great set of stickers. I put them on my PS3, my monitor, and of course my skateboard. They look great and it's a very slick design. I want to support Revive. Will be buying Decks from them soon!

Awesome design!
Written by Derick Collins on 26th May 2014

I'm one to really love getting skateboarding stickers and these are well designed for a company I highly support. I really like the gold and black. The only "complaint" I have is that it doesn't stick well to camera bag type material.

Written by Davindra Maharaj on 6th May 2014

These sticks are absolutely amazing! I gave a few to my best friend and he put it on his motorcycle and now he can pop wheelies and girls wont leave him alone! I stuck one to my dog and now he can speak! I stuck one on my girlfriend and now she actually shuts up! AMAZING!