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First sticker pack from Force! This new sticker pack features four Black slash stickers, three Hills stickers and three Skate Faster stickers!


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5 STARS: They stick on stuff and everything!
Written by Adam Lamar on 5th Jul 2016

Why would you be reading a product review about stickers on a web page for a skateboard company if you haven't already spent the money in your mind? Do the right thing. Give Andy your money. It'll be temping to put these all on your board the second you rip the package open, but be smart. Let's say you take a spill on a handrail and end up a little bloody. You're a skateboarder. You're not rolling around with bandaids in your pocket, but you do have some frickin sweet Force stickers in your backpack. Just pour some Mountain Dew on you elbow, slap on a Bomb Hills sticker, and you're good as new, baby!

Dope stickers
Written by Joseph Caraccio on 29th Jun 2016

They stick to things and look cool while doing so.

Written by Tony Acevedo on 2nd Sep 2015

I love these stickers, there so rad!

Written by sebastian on 23rd Jul 2015

These stickers look SO cool and don't shred as easy when doing slides on them! Definetly get these if you want some cool stickers!

Sick slaps!
Written by Nick on 23rd May 2015

These large, high quality waterproof Force Wheels slaps are sick! 10 for $5 and came in 3 diffrent designs.

super classy sticker pack
Written by ethan on 22nd Mar 2015

not only stickers shown but a few extras included!! these guys do it right!

Nice Quality Stickers!
Written by Aaron on 5th Jan 2015

The stickers are great quality and look great on a deck. I love all the stickers in this pack and they really make your board stand out when looking at them. Definitely recommend these!

best sticker pack ever
Written by kyle on 2nd Jan 2015

I loved the revive sticker pack. I also got force wheels and they came with stickers. I was really looking forward to having force and revive stickers. On my packing slip I got a personal note from Andy which really made my day. I love revive and everything that you do andy. Never stop skating!!

Love the size
Written by Tori Jones on 19th Dec 2014

these things are so big that everyone will know that your brand hit up that spot, got some on my laptop some on my board a wanna even put one on my car. Keep up the good work.Im planning on buying the other packs too.

Written by james aitchison on 22nd Oct 2014

These stickers are huge, good for only using one or two on your deck though.

cool stickers
Written by Tanner McKee on 7th Oct 2014

the stickers are really sick and look a lot cooler in real life. Please buy them.