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  • ABEC 7**
  • Quality bearings at an affordable price.
  • Blue Rays have CNC machined inner-outer races with harden chrome steel bearing balls providing you with exceptional bearing smoothness, durability and speed.
  • German engineered you can be assured of their precision, quality, and speed being far beyond any bearings in their price range.



**The ABEC scale is an industry accepted standard for the tolerances of a ball bearing. It was developed by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). There are five classes, going from widest tolerances to tightest: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9.


***ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country. 



Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 24 ratings)
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Written by Coban Vice on 6th Jun 2023

This is my second pair of synopses. These are almost as good as the ceramics. Better deal than the ceramics. I loved these.

Blue Rays
Written by Matthew Jenkins on 13th Dec 2022

Very smooth and quiet.

Synopsis Blue Rays
Written by Lizzy Redepenning on 23rd Mar 2021

A smooth ride with great feedback. I love that I can hear and feel more of the road when I board.

Blue Rays
Written by Brendan Feckovic on 28th Jul 2020

Good bearings that work well for a good price.

Written by Josh Wee on 3rd Jun 2020

These bearings are the best bang for your buck. These are super smooth and affordable. It is also my preference not only that they are super smooth, but they also come with bearing grease and extra axel nuts. GREAT BEARINGS!!!

Written by BrockOllie on 3rd Jun 2020

These bearings spin epically !

Written by Winnie on 6th May 2020

I went from a cheap Walmart board to a full complete revive board and I can say I’m completely satisfied with the these bearings, they aren’t sticky, the ride really smoothly, and overall just great bearing and aren’t badly priced either 10/10

they are AWESOME!!
Written by Tom Cohen on 16th Sep 2019

Spin is SUPER smooth and for anyone who is wondering, yes the bearings do come with washers, truck bolts, spacers and bearing oil. AMAZING DEAL!!!

Smoother than my thighs
Written by Flippa on 18th Mar 2019

My thighs are smooth dawg

Synopsis bearings
Written by Luke Taylor on 6th Mar 2019

Quality bearings. Smooth and responsive. I did find that they didn’t last as long as some other companies. They also got very noisy towards the end of their effectiveness. I used the provided lubricant a couple times but didn’t notice any difference in feel. Oddly enough, they did seem to get noisier after applying it. I typically prefer Bronson, but wanted to try something new. On a scale from 1-10 (best), I’d give them a 6. I will probably go back to Bronson.

Written by Josh on 18th Jan 2018

Very pleased! For some reason I didn't notice it came with bolts, spacers, and the bearing oil! Really recommend buying these bearings if you want a good quality bearing resupply. Catch my drift.?

Super Smooth
Written by Deedra Dills on 25th Mar 2017

These bearings provide a smooth ride for even the roughest concrete

good quality
Written by undefined on 23rd Jan 2017

I really get good feedback from these. They are the best I have used so far.

Amazing Smooth Bearings!
Written by Brandon W on 29th Dec 2016

It's like riding butter! These are really smooth nice bearings and not too bad on the wallet either. Plus they come with their own lube, and spacers! Great deal.

Written by Patrick Reed on 19th Dec 2016

Super smooth and they look super sick. Comes with really high quality nuts for your trucks, metal spacers, and lubricant.

Quick Synopsis
Written by Royce Jennings on 15th Sep 2016

Unlike wooden bearings, these have lasted days! Having been a skateboarder only since Monday, I am unqualified to share my opinion on these, but will regardless tell you that not buying these would be one of the worst decisions of your life. Even if you don't skateboard, there are numerous applications for these mechanical elements around the home (depending on your home and location). If you use the included spacers you may even be able to transport your home to a better location, given you buy enough of them. They also have ceramic ones if you're into pottery!!

They're great. (Tony the tiger voice)
Written by Cory Crowe on 17th Aug 2016

I've only been skating the bearings for a week but they are really smooth and fast and it's nice that they include spacers and extra nuts for your axles and lube for the bearings. I'm going to get them again the next time I need bearings.

Buttery Smooth
Written by Jay Eh on 28th Jul 2016

Couldn't ask for better, I'll keep trying more over the years but these are my go-to's right now.

amazing for the price
Written by Frank on 27th Jun 2016

At first they were sorta slow feeling but after like 20min they started rolling beautifully. I love how it comes with barring lube and spacers. Overall I completely recommend these if your on a budget or if you just started or are picking it back up.

Great bearing
Written by Tony Gomez on 7th Mar 2016

The bearing are great for being their lower end product. Very comparable to reds. The only thing is that they didn't roll well at first, I used the live in the box (huge bonus) and the roll fast, and a lot longer.

Written by Average Joe on 7th Mar 2016

Hmmm is what I think of these bearings. They spin... And they spin really really smooth... But when they free spin, they don't really want to free spin for TOO long. Then you go and ride on them... And they feel great, and get an above average distance. I'd say these bearings are 5/5 in the insanely smooth department, and 4/5 in ride distance. (They come with seperate oil, which I have yet to try)

Written by Cash on 2nd Mar 2016

These I have a bit of a mix of emotions on but short and sweet, price, affordable and will get the job done, I would recommend even buying these as spares. But admittedly, swiss is probably the way to go. But worth the purchace if money isn't really in your hands at the moment.

Great Bearings
Written by undefined on 2nd Feb 2016

Would definitely recommend these bearings. They are pretty nice and haven't failed me yet. I must say they make me feel a little faster, helps me lock down those new tricks when I'm confident in my bearings.

Nice, smooth ride, very fast.
Written by Erik Quinzon on 4th Jan 2016

Very smooth ride, if you add the lubricant it goes even gaster, would recommend this to everybody