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The DVD contains the 56 minute main section of the video in addition to 30 plus minutes of bonus footage and the full cover case. It includes parts from:

Thomas Alvarez
Doug Des Autels
Alex Buening
Jonny Giger

John Hill

Josh Katz

Aaron Kyro

Maxx Mayberry

Andy Schrock
Sam Tabor

Sam Vestal 

Plus Credits and Screw Around Section!

We had a blast making this and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did filming for it.


**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

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In my collection
Written by Dmitriy Schmitt on 3rd Mar 2021

Really love the attitude towards skating this crew puts out!

Sick skate film!
Written by Toby wilde on 8th Aug 2020

I wanted to give back to the revive team, they put out fantastic content for free on YouTube weekely and we all lap it up and enjoy. Well take over the world is deffo worth every penny, they don't hold back on comedy value, skate spots are sick, big time stuff goes down, seriously did not hold back on the effort put into this skate film and compared to other professional skate teams and vids this stands out to be just as good if not better then meny others. Brilliant skate film and deserves the respect. Well done guys. Just wish more of you had parts I did realy enjoy the friends and family bit too!!

Written by Blaize J Savoie-Price on 3rd Jun 2020

They shredded that gnar dude

Written by Aaron Jones on 25th May 2020

Great video with some truly amazing people 10/10

Written by Ben on 18th May 2020

The content of the DVD is great. It showed up with a few other items in a padded envelope and the dvd case was cracked. As a result, there were some minor scratches on the dvd that didn’t affect the playback whatsoever, but were concerning nonetheless. Perhaps this item should be wrapped separately or packaged in a box. All things considered, I’m a very happy camper.

Written by Ben on 18th May 2020

The content of the DVD is great. It showed up with a few other items in a padded envelope and the dvd case was cracked. As a result, there were some minor scratches on the dvd that didn’t affect the playback whatsoever, but were concerning nonetheless. Perhaps this item should be wrapped separately or packaged in a box. All things considered, I’m a very happy camper.

Take Over The World DVD
Written by Geneva on 27th Aug 2019

This DVD is AWESOME! I love how they have Johnny Giger and Aaron Kyro in it too. It's so funny, yet the skating parts are taken very seriously; you can tell these skaters are passionate about what they do. I was inspired to try so many new things! So glad I got a copy...I'd recommend it all day.

Superb Full-Length
Written by Alex Meiller on 16th Feb 2018

This is purely the best full-length vid I’ve ever seen. The filming, editing, production are all very professional. The skating itself, while the spots didn’t vary as much as they could have, was simply amazing. I loved the extras, especially the TOTW talk between Brian and Andy. All in all, amazing film.

Take Over the World
Written by Max Ritter on 25th Jan 2018

Great DVD! It was fun to watch the youtube skaters doing their best tricks. People who make fun of them for YouTube are being ridiculous. These skaters are great and fun to watch. There is cool music too. My only complaint is they filmed multiple skaters at the same locations. Its only a little bit of the footage. I would recommend. Id say John Hill has the coolest part!

TOTW dvd
Written by Colin Westbrook on 15th Jan 2018

If you love watching skate videos for their cinematography as well as skate content, then this is definitely worth it. The best quality of this video has to be how the Revive crew makes it feel like you are out skating with your homies though. Plus my boy John Hill crushed it.

Take Over the World DVD
Written by Richard Rosen on 15th Nov 2017

Really like this video. Only had it a couple weeks and my son and I have watched it like 5 times. Very well filmed parts from all your favorite Revive guys

Written by Brett Muller on 31st Oct 2017

I am a novice at best and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Watching a lot of YT gave this a real nostalgic feel for me, being able to see my heros rip it. Very motivating .

Written by Paden S. on 23rd Oct 2017

It was freaking epic

Funny and amazing talent!
Written by Josh Busse on 28th Aug 2017

Take Over the World showcased everything I love about the Revive team. You guys are amazing talents and have a blast doing what you love to do. Looking forward to the next video!

Written by Kenneth Wummel on 26th Jul 2017

Great video mostly; some parts seemed like the skaters could have heald onto their ledges and rails longer than just a love tap. John Hills, Aaron Kyro's, Doug A's, Josh Katz's, and Andy's were my favorite parts to watch.

Written by RJ Cummings on 14th Jul 2017

Great intro skit, can't wait for more like it! Epic parts from ALL of the team/family! Surprised that this isn't $30!

Written by Daniel Fillimon on 11th Jul 2017

First and foremost, the full length skate video is incredible! If you enjoy watching Revive on YouTube, then you are going to LOVE THIS! It was amazing seeing these guys give it their ALL and not holding anything back. It was FUNNY and SKILLFUL all at the same time. HOWEVER, before buying I was wondering if it would be better to buy the DVD or DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Basically, they are the same thing accept the DVD is a very well made physical copy and there are some extras on the disk that the download does not have. In total honesty, if you were planning on buying the DVD just for the bonus features, they are nothing you haven't seen before on YouTube and its really nothing special so I'd just go with the digital download. HOWEVER, if you can I still encourage buying the DVD because as I said it is well made and by buying the physical copy you give extra support to the team that has been entertaining us for free on YouTube for all these years. Spending a few extra bucks on the DVD is really the least we can do. Anyway REVIVE KEEP UP THE AWESOME! Can't what for Battle Grounds 2020!

Written by Aaron on 3rd Jul 2017

I got this instead of driving 2 hours to go to the premiere. I Enjoy this DVD and have probably watched it 3 or 4 times by now. So much happens so fast that I have to watch and rewatch to let it all sink in. The special features are good and i wish some were longer, but I suggest getting this, There are things that these skaters don't post on YouTube so it makes it worth it!

Written by Devan Guy on 28th Jun 2017

GREAT JOB GUYS! IT WAS AMAZING! The music synced up very nicely, and was also a good selection too!

Take Over The World
Written by Kaitlyn Bardwell on 22nd Jun 2017

This video was an absolute success. we the people have been waiting for what feels like forever, and it was so worth it. I loved seeing everyone together having fun. Altogether an awesome full length, really looking forward to the next.

Revive took over!
Written by Mujahid Parker on 19th Jun 2017

I was really happy with the DVD. You can really tell how hard everyone worked and the effort they put it. Loved that you guys were still goofy and fun loving throughout the whole DVD . Can't wait for the 3rd DVD!

Written by Dustin Dinsmore on 13th Jun 2017

This movie is great. You can tell its a group of friends/family and that is what makes it even better!

TOTW Full Length Video
Written by Eddie on 12th Jun 2017

I bought both, the digital so I could watch it right away and the DVD for the bonus footy. The Video itself is amazing and worth the money. The DVD main menu is great, especially the music. Also for anyone who is reading this there is a secret on the DVD, go to bonus footy and select the text that is closest to Alex. (He actually landed this or something like that).

Very funny and fun!
Written by Must have on 11th Jun 2017

Got this yesterday, and I've already watched it 3 times. Very funny intro, especially if you're familiar with the team/company already. Aaron Kyro's part is awesome and hilarious, John Hill kills it, and everyone else looked like they were having a ton of fun too. Worth buying the DVD over the download for all the extras included.

Everyone did work!
Written by Tom on 7th Jun 2017

I know how hard filming a full length can be, it take a lot of hard work and dedication and yall did just that! Very entertaining! still needa watch the bonus features! im stoked I went for the DVD. much love to everyone at revive!