The Beard Face Shield


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 The Beard Face Shield is a great gaiter to wear and will be great with Halloween coming up.

  •  Soft, Breathable 100% Polyester Microfiber
  •  100% Seamless
  •  One Size Fits All Adults
  •  Repels Moisture
  •  UPF30+
  •  Stain Resistant
  •  Odor Control
  •  Protects Against Wind
  •  Quick-Drying
  •  2-Way Lateral Stretch
  •  Product Dimensions: (approx.) 10.5 x 20.5 inches
  •  Weight: 1.3 ounces
  •  Machine Washable
  •  Air Dry
  •  Do Not Iron

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Product Reviews

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Written by Michael B on 19th Nov 2020

Bought this for my Revive-obsessed 10 year old...he is now the coolest kid in the 5th grade and providing everyone with plenty of laughs!

Ambs mask
Written by Brad Raj on 17th Oct 2020

My son is in love with your channels, your turbo toy time and your main one, whenever we r in the living room he always says put Ryden on. I ordered the mask the day we watched the reveal video, not only to get a laugh out of my son but I thought they were great. Whenever we get him toys we always put on a turbo toy time review of that specific toy and then say do u want one of those then we pull it out and he goes along with the video. Its the highlight of his day. Keep up the good work, my son is your family and your extended skate family's biggest fan. Thanks, Brad

Brian Ames face shield
Written by Brad Rubash on 16th Oct 2020

Awesome product. Super breathable and comfortable, would totally recommend this "buff" to anyone needing one. My daughter hates when I make it look like it is talking, the wife could not stop laughing. Can't wait to wear it snowboarding.

Face mask
Written by Jon on 16th Oct 2020

Great product and even greater design