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A box of Air from The Shredquarters. 


*Clearly a joke. Cost of box. Still technically has Shredquarters air included and Alex did "box it". We love you.*

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Air in a box
Written by Tucker Do on 3rd Jul 2019

This is the highest quality air I have ever seen. 10/10 would buy again.

Best Air Ever
Written by Aaron Comer on 9th Apr 2019

I open it up and take a whiff every morning. Better than a cup of coffee, really gets the blood flowing. Thanks for sharing the Shredquarter's with the world!!

A Breath of Fresh Air
Written by Sethusk on 9th Apr 2019

The box shipped quickly and in great condition. The air was fresh and a pleasant mix of oxygen and carbon monoxide. I've never been there but I imagine it smelled like Ohio. 10/10 would buy air again.

I now have time travel powers.
Written by Jamii on 9th Apr 2019

Wow. This air is absolutely incredible. I was amazingly excited when I saw the package at my front door, saying Revive Skateboards/ Force Wheels on the label. I knew in my heart this would be the greatest air I had ever experienced. You see, I am a skateboarder, but I am also an air enthusiast. My favorite air has always been air that smells of fresh masonite and sweat. The specific part of a skatepark I find best is at the top of a set of stairs, as the air keeps the usual masonite/sweat scent, but has an added hint of fear/determination. That is why I specifically asked for air from the top of the five stair. When I opened the box and took a breath, I was amazed. It was as if I had gone back in time, and witnessed every trick ever done down these stairs. Alex Buening first setting up and testing his first set of suspension trucks, Ryden Schrock jumping down, getting scrapes and bruises, and then coming back, landing it first try. Even Gabe Cruz, trying to ollie it. I think I may have to order more of this air, as it can literally send me back in time. Thank you for selling this super high quality air.

High quality air
Written by Erika Rivas on 8th Apr 2019

Not like any other air you've breathed. This one smells like determination and spicy tacos.

Best Air I have ever seen
Written by Quinn on 6th Apr 2019

I don't know how they do it. This air is incredible.

Best air on the planet
Written by Spencer Cullen on 2nd Apr 2019

I’ve never had air this amazing

Written by Sarah Thomas on 31st Mar 2019

quality air, better than what we breathe. 10/10.