Theeve CSX Trucks (Set of 2)

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 5.25 ---- Fits 7.75-8.0 Deck

 5.5 ------ Fits 8.0-8.25 Deck


The CSX is Theeve's Classic take on trucks. Using all the best elements out there Theeve is able to generate the best truck incorporating the iconic "Bones Bushings" and Theeve True Turn Geometry.

*Titanium Aluminium Blend Cast Hanger and Baseplate

*Non Slip Cro-Molly Axle

*Grade 8 Steel Kingpins

*55mm height to center Axle



**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.


Product Reviews

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Great Trucks, Great Compony
Written by Seth G. on 28th Apr 2018

These trucks are great and sturdy and worth buying if you are willing to pay a little more for trust. I was going to leave a review on the deck I got, but it was the last one ever so it is no longer on the website, same for the wheels I got, so I chose to review the third best thing (They are all great though). I just want to say that ReVive is one of the best companies to trust and spend your money on because it's not some brand that is owned by a huge marketing company, it's owned by a real skater that is awesome and knows how to treat other skaters. Andy is a great dude and knows how to run a company. I ordered 6 items and it said I would get to me in 5-7 days and I ended up getting them in 3 days. Like I said, great company, great people. 5 stars to the trucks, Revive, and Andy.

So far so good.
Written by Jay Eh on 28th Jul 2016

They're in the mid range for weight and the height is nice. I've got a set on my 8.0 and it works really nicely. I'm not up for grind tricks but I know these slide well. Nothing negative. +5

Written by caleb on 25th Feb 2016

These definitely are skates best trucks I have ever skated. They have lightning fast reaction they really are perfect. Plus they don't get stuck on grinds.

Nice trucks
Written by Landon Pelley on 3rd Jan 2016

These are nice trucks, I have them on my 7.75 deck. They're comfy, broke in pretty fast, and just feel really good under my feet.