Tie Dye Lifeline 18' - Deck

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No one has ever skated this board while holding toast. You could be the first and technically you'd have a world record? I don't know if that logic holds up but hey you'd be the first.

***Each deck comes with a complimentary sheet of Jessup grip tape. You can switch out for AmGrip for a $6-$7 upgrade***

**We are unable to assemble complete skateboards**

This deck has a standard concave. It's been tested by many and skates great! Free Jessup grip with every deck! If you're skating around for trick or treating this year, this deck will pull in extra candy fo sho!

We actually end up paying slightly more than we charge when it comes to shipping so most of the time we ship Parcel post to keep costs down for both you and me! Normally it takes about 5 business days for the decks to reach you. Maybe 6 or 7, if you live on the west coast. As long as we have everything we need in stock, we send your package out within 24 hours of receiving your order!

Unfortunately shipping is fairly expensive outside the US. However most of the time the total is still less than it normally is for a board in your country. Sorry if the prices seem high, but we don't make the postal prices!

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Product Reviews

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the board and the brand
Written by ben lowe on 15th Jun 2018

andy and brian i love your vids and your brand is amazing you parked a car on aaron kyros skate every thing man bro i taught that was funny board but i love repping your stuff you guys got me in to skating since i was eight love u guys keep up the good work

Perfect boards
Written by Austin maurer on 9th Jun 2018

This board is just like all other revive decks. If you want to see my full review its on the revive og lifeline deck, the original red graphic. These boards are great for anyone. My 3 year old son can ollie on this board. Amazing quality for $39. Buy these boards, its well worth it

Great pop and the concave.
Written by Simeon Wilson on 1st Jun 2018

This board coqmpared to my last is 200 percent more Poppy and the concave allows for more heelflips.

Written by Caleb Laferry on 22nd May 2018

I got this as a graduation gift, excitied to try it out. I read the description of the board. I cooked some toast, then started to carpet board because I can't set the trucks on it yet. You can't get a skateboard like this at the local skate shops where I live. My state is not big on skateboarding, hard to find someone to teach you. I'm gonna learn so I can teach others. 5 star

Great thing
Written by Matthew Maust on 14th May 2018

Revive is amazing. Been watching the videos for years and love stopping and talking to andy when i see him every now and then. The boards quality is out of this world.

Great board
Written by Alex on 14th Mar 2018

I started out watching Braille’s videos on YouTube and eventually started watching Andy’s videos. Both Aaron and andy inspired me to start skating. This was my first real skateboard. I had a cheap board when I was a kid but I barley skated anyway. I learned to ollie on my first day. I have also learned shuvit, improved my ollies a lot, and I’m starting to get the kickflip. I love the board and am going to continue to skate as long as I can!

Deck is great
Written by John B Elliott on 29th Jan 2018

The deck is awesome, bought it for my son and he loves it, top notch quality. He started watching the Revive team on YouTube and got me watching also, it's hard to find people as family oriented in skateboarding as y'all guys we thank y'all are awesome. I'm 32 now and had quit skating for about 10 years and started back when my son wanted to learn it's the most enjoyable part of my day shredding, and spending time with him. As soon as my board I'm skating now is done I will definitely be getting me a Revive board. We're keeping are business with Revive for now on. Keep doing what y'all are doing it's awesome.

It's hella dope and really good wood
Written by Joaquin Garcia on 29th Jan 2018

It lifts up really easy and best board I've bought so far

Written by JGelb on 2nd Jan 2018

the board graphic looks amazing and the board is very sturdy

Son loves it!
Written by Jessica Schultz on 25th Dec 2017

Got this for my 13 year old son. He loves the board. It looks awesome

Jessica Schultz
Written by Jessica Schultz on 25th Dec 2017

Jessica Schultz

Abraham Mendoza
Written by Abraham Mendoza on 23rd Dec 2017

Thank you ReVIVE I just got this Deck and it is amazing beautiful graphics!! Thank You

Amazing Skateboard
Written by Gabriella Sifuentes on 20th Dec 2017

This is my first skatebord and I'm so glad that I chose a Revive board to skate. I've gotten so many compliments on the graphic and even some friends of mine are now interested to skate Revive because of the amazing quality and price of these boards. Keep doing what you guys are doing, it works.

Madison Hughes
Written by Madison Hughes on 2nd Dec 2017

I purchased this product because my boyfriend broke his deck and I wanted him to have a nice, new one. The deck is so much cooler than I could have expected and he is super stoked about it. We excitedly opened it together and literally jumped up and down when we saw that Andy himself had signed the order form! I didnt know much about skating when I met Eytan but he showed me your videos and ever since we’ve watched the Warehouse Wednesdays together every week! I have learned so much about skating because of your videos and think my next purchase may even be a board of my own (i currently only have a penny board for cruising but am considering an upgrade!) Skate All Day Andy!