Tie Dye Lifeline - Deck (available in 8.0/ 8.25)

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***Each deck comes with a complimentary sheet of Jessup grip tape. You can switch out for AmGrip for a $6-$7 upgrade***

**We are unable to assemble complete skateboards**

Tie Dye!!!!!

This deck has a standard concave. It's been tested by many and skates great! Free Jessup grip with every deck! If you're skating around for trick or treating this year, this deck will pull in extra candy fo sho!

We actually end up paying slightly more than we charge when it comes to shipping so most of the time we ship Parcel post to keep costs down for both you and me! Normally it takes about 5 business days for the decks to reach you. Maybe 6 or 7, if you live on the west coast. As long as we have everything we need in stock, we send your package out within 24 hours of receiving your order!

Unfortunately shipping is fairly expensive outside the US. However most of the time the total is still less than it normally is for a board in your country. Sorry if the prices seem high, but we don't make the postal prices!

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import ON TOP OF your paid shipping cost.

Please consult your local postal office to see the duty rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 106 ratings)
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Written by Royce on 10th Nov 2017

Great pop, high quality, excellent product

Written by François on 7th Apr 2017

Amazing pop. Great concave for the 7.75 version!

Written by james turner on 20th Feb 2017

my third tie dye deck and man this is a quality skateboard. Love the style love the feel. I'll ride revive over any other brand just because the people that represent the brand are keeping it fun and influencing others to skate. Hell yeah

tie dye board
Written by benito on 31st Jan 2017

Best boards out there ! quality of the board is amazing , I really like how they personally hand write a note for you

Better than I hoped!!
Written by Dave on 26th Jan 2017

This deck came on time. Was well packaged and looks amazing. I couldn't be happier with my Revive board. Thanks Revive!!

Great People, Amazing product
Written by JT Andrews on 20th Jan 2017

I've purchased many, many skateboards throughout my life. I kind of have to go out of the way to order ReVive decks, just because of the shipping, however I keep coming back. Reasons being: They carry 8.5" width decks in pretty much every graphic and I prefer wide boards. They also find a way to personalize your order. The decks came in 3 days which was really great. The concave is also a fine thing to notever about this product and it looks so beautiful. Thank you for improving the art of Skateboarding guys. I will definitely being buying merchandise from you until the end of time.

Great deck graphic!
Written by Stefan on 13th Jan 2017

Obviously goes without saying that the quality of the deck is great but I absolutely love all the colors on this graphic. Goes well with my miss-matched style most days.

Excellent deck!
Written by Aaron on 11th Jan 2017

Love this deck and design. Thanks, too, for the grip tape and stickers. Super fast shipping to Canada - thanks!

Very good
Written by lucas linn on 6th Nov 2016

Definitely would buy again. Great quality

Great Board
Written by Nathan Johnson on 3rd Nov 2016

It's a great board and it's really sturdy for a guy my size. It's my first skateboard and I believe with any I get in the future it'll be a revive deck.

quality stuff
Written by tyler on 2nd Nov 2016

had trouble finding good quality boards locally, bought a revive deck and its already lasted londer than my last 3 combined! shipping is pretty costly, but i found doing a bulk order evened it out so the value was there too. would highly recommend these decks for any level skater!

The Colors Taste Like Candy
Written by Dan Kavcak on 16th Oct 2016

I love the graphics of this board because I like tye-dye. It also tastes better than other boards I have owned in the past. You should most likely buy this

Good board? Best board.
Written by Brandon Brooks on 11th Oct 2016

I bought this once, suddenly the girl I had a crush on had a crush on me. I got a date to prom! Which is weird, we're both in our 20's... Also we've been together for a few years already. Anyways, awesome deck. Get it.

great board
Written by jonah on 15th Sep 2016

I have skated this board for a good week and I can already tell how great this board is if you are planing on getting anew board I would highly recommend revive boards

outstanding service!
Written by Derek Hartline on 3rd Sep 2016

The board was purchased for my brother and it looks amazing. the response from my emails were so quick. i would recommend buying any revive board to anyone looking to skate!

Best skateboard brand ever!
Written by Carolina on 30th Aug 2016

Revive is so awesome! I buy boards here not only for myself but for my brother as well. I like that no matter how personalized the deck is, the price remains the same for all. And shipping is very quick and easy. Keep up the good work! Highly recommend!

Written by Nick on 15th Aug 2016

Just got the new deck and it is awesome. good pop and great art.

Written by Bryan Gutierrez on 1st Aug 2016

Got this deck maybe a week ago or so but when i got it was the best deck i could ever have bought as my first board, im still learning but yeah best deck ever for sure gonna buy more decks soon as i progress

My first Skateboard EVER
Written by Laurenz on 21st Jul 2016

The board looks great and its also feels great! Its a perfect deck for my opinion. I am very happy that my first Skateboard is from ReVive! Greetings from Austria! :)

pleasantly surprised
Written by jeff on 19th Jul 2016

I wanted to try these decks out. I didn't know what to expect after many years of DLX boards. It's strong, super poppy and just an all around great deck. Nice work fellas!

Written by Sammy Muñoz on 15th Jul 2016

Fucking amazing xD

Amazing Skateboard
Written by Matthew Rising on 27th Jun 2016

I switched from almost to revive a few years ago and just absolutely love them, very sturdy and durable I have nothing bad to say!

love this
Written by thomas smith on 15th Jun 2016

Bright and colorful deck great graphic when flipped easy to catch. Strong deck

Real Nice
Written by Andy G. on 14th Jun 2016

Love this tye die design. Revive is an amazing brand. Real nice board and will buy Revive boards in the future!

I really like this board
Written by Nick on 14th Jun 2016

it has amazing graphics and skates really well and also extremely durable

Written by Sal on 13th Jun 2016

This is an amazing board. I absolutely love it. It feels good and solid under my feet, and is quite light also. If you are just starting out skating, definitely buy Revive and Force products. The best!!!!!!

Written by A-C Sörell on 24th May 2016

Very good, nice quality and quick delivery! But have to say.. expensive delivery to Sweden though.. He seems to think it´s worth it anyway ;)

Tye-dye to die for
Written by Eddy on 17th May 2016

This is the best board I have ever bought! I was tired of buying crappy boards from zumiez Becuase they were easy to break and really spendy, also it's ZUMIEZ(I don't know what I was thinking). And the shipping was fairly quick plus the email support replied quick as we'll! I look foward to buying another revive board not only Becuase I love watching Andy's videos but Becuase I learned to skate from Aronn Kyro! THANKS REVIVE!!

Solid first board
Written by undefined on 16th May 2016

Very sturdy and looks awesome! Great choice for a first time skater.

amazing pop
Written by Jacob Delph on 9th May 2016

Has an amazing pop and great feel to it,works extremely well for my freestyle type skating and wheelie pad tricks

Don't buy anything else other than ReVive!!! EVER!!!!
Written by Ben on 8th May 2016

I live for this skateboard! I breath for this skateboard I DIE FOR THIS SKATEBOARD!!!!! I died........ But I've been REVIVED!!!! Haha see what I did their;) this thing is the best thing I have ever ridden! Period! Why would anybody else buy something other than this board! It's a no-brainer! It pops sooo well! It's very durable! And I feel like the coolest guy in town when I hold this board! Don't ever buy anything else other than these boards that ReVive makes! I kid you not! I practically went pro when this box came in! Anyway I love the color and how the colors are arranged, it really clicks:) thank you so much Andy and Brian for making such a cool company:) I don't know where I would be without you:)

Written by Everardo Robles on 30th Apr 2016

I had switched from a baker board to revive and I can say I love it, the tails are bigger and the board is the perfect weight j definatly recommend this board

Very good griptape and deck.
Written by undefined on 28th Apr 2016

I am glad I ordered this baord along with the revive collab amgrip Griptape. They have done me very well.

Best deck I have ever had
Written by undefined on 20th Apr 2016

It's just Simply amazing. Will for sure only skate Revive decks from now on.

best wood ever
Written by kelsey on 14th Apr 2016

i got this skateboard last Christmas and I skated January to June then I gave it to my friend who skated it until November. The longest board that I skated

Revive Tie Dye Lifeline Deck
Written by Christian S. on 12th Apr 2016

I really, really enjoy this deck, design is great, the feel to it is great, the quality is great, everything about this deck is great. I definitely recommend getting this deck! Keep up the good work Revive!

This deck is Awsome
Written by undefined on 4th Apr 2016

Best deck I've ever had hands down

good reliable board
Written by Mitchell dowdell on 4th Apr 2016

Thanks for the board andy it's great and very durable

Written by undefined on 24th Mar 2016

I love the new board I learned how to do a heelflip on it and a shovit and a pop shove and a front shove and a fakie shovit and a fakie popshovit and a fakie front shovit and a fakie heelflip when the board I got good luck it really helped me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh owwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm Michael Jackson

Great product
Written by Simon Duffenais on 11th Mar 2016

I got this deck a little while ago and it is awesome. The graphic is 1,000,000 times better when you see it in person. This is deck perfect for me, it is a little bulky compared to plan B. It comes with a sheet of grip tape and a couple stickers. It razor tails a bit quicker compared to some other brands but the pop is amazing. Andy does a great job designing and making his decks. Also the "Dude let me try one more time" deck is good too.

Written by Cash on 2nd Mar 2016

The Deck is pretty light and is comfortable to cruise on, I cant say much for tricks because I cant do any! XD but it's a guarantee that the board will break your foot if you try to focus it, this wood is good, reliable, and will last many years if taken good care of.

My son loved it..
Written by Candice on 19th Feb 2016

Thank you for making my son Smile from ear to ear.. this was very well shipped, Grip tape was easy for my 11yr old to put on and made him extremely happy. the personal note also made the package complete knowing you care enough to pass a smile.. I would definitely refer this company & site to all

grandson thinks it's fantastic. loved the sighuture on recipient. thanks for making him happy
Written by undefined on 15th Feb 2016

Grandson loved it. Loved the sighuture on recipient. Thanks for making him happy. He watches yall all the time.

Product quality
Written by Matthew Bardoo on 8th Feb 2016

This deck is high quality and turns heads when I hit the skatepark. I believe the tie dye helps my kickflips with the cool colors. All revive decks can't be Snapped with is great for us skaters. These boards are hands down 5 out of 5

Happy Valentine My son "Peanut"
Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2016

Board looks amazing just what I was looking for. Can't wait to see my son's "Peanut" reaction to this. Of course I bought all the accessories wheels, truck, Super Reds Ceramic bearings. And couldn't help myself to take it to the skate park myself . very nice....

It's a great board.
Written by Ben Crawford on 15th Jan 2016

Just got back into skating after taking a few years off (college). Found myself on Andy Shrock's channel watching the guys rip it on the Revive boards. After the stomp test video I was sold on the fact that I had to try these boards. I ordered an 8" Lifeline and was not disappointed. Definitely one of the most sturdy feeling boards without a lot of extra weight. The pop is heavenly, and the flip is great too. I think I landed 4 Tre flips in a row after unboxing it. Get the #amgrip upgrade to make it your best board ever! Thanks to Andy and the rest of the Revive crew. Ben Crawford

Written by undefined on 7th Jan 2016

It's a really awesome looking board.. it has a really nice looking round nose, and the graphic is just so sick.. its so cool!! I love it!

Nice looking board
Written by Stevie on 6th Jan 2016

This board rides great, has a nice tail for popping tricks and, just overall looks very nice.

amazing company
Written by william lowe on 5th Jan 2016

Dude this is no lie the best board I've ever owned and the fact that its signed by my favorite skaters holds this brand close to my heart

Best deck ever owned
Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2016

Great deck all around...has perfect concave plus Ryden drew on the back of my grip which is pretty cool.

It's Great!
Written by Carol Ann Suddeath on 25th Dec 2015

I purchased this for my 10 year old son for Christmas this is his review: I ordered the Tie Dye deck size 7.5 and it is the most comfortable ride. it is easier to do flip tricks on and the skateboard it is so rad. I love it so much. I will never switch over to a different skateboard company this is the strongest deck I have ever skated.

Amazing Deck!!!!!
Written by Buddy Debarr on 16th Dec 2015

Before i skated a plan b, and the revive deck is so light and has better pop! And i love the tie dye design on the deck everything about it makes me love it!

the best board iv ever skated
Written by jordan pepel on 10th Dec 2015

This is the best board I've skated I'm 15 and had a baker a zero and a enjoi beats all of them I think

Written by Bryant Schneider on 21st Nov 2015

This deck is nice looking and is very strong, I've had it sence a week after it came out (so like 4 months) and it has 1 chip in the tail. it is super light and flips super easy. revive is the best

Best deck I've ever used!
Written by Justin Toutcheque on 16th Nov 2015

I've skated many brands but none compare to Revive. It has amazing pop,a sturdy but not too heavy weight,and a good graphic that doesn't come off easily. I'll never search for another deck again, Revive is awesome!

Written by Alec on 7th Nov 2015

This is a great quality deck that looks amazing and feels so good to ride! I also appreciated the handwritten letter from Casey.

it is great
Written by Kristopher Tong on 21st Oct 2015

I am riding am 8.125. It is a solid board. I think it is the best board I have riden.

Awesome as expected
Written by Broc Phipps on 28th Sep 2015

before i was riding a 8.125 but i switched to an 8, this deck feels super solid, and looks sweet too! Good feel and in my opinion better than my girl board that i was riding before, definitely sticking with revive from now on

love it
Written by Joseph Cirino on 16th Sep 2015

My favorite board so far owned a lot of them. The concave of the board is just amazing. The nose is the best because of the large now my kick and heel flips leve out more when I'm flipping them and are able to catch them almost every time. Quality board, love the brand Thanks, Joe

Awesome deck
Written by undefined on 7th Sep 2015

One of my favorite revive decks. Love the design and the quality of the decks are amazing

(7.75) Fantastic Board
Written by Jack on 22nd Aug 2015

With all the hype about Revive boards, I am actually surprised that this does NOT disappoint. I figured it would be good but not only is the design my favourite out of any boards that I have seen while looking for a new one, but the pop is great and it is very light without feeling flimsy. Very comfortable to ride, could not be happier. Not only that, but as someone who lives in Australia I have gotten used to long waits for shipping. My board was shipped on THE DAY I ORDERED IT and arrived in exactly ONE WEEK. Some of the best customer service I have experienced, and my order came with a little note from Casey that made it feel extra special. I will be buying all my boards from Revive from now on, I'm proud and happy to represent a company so obviously dedicated to making a good experience for their customers, while providing fantastic products. Bravo.

first new skateboard
Written by chance oquain on 21st Aug 2015

this is my second board and first I've ever purchased and it's awesome, the board feels great and the deck is sick. I started skating about two months ago and I love the revive boards. y'all's company is awesome and I'll definitely be buying more revive products!

Written by Angelo Basile on 20th Aug 2015

These decks are amazing! Some of the best pop I've ever experienced on a board. Perfect concave and a beautiful shape. And the graphic is sick as well! Keep up the good work.

Written by Travis on 11th Aug 2015

This deck is very appealing to the eye and makes me feel like im skating on a rainbow, but all and all it is a very good deck I am glad I bought it

Written by Andrew Downs on 11th Aug 2015

This board is straight up PERFECT!

tye dye life line deck
Written by Dylan Jones on 28th Jul 2015

This is probably one of the best boards regarding shape. Like its just perfect. Derability unmatched. Period the best board ever.

Written by undefined on 27th Jul 2015

Not too much or too little of anything. The graphic is beautiful. Great pop. Great concave. Great everything. So worth $37. These decks will last you so long.

Best all around deck I've ever tried
Written by Martin Martinez on 27th Jul 2015

From the moment I did my first ollie on the deck it felt amazing. It has great pop!! Love the amount of concave. The company it's so awesome and nice! Can't wait to order more decks in the future. Hands down best deck in my opinion. I had a primitive deck before this one and the deck lost pop after the first week or so and it chipped really fast. Not the revive deck. I've landed face down. Premo. U name it and the revive deck still stayed intact. So I rest my case best deck ever

Sweet Deck
Written by Steven on 27th Jul 2015

The Revive Tie Dye Lifeline deck is a very appealing, high quality, strong deck. The deck is obviously well made from quality wood, has great pop, and rides as well as any. I'm extremely happy with this deck and I will definitely purchase a Revive deck again as my next skateboard.

Written by Michael Mckinley on 23rd Jul 2015

The Tye-Die LL is an amazing strong wood board with the best graphic ever. I used to have perfect flick kickflips now i over flick which i like because i can't double kick yet so it helps alot, also i love that its really tough wood but still very light weight board

Favorite board ever!!!
Written by undefined on 23rd Jul 2015

Thus board is light super cool looking and has a great concave! Definitely a great buy!

Awesome looking graphic and feels amazing
Written by Ronald on 22nd Jul 2015

It took almost 1,5 week before we got it and after leaving the customs the dutch delivery Post.nl charged another 20 euro before we could open the box. But one thing is for shure, it was worth it!!!

Awesome Service and Products
Written by Larry on 21st Jul 2015

My daughter had been wanting the tie-dye 8.0 deck for quite some time. Once it was back in stock, she told me about it and I expected shipping to be outrageous and it still to take forever to get. Quite the contrary. Shipping was extremely reasonable and I had the board in my hand a day and a half after I ordered it. Chancie is the happiest 14 year old in Peachtree City, Ga. And the fact that Andy signed the receipt with a message was especially exciting for her. Thank you for you care and service.

its the kitty's titties
Written by Dominic Cortez on 21st Jul 2015

If I could give this deck 6 stars I would. If you would like to be the coolest kid at the park then look no further. This is like the T-Rex of skate decks. (T-Rex's are the shit FYI) It makes me feel so cool I want to blow up balloons and tie them into camels every Wednesday for the rest of my life and that's pretty freakin cool.

Awesome deck!!
Written by Angel Navarrete on 18th Jul 2015

Awesome deck!! the only bad thing is that the design comes off very easy

One of the best decks Ive owned
Written by Lisa Robbins on 17th Jul 2015

Very strong with good pop and a great looking graphic

pretty freaking amazing
Written by Jose Rivera on 17th Jul 2015

In a word its just awesome . the graphic on the deck is amazing , the board feels amazing and the pop is great . I'm loving this baord almost as much as Andy loves wearing red.....nope he's on a totally different level

Great deck after owning two 6-year-old boards
Written by Kayla! on 16th Jul 2015

I purchased this board after a long dry spot of not skating, and my other two decks were at least 6 years old. This board is so beautiful. It has great pop, and I do believe I will be able to get those ollies (and much more!) down. Only issue is that the graphics scratch and get worn SOOO easily! But it makes me look more rad, so it's all good for now! Great buy, and they will definitely be getting my business from now on!

Good stuff
Written by Shaun on 29th Jun 2015

Good pop, easy to flip, looks pretty and got to me pretty fast. I like this board as much as Johnny Giger likes watermelon.

great pop!
Written by undefined on 6th Jun 2015

Really great board! Came in earlier then estimated so that's also great. Slides well, feels well made.

Love It
Written by undefined on 5th Jun 2015

Very pleased with this board and fast shipping

<3 amazing
Written by Zeak on 3rd Jun 2015

This revive board is amazing c: I love this thing!! Its almost perfect, the only thing I see wrong with it is that ive been skating it for about 3 days and the board seems to be getting razertail already, the wood at the nose and tail isnt as strong but overall this board is amazing c: <3

Written by erick on 2nd Jun 2015

Great pop and a really good board

sweet board
Written by Mandy on 2nd Jun 2015

Ordered for my 12 yr old son who was waiting for the release. He absolutely loves it!!!

Written by Keaton Sherman on 1st Jun 2015

This deck is awesome! Not only does it have a cool graphic but the deck itself skates great. I don't think I would want any other deck to skate. The pop is great along with the nice concave. The graphic really pops out as well. Best deck I've had.

Best board I've experienced
Written by undefined on 1st Jun 2015

I had a chance to skate many different decks but this by far is the best. The graphic was amazing and the pop was great. Revive definitely did something right with this deck.

Great all around
Written by Sebastian on 31st May 2015

The board has one of the best pops Ive seen on a board. The Concave is very comfortable and the board has a good shape. The graphic is easily one of the best graphics revive has ever put out and this board is Great overall

Written by J Buldo on 29th May 2015

I've been riding this deck for a few days now, the pop is amazing, it slides awesome. The deck is very strong and I'm sure I'll ride this deck for a long time because of it's quality. AWESOME!

Radical Revive!
Written by Gabriel Koher on 28th May 2015

Revive is my personal favorite board company! High quality wood, great structure, and super cool graphics! And you get all this with a personal touch from the staff at Revive! Go With Revive!

Tie-Dye Deck Review
Written by A Former Scooter Kid on 28th May 2015

I have been riding this deck for bout a week. Love it. Light overall, easy to control and fun to ride. All around great deck. 10/10 would recommend.

Written by Brody miller on 27th May 2015

i love this deck i haven't even skated it and i love it its super nice looking and i was on my carpet and i did my first kick flip on it so im looking forward to riding this amazing deck

Amazing color and pop!
Written by Aaron on 27th May 2015

The colors on the board are vibrant and the board is durable and pops really well. I love this board and I'm sure you will too.

Best deck I have ever ridden.
Written by undefined on 27th May 2015

This skateboard is very durable, strong, but a little on the heavy side. the board takes about 2 days to wear in and pop is really great too. The pop gets you off the ground really high. You will not be dissapointed with this purchase.

Written by yaya on 27th May 2015

It got here 2 days early and it looks AMAZING. I love watching Andy and Sam on YouTube and I love the board!

Written by bastian on 26th May 2015

Good quality wood

Exactly what I wanted
Written by undefined on 26th May 2015

Great board, the colors are so vibrant. Happy with the purchase!

Cool Board
Written by undefined on 26th May 2015

Great colors, great product, fast service. Will purchase again in the future.

Very Happy with this purchase
Written by Sean on 26th May 2015

My son was very excited to receive this deck shortly after ordering online. We built it up and he's loving it.

Pretty good
Written by undefined on 25th May 2015

I usually skate plan b decks but I decided to get a revive. Revive decks have a great pop but they are a bit on the heavier side and harder to flip. I still like it but next time I think I will either get a smaller size in width or get another plan b. Overall though, I love the deck and I would recommend it to everyone. AMAZING POP!

the best deck ever
Written by Zane on 25th May 2015

The deck has nice Pop. I have no problems with the deck

Written by Jordan reidhead on 25th May 2015

Its a really study board and has nice concave

great deck
Written by undefined on 25th May 2015

Solid. This deck is hard to break

Revive skateboards are amazing!
Written by Sean Fulghum on 25th May 2015

This tie dye board is one of the best boards I've ever owned! I would definitely buy more from Revive and recommend them to friends. If you could sell trucks as well that would be even better, then I wouldn't have to shop everywhere.

Amazing Deck
Written by Carter on 25th May 2015

This is my second deck ever and it pops Ollies so much better than the shop deck I had before!

best pop ever
Written by undefined on 22nd May 2015

This is an awesome board highly recommend!

great board
Written by undefined on 22nd May 2015

This board shipped fast and I'm really satisfied, This board will make you a better skater.