Krux Trucks (Set of 2)

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           7.50-7.75 deck------buy the 7.6 K4 

           8.0- 8.125 deck-----buy the 8.0 K4         

           8.25-8.50-----buy the 8.25 K4 


  • Truck height is 55mm.
  • Axle width: 7.6, 8.0 or 8.25 inches


  • Good  for beginner to advanced shredders.
  • World's Best Cushions feel broken in from the start!
  • Standard Height Truck



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  • 5
    Sexiest Hole in the game.

    Posted by Pugs333 on 11th Jan 2017

    Only rode them for small ride so far. Feel good so far as my cheap teucks bent on me. Bigger skater 6'1" 265....Would recommend for sure. Check out my Revive, Force wheels and Amgrip unboxings on Youtube at

  • 5
    Best trucks I've ever skated.

    Posted by Brandon W on 29th Dec 2016

    These white 8.25 Krux Trucks are stunning and came exactly how I like em. They ride so well! I love these and will get more in the future.

  • 5
    Oh. My. Gosh!

    Posted by Alexander Walters on 25th Nov 2016

    I ordered these trucks, the 7.6 size in silver and these trucks could not be any more perfect. They look great, they ride great, and i haven't even had to adjust these at all because they come with that feeling of already being broken in. All in all these trucks are a great product. I'm so extremely thankful that ReVive and Force were created. ReVive will definitely be receiving all of my skateboarding related business in the future. This company FREAKIN' ROCKS!!!

    A HUGE thank you to Andy and Brian for going hard in the paint and achieving so much with their company.

    8/8 Would shred again

  • 5
    Love the product

    Posted by Josh on 31st Oct 2016

    This website never ceases to make me feel like a valued customer.

  • 5
    Great Trucks

    Posted by Mik on 13th Oct 2016

    Very light, Dont need to break them in.

  • 5

    Posted by Keagan on 27th Sep 2016

    Ive rode my board once since I got them because it rained but they're super smooth, they're higher so there's WAY WAY WAY more pop, and they're clean as all hell

  • 5
    Great Trucks

    Posted by Espi on 19th Sep 2016

    I really like these trucks. I haven't had them squeak or anything like i'm used to from trucks. They don't feel heavier then needed either.

  • 5
    No squeaks while being stiff yet flexible

    Posted by Ivan Fazekas on 13th Sep 2016

    I'm still trying to figure out how these trucks are so awesome; I can't quite pinpoint the reason as to the 'why and how' but I think it has something to do with the bushings. I got the 8.25" K4 Silver. Super quiet while turning (no squeaks while edging the board to either side); all I hear is the wheels on the ground. Has a soft or 'vibration dampening' feeling while riding... I can't fully yet explain this one ... but you should check it out because they are worth it. I think I'm going to start buying Krux over Indies now. I'm not certain but I think it has something to do with those white bushings the Krux trucks come with equipped; it's probably the magic ingredient that makes it so awesome; ya see -- it's the JELL-O in the pudding pop!

  • 4
    Great! Would reccomend.

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Aug 2016

    They have a nice turn to them and they aren't very noise.