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           7.5 M Class- Fits 7.5 decks but, could fit a slightly larger/ smaller deck depending on personal preference.

           7.75 L Class - Fits 7.75 Deck but, could fit a slightly larger/smaller deck depending on personal preference.

           8.0 M Class - Fits 8.0 Deck but, could fit a slightly larger/smaller deck depending on personal preference.

           8.25 M Class - Fits 8.25 Deck but, could fit a slightly larger/smaller deck depending on personal preference.


Silver M-Class trucks optimize turning ability with a refined structure and distinctive contours. A perfect amount of ground clearance, an exceptionally strong construction and dynamic components contribute to the overall quality, stability and smoothness of the M-Class. The performance level of the Silver M-Class easily meets and exceeds the high impact demands of a skateboard truck.


Silver L-Class trucks feature a low profile structure designed for enhanced turning and ultimate control. In addition, the L-Class truck gives new meaning to the term light weight with it’s unique construction and quality components, including hollow kingpins, refined hangers and honed baseplates. Smooth performance, solid stability, and long lasting durability make L-Class trucks ideal for all levels of skateboarding.



  • Silver Trucks strives to develop the highest quality skateboard trucks and stands behind them with a lifetime warranty. If your Silver Trucks are not functioning properly due to a manufacturer defect or if you have broken your trucks while skateboarding, send them back to Silver Trucks and they will replace them. All parts are covered under warranty including the kingpin, axle, hanger and baseplate.

  • Send to:
    Silver Trucks - c/o Warranty
    1410 Vantage Ct, Vista, CA 92081

    Warranty does not cover intentional breakage or defects due to misuse of product

**ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. Please consult your local post office to see the rate for your country as it varies from country to country.

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 17 ratings)
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Written by Landon on 30th May 2018

Amazing trucks! working really well and wear great. Hangers are strong and tough, although when they arrived they looked a little plastic, maybe this is because of the blue design? leave a nice blue mark on rails and bushings wear in quick so as to get a comfortable ride. Extremely light weight due to hollow king pin. Definitely recommend to any skater of any skill.

Excellent Trucks.
Written by Michael McKenna on 5th Oct 2017

Really nice trucks i highly recommend buying they hollow as well 2 colour spray is fab and they even come manufacturers warranty, Whta more could you ask for.

Written by Boston on 4th Jul 2017

2 best trucks ever for grinding

Written by Chris McCrackan on 27th Mar 2017

Love the raw look of the unfinished trucks, Great product.

Super light
Written by Deedra Dills on 25th Mar 2017

These trucks are very light weight while being able to preform very well

new to silver
Written by Tim on 6th Dec 2016

Never used Silver trucks until the set I just bought and I'm very happy with the out come very good quality plus they look great

high quality
Written by jacob on 20th Sep 2016

I got the the black ones and they are unique sturdy and has a hollow kingpin. I would highly recommend them

Silver Trucks
Written by Logan Slajchert on 19th Sep 2016

The trucks are really good and the color of them look cool

exceptional handleing
Written by JohnnyCashTNG on 18th Aug 2016

easy installation and I like changing the tension to find a good feel for the payment or cement I cruise on.

Nice but squeaky
Written by Cory Crowe on 17th Aug 2016

These trucks are nice. I got the red and white ones. They are nice and smooth when turning. I've had them a week so I'm not sure if it's just because they are new but they are noisy. I don't really even notice while I'm skating though. Everything else is great though.

Awesome sauce
Written by Kev A. on 8th Aug 2016

High quality. They feel great. Not to mention they are pretty sick looking.

Solid Trucks
Written by Taylor Arendt on 13th Jul 2016

First pair of trucks and they feel great and turn great. Breaking in very well too.

these things are boss
Written by undefined on 29th May 2016

I can't tell you how good these things are. They are standard with paint that wears off on concrete, but also have other qualities that you can only get on these and the worlds best trucks. If you are wondering what to get, get these.

silver trucks
Written by undefined on 18th May 2016

Nice grind and lightweight, very squeaky though.

Written by undefined on 6th Apr 2016

These trucks are sturdy. Well worth the money and look very nice in any color. Recommended.

I like them
Written by Cash on 2nd Mar 2016

There good, comfortable, but super freakn squeaky still lol

the best
Written by Noah on 24th Feb 2016

these are the best turcks i have used and they come in red or black witch is really cool