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Amgrip Griptape! This is the perfect balance of grit that keeps the board attached to your feet while not destroying your shoes too fast. It skates great and lets you customize your tape using the signature amgrip cut out symbol. Grab a sheet!


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AmGrip Tape
Written by Carole Anne on 24th Aug 2022

I just received my new Revive Board with the Amgrip and LOVE it! The attention to detail is great right down to the cutout and red hardware bolts in front!

nice and grippy
Written by Megan Misaki on 14th Dec 2021

It’s durable, feels kinda like mob, and the cutout is fun, too ☺️! Worth the little bit extra!

Written by Ryan on 7th Oct 2021

Had never tried AmGrip before and upon delivery, the package was a soft envelope and the grip tape was all creased and folded. They were very happy to ship another packaged correctly, though.

The cut out though
Written by Izaac on 1st Jul 2021

Quality is great and the little cut out that lets you peek at the board is awesome!

The anticipation!
Written by Ray Byrd on 11th Jan 2021

There is nothing like opening a fresh box of grip tape! Smells Guuud! First time having AmGrip... Love the feel of the grip and the icon cut out image of a skater Ollie! Braille did a YouTube video on grip tape and used MOB comparing AmGrip! Aaron Kyro was testing both, kick flipping on each to test and AmGrip became a favorite to his favorite. This video sparked my interest and wanted to give it a try! I have not put it on any decks yet as I have a one on order, but will return to post review of my experience and thoughts about it!

Nice Grip!
Written by Josh on 9th Jun 2020

This grip tape has a great feel on your shoes without tearing up your hands when carrying your board. The cutout graphic is durable and looks pretty cool.

Great Grip Tape
Written by Four Roses on 4th Jun 2020

This grip tape is amazing they have amazing grip and a great product for decks

Grip Tape
Written by Kaylee on 3rd Jun 2020

I recently got a new skateboard and this tape is perfect, 100% recomend

Great Grip Tape
Written by Shelbey on 29th May 2020

This grip was super easy to place on my board. I love the amount of grippiness. It has enough grip for control, but it doesn’t rip apart my hands like some grip has in the past. I also really love the cutout logo.

AmGrip- Grip Tape
Written by Trace on 29th Oct 2018

Amazing product. I am very happy with this high-quality Grip Tape.

Great Grip
Written by Sammy on 15th Apr 2018

landed my first kick flip with this tape :]

Excellent griptape
Written by Jake on 12th Feb 2018

Super grippy and great design options

Amgrip- OG
Written by Barry Corletto on 6th Jan 2018

Shipped in a box so it came in perfect condition. Thought it came with 2 Stickers but I suppose if you count the cut out. Second small order both done by Casey B. Not gripped my board yet but I have 4 sheets of different brands and Amgrip is definitely my favourite. Andy Schrock is one talented skater, despite what he says hah. What if I'm programmed to think I'm human?

Written by Sky blue on 17th Feb 2017

Grip tape is awesome and top quality. Fast shipping and a autograph. I am so excited to order more products.

Love the cut out.
Written by Pugs333 on 11th Jan 2017

I love thw Doug cut out. Looks sweet with just the deck behind behind it or with a sticker. Just the right amount of grit. Not overly gritty where you will reck your shoes im the first week. Would recommend for sure. Check out my Revive, Force wheels and Amgrip unboxings on Youtube at Pugs333

VERY happy with this product!!
Written by James Wine on 28th Dec 2016

My son is completely satisfied with this and ALL of the products from Shredquarters! Hats off to you guys for your quality, professionalism, and attention to detail!!!

Amgrip Review
Written by Diana A. on 16th Nov 2016

I ordered for my son and he loved it. He got a lot of compliments on it as well.

amgrip review
Written by Cody Christodoulou on 4th Oct 2016

This is the second time I bought amgrip. I already have it on my board ready to go! I also love the skater dude sticker!

perfect for me!
Written by Cody on 23rd Aug 2016

I got the grip tape sooner than I expected. Easy process to put it on. Its not too sticky and not too soft but just right. I even learned a new trick within two skate seshes so it brings goodluck too hahah!

Written by jonoah on 15th Aug 2016


Written by undefined on 4th Aug 2016

It was probably the heat but the back was hard to get off and it ripped up a ton but it worked out and I like the grip

Great Griptape
Written by Laurenz on 21st Jul 2016

Looks awesome and is very grippy! Awesome Griptape

best grip ive had yet
Written by mitch on 12th Jun 2016

amgrip its really grippy doesn't rip up your shoes bad aND LOOKS SICK

Great Griptape
Written by undefined on 21st May 2016

This grip tape is very good because of how much grip it actually has. Grip tape that I've had usually loses it's grip pretty quickly, but this grip tape has lasted me a while and is still almost good as new. The cut out in the grip tape also helps with identifying the nose and tail of the board easily.

Amgrip its don twar LOL
Written by undefined on 18th Mar 2016

ordered some Amgrip exc grip tape looks sweet as . Fast post which is good . would order again 100%

awesome product!
Written by jacob on 11th Mar 2016

Grip tape exactly as described! Just what was needed!!

Written by Noah on 24th Feb 2016

wow this is such a good piece of grip tape i have used other grip tapes from other places but this is the best one i have ever tried ;-)

best grip ever
Written by Rachel on 29th Jul 2015

Very gripy smooth on your shoes overall I love this grip

love it
Written by victor martinez on 6th Jul 2015

awesome grip from an awesome skater

fantastic grip.
Written by Thorbie on 20th May 2015

Sticks to shoes fairly well, I've skated on it for about a week and it doesn't eat up shoes horribly fast. It did have a hard time sticking to the edges of my deck though, I think it's probably user error, but if not...

The best Grip Tape I have ever got in My LIFE
Written by Vincent on 18th May 2015

Am grip tape is so much more reliable and very gripy I love it it only took a few days to come in its the best i have ever had

Happy Skaters!
Written by undefined on 16th Apr 2015

Bought 2 of these for the teens skateboards. They love it! We'll be ordering again. Also... didn't take long for them to come in.

Couldn't ask for better grip tape!
Written by Vidal on 24th Mar 2015

Thanks Andy for the grip tape and I think it's doug des atels who made it but not sure , but thank you too! Honestly I couldn't ask for better and low price grip tape I am gonna recommend all my friends to buy grip tape here and I know where to get grip tape for the rest of my life now! Thanks again - Vidal

Amazing Griptape
Written by Trent Tutt on 20th Jan 2015

As a beginner, I needed something to help me land tricks. This does just the thing! It grips so well and really helps improve my performance. I am landing tricks a lot more now and am improving. Plus, you just can't beat the design of the skateboarder. This grip-tape adds style to your board and improvement to your performance. I will definitely be buying more in the future!

am grip is amazing!
Written by Jon rod on 19th Jan 2015

Looks cool rides good definitely my new choice for grip

best grip tape ever
Written by cam on 9th Jan 2015

This is by far the best grip tape I have ever used buy yours now!

super grippy
Written by brad on 29th Nov 2014

am grip just feels good under your feet. I didn't purchase am grip from the shred quarters I purchased it from dougs site