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Who invented cell phone batteries and why didn't they do a better job? Also this is a ReVive Amgrip collab and it rules.


Amgrip Griptape! This is the perfect balance of grit that keeps the board attached to your feet while not destryoing your shoes too fast. It skates great with the new emblem cutout. Grab a sheet!


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Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 22 ratings)
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Written by Owen Marganski on 5th Jan 2021

Super sticky. Really helped me to land more tricks!

revive griptape
Written by Crystal Pech on 19th Oct 2020

I used it to grip my penny nickel, it’s very sticky and is holding up well despite pennyboards not having a smooth surface to stick to.

Awesome griptape
Written by Devin Corson on 18th Jul 2020

I would 100% recommend this if you are looking for a cool looking grip tape but I do have one problem the revive heart lifeline sticker the heart is too big for the cut out on the griptape

Favorite skateboarding company
Written by Jonathan on 30th Jun 2020

Casey noticed me

Written by Manny on 29th May 2020

The grip is perfect the way it is 10/10

Written by Eleazar on 17th Apr 2020

Awesome grip tape love the cut out

Am Grip Revive Heart Beat Design Grip Tape
Written by Denise C Campbell on 16th Mar 2020

Grip tape is durable and easy to apply even for this mom. The fairly intricate cut out was easy to weed and apply as well. My little dude likes the grip and the design.

Great but I messed up...
Written by Ian Lee on 27th Feb 2019

It's my fault tho not like im blaming you guys at revive...

Support Doug
Written by Mauro on 15th Dec 2018

I think Amgrip is perfect for all those skaters who want great performances and dont want to break up their shoes every week or months. I am glad it gives me this balance, so thank you Doug.

AmGrip- Revive Collab
Written by Trace on 29th Oct 2018

Amazing Grip Tape. I was able to Ollie higher and better with it.

Written by Byron Henderson on 13th Sep 2018

It is very well made, and is super grippy. Note; This will make you go through shoes if you don't have shoe goo.

Awesome grip
Written by Austin maurer on 9th Jun 2018

Amgrip is awesome!! The cutout design looks really cool over the board and just makes your board stand out. As far as grip, you can see and feel the difference. Aaron kyro at Braille skateboarding does a video on this and there is a big difference from other top grip brands. To me, durability is the biggest factor. I have one board with jessup grip on it, and it just seems to wear down faster than the amgrip. I hate changing grip on a board so i like griptape that can outlast the board, and i think amgrip is the best way to go with that. I will be ordering extra rolls of this on my next order so i always have amgrip on all my boards. I just think its far better than any other out there! Try it and im sure you will agree with me!

Written by Michael McKenna on 7th Sep 2017

This grip-tape is a must super grippy and good quality the revive cut out was a bit fiddly but overall great product will definitively be getting AMGRIP upgrade again on the next deck i purchase.

Phenomenal Grip
Written by Kenneth Wummel on 26th Jul 2017

The amgrip was something to get used to but added so much more catch control. Not sure if I'll by another revive deck but I will definitly be ordering amgrip repeatedly!

overall review
Written by Emi Mora on 10th Apr 2017

Fast shipping, solid grip tape , Happy camper

Great grip
Written by MaelstromWrath on 23rd Feb 2017

Got this as an upgrade with my deck. Really sticky application, and holds my feet on the board nicely. The cutout part was a little tricky, but I got it in the end, and it was well worth it.

great hrip tape
Written by Pugs333 on 21st Nov 2016

Awesome grip tape. Very sticky and great grip.

Great grip and great quality.
Written by Caleb Mayfield on 14th Nov 2016

I've been looking for a new type of grip tape to use. I was tired of jessup and black magic and Am grip is exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be sticking with am grip from now on.

Works like it should
Written by undefined on 21st Sep 2016

It's griptape, plain and simple. It's really grippy but hasn't done too bad of a number on my shoes yet. Sticks really well and even leaves you with a little revive logo of tape to stick on stuff. I put it on my hat. Some instructions on how to remove the cut-out graphic without ripping it would be super helpful though.

am grip is great grip
Written by Ben O Syrjala on 28th Jun 2016

It's really first time out its not mob but it's just as amazing. Normally I only skate mob but I'm down to skate am grip if I ever buy it. It's super soft but wicked grippy. I wish it had the perforated holes but it's fine without it. It just cuts great skates great and is all around great griptape!!!

Written by Darnae Bows on 23rd Feb 2016

Everything was perfect. Fast shipping. Easy ordering

Written by David on 20th Feb 2016

One of the best griptape brands out with a revive punch out it is awesome and highly recommend