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Hardware! Here is 8 1" Phillips head bolts to keep those trucks attached to your skateboard. There are two red bolts so you can quickly look down and tell which end is your nose and which is your tail. It also has a neat name that will honestly be a weird talking point in a random conversation, but we say hey, go for it. Someone might be into hearing about Life Bolts.

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Awesome Hardware
Written by Lizzy Redepenning on 23rd Mar 2021

Quality hardware that works and looks great.

Revive Life
Written by Fredrick Roeder Jr on 1st Dec 2020

The bolts really compliment the board and everything else my son wanted in building his own board and the Shred Quarters really knows how to make things happen.

Life bolts
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 9th Nov 2020

Great hardware that always does the job and I like the two red screwheads to let you know where the front of the deck is at a glance.

Life Bolt Review
Written by Josh Darnll on 4th Nov 2020

Bolts seem good quality. I like that two bolts are of different color. 1 bolt did strip on me though during first installation.

Purchase for skateboard
Written by Evdokia Kery Can on 14th Sep 2020

This was perfect, exactly what my son needed to create his own skateboard

Good hardware
Written by James Perry on 27th Aug 2020

All hardware is not created equal. This is good hardware.

Written by David on 6th Aug 2020

So basically I forgot all about these, and just got the board, wheels, trucks, deck, and of course the grip tape. they sent these with a sticky note that said "Thought you might need this" Yes, yes I did need them. Thank you.

Life bolts
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 30th Jul 2020

I've used these on many decks and they always get the job done and look good doing it. Great hardware.

Life bolts
Written by Brendan Feckovic on 28th Jul 2020

Easy to install and the color difference for easily telling the nose from the tail of the board is great. Only thing they should change/do is add tons of different colors so it can match your deck.

10 out of 10!
Written by Krysten Flores on 24th Jul 2020

These are for my first skateboard and they are so awesome. I love how it comes with the red bots to mark the nose. LOVE IT

Life bolts
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 23rd Jul 2020

I have used these on all my decks and they are a great and sturdy product. Love the 2 red bolts so you can easily see the nose of your board.

Great way to tell what side is the nose
Written by Devin Corson on 18th Jul 2020

These are awesome for one they look cool and for two they help you tell which side is the nose. I would 100% recommend these.

Great set of hardware!
Written by Ryan N on 22nd Jun 2020

Excellent product...hard to go wrong with hardware. But fun little item to add red colored heads to the nose!

Written by Kevin W on 22nd Jun 2020

Perfect hardware, right size and love the color!

I like the hardware
Written by Jonathan on 11th Jun 2020

Love your products

Written by Nathalie Emery on 12th May 2020

good bolts

Life Bolts Review
Written by Josh Hiroti on 1st Dec 2019

Does the job.

Written by Noble Duncanson on 19th Oct 2019

Work as promised!

Written by Matthew David on 2nd Sep 2019

They work perfectly

Written by Callum pallett on 8th Jun 2019

Life bolts are great but it’s a shame how they only come in one size Not sure what to write in ‘Subject’ so I wrote hi

Life bolts
Written by Enrique Guerra on 15th Apr 2019

Its hardware and it work plus 2 of them are red so you can tell what side is your nose.

Haven't got them yet, but I can tell the quality is good.
Written by Kalani on 22nd Jan 2019

Seems like they'll last a while! hopefully they're as expected.

Life bolts
Written by Vonbullfrog on 11th Aug 2018

These bolts are awesomeness, they are strong and they don't strip, the colors don't even come off the heads. If you need em buy em.

Bolts are bolts but these are better.
Written by Austin maurer on 9th Jun 2018

I really like having the colored bolts to put at the nose, its just really convenient. But they’re bolts.. and bolts are bolts.. i buy these because i love revive. If you need hardware, buy these! If you keep forgetting where your nose is, life bolts!! If you lost your skateboard, well thats sad... buy a new revive deck and some LIFE BOLTS!!! Because they are really cool

Life Bolts
Written by Dylan on 2nd Apr 2018

They are bolts.

Written by Mike Smith on 22nd Feb 2018

Love the red bolts so you can tell the nose from the tail just at a quick glance.

Nuts n Bolts
Written by BobDz on 26th Jan 2018

Hardware seems solid, torqued these down, screw heads didn't strip.

These Hardware are very good and the two red bolts for the front of your board is really handy
Written by Joe Helton on 16th Jan 2018

they are amazing

The best
Written by Christian Martinez on 3rd Jan 2018

Their great because you got two red screws that show you where the right side of the skateboard is.

I couldn't think of a catchy title...
Written by Christopher on 14th Dec 2017

These are functionally perfect. I could not be happier with this product.

Written by Frank Kolondra on 6th Nov 2017

Not much to say about deez nutz. Other than they do their job!

Written by Michael McKenna on 7th Sep 2017

These life bolts is really good hardware a must buy in my opinion and it's Philips not Allan type which i like and i also like the two red bolts as you can tell straightaway which end of your board is which.

Great Product, but a small error
Written by Chris McCrackan on 27th Mar 2017

Love the bolts! Red color is vibrant and looks really great on black grip tape. However, one bolt had no threads! I'm sure it is a one time error, but it is something worth mentioning

Life bolts
Written by Jenny Carpio on 6th Mar 2017

Love the 2 red bolts to differentiate the nose from the tail. It's holding up well so far

Hold on
Written by MaelstromWrath on 23rd Feb 2017

Bought these, and then couldn't decide what I wanted to do with them. In the end I decided to use them to attach some trucks onto a skateboard deck. It seemed like a crazy idea at first, but it actually worked! Then I went and ate a taco.

These guys are amazing!!!
Written by on 7th Feb 2017

I emailed asking about a bunch of product, needed to build a board for my 6-7 yr old boy and they were amazing! Barbera and I are best friends now it feels as I emailed her 411git feels like) asking a million and 1 questions and she had answers for all of them and if she didn't then she found out and emailed me back!! I asked for a couple personal add-one and everyone was awesome and I got what I needed! I can't wait to present the board to my 7yr old boy next Thursday the 16th!!!! Thank you Thank you and Thank you some more!!!! AMAZING!!!! E

11 year old Christmas present
Written by Rocio Herrera on 16th Jan 2017

First time ever buying a scateboard like this, but everything was great. I did forget to buy the bolts and the bearings but shipping was quick. Thanks for that. Cuz my son couldn't wait to ride his board.

Great hardware
Written by Pugs333 on 8th Jan 2017

Hardware is pretty standard so why not support and great brand

Color Coded
Written by Antony Mauro on 7th Dec 2016

These have helped me identify my nose in a split second where before I couldn't make heads or tails of my board before. I know there are differences, but these make it so much easier to just look down and go

they where amazing
Written by Thomas on 29th Nov 2016

These where the best stickers I have ever had. They come with 2 stickers for each stick you order.

Written by Edwin Arellano on 22nd Nov 2016

The bolts are great. Especially for the price.

Written by Seth Graham-Reid on 19th Nov 2016

These are the best bolts I've had. Thank you ReVive Team!

great bolts
Written by Kevin on 24th Oct 2016

Great bolts for a fair price, wish they were available in Allen.

Work Great for what they're made for
Written by Parker on 8th Oct 2016

I picked up these because I liked being able to identify which part of my skateboard is the nose while riding , and I have to say the red looks sick. The length of the screws fit my revive deck and thunder trucks perfectly. They havent stripped after a month of use either.

they work
Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2016

They definitely help with seeing which side of the board is the front

extremely useful
Written by Keagan on 27th Sep 2016

Extremely useful, worth it

Great So Far
Written by Espi on 19th Sep 2016

I've never been picky about my hardware, but the red bolts are really nice. Great for looking down and my board and easily see which way my board is facing

Red Tip
Written by Krisandrick on 7th Sep 2016

The red top bolts are very helpful

They hold my trucks on so far
Written by Cole on 6th Sep 2016

Hey there guys i ordered the with my new deck and so far no stretching or braking. P.s. im a 260lb dude i was kind of iffy on if i should even build a deck again lol but they are holding up great

Great but not fool proof
Written by undefined on 5th Sep 2016

I put them on and stripped a couple of them (my fault, I used a drill instead of focusing on the bolt).

keeping it 100
Written by Gio on 5th Sep 2016

amazing bolts does what they are meant to do and top class if your looking for bolts these are where you should look the red bolts look amazing to the set of other black ones. these bolts are 10/10 good product

Written by undefined on 22nd Aug 2016

Love that they have the red bolts to tell you which is your nose and your tail

right direction
Written by JohnnyCashTNG on 18th Aug 2016

Helps keeps me on the right direction and gives me a point of reference for foot positioning.

Written by undefined on 16th Aug 2016

They work just like they are suppose to and they are nice for finding the front of the board.

life bolts
Written by Carlos on 1st Aug 2016

The life bolts are amazing easy to put on and also know the difference between the nose and tail because of the red bolts

Good Quality Cant Go Wrong With Revive
Written by Alexander Ashley on 25th Jul 2016

Revive makes good quality hardware and their wheels ride smooth. You can never go wrong with revive

super super raaaaaaad
Written by Sebastian Kopperud on 20th Jul 2016

Like Aaron kyro says: it's just super super raaaaaaad! I love it! Keep up the good work

It's just hardware... Or is it?
Written by Jake on 13th Jul 2016

Revive Life Bolts are just like the hardware you've seen on boards your whole skateboarding career. HOWEVER, they are made by guys that you know love skateboarding and you get to support them. The hardware is well made and the red really helps you with distinguishing the nose from the tail.

Makes spotting easy!
Written by Andrew on 13th Jul 2016

The 2 red bolts make distinguishing your nose from tail while trying to spot your landing 10 times easier

Written by Chano on 9th Jul 2016

They are awesome. They look amazing on my board and looking down when I'm skating they just look amazing. They even match my vans lol.

very good had no problems
Written by Joey on 4th Jul 2016

The 2 red bolts help a lot

Written by Brian Eubanks on 4th Jul 2016

Awesome colors, very easy to put on, very easy to know where the nose is.

love the red bolts
Written by Eliot Frantz-Holmes on 27th Jun 2016

the two red bolts are helpful

Practical as heck
Written by Michael on 20th Jun 2016

Really easy to differ your nose from your tail!

best bolts
Written by Nick on 14th Jun 2016

they call it life bolts cuz they make life a whole lot easier

love the 2 red bolts
Written by kasper on 13th Jun 2016

with the red bolts its super easy to see your nose and they look stylis as wel

Wow! Good Bolts
Written by Cody on 10th Jun 2016

My first complete skateboard and also my first bolts! I love the red bolts, they really help me identify the the nose from the tail fast and that's a plus since I'm new to skateboarding! 10/10 would bolt again!

Best Bolts!
Written by Edward on 10th Jun 2016

Best bolts for the price.

Written by undefined on 29th May 2016

If you prefer red over white get these.

life bolts SAVED mine!
Written by Ben on 8th May 2016

These things are sick! I haven't had colored bolts on any of my skateboards before so this really helped a lot! It super handy to differentiate which side is the front and which is the back! ( I know this company doesn't normally do blue but blue lifeboats would be saweet!!!!)

Super sweet!
Written by Jared Steingold on 20th Apr 2016

The red screw tips help out a ton.

Written by Jonathan Belunek on 31st Mar 2016

The bolts fit really nice with ReVive decks and work better than any other bolts out there really worth the money

Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2016

Looks cool with the red bolts and useful too

Finish is great
Written by undefined on 21st Mar 2016

This hardware looks great.

Bolts with a purpose...
Written by Average Joe on 7th Mar 2016

Okay, Life bolts are nothing special... Go to home depot or True Value and you can find the same crap. However... It is the curtousy of ReVive to have the manufactorer paint 2 of those bolts which makes them worth reviewing. Two painted bolts for the purpose of using them as a marker to tell you what side of the board is your nose/tail at all times. Its simply genius!

well made.
Written by Cash on 2nd Mar 2016

The LifeBolts are very reliable and are must if you buy a revive deck, the red headed bolts to indicate the nose look good and add the extra flavor in color.

Written by Noah on 24th Feb 2016

this is really good hardwear i really love that it comes with 2 red bolts so you can tell witch is the nose and witch is the tail

does its job
Written by Ivy on 23rd Feb 2016

Really better than my old ones, was in need in some new bolts and these really hold down. Would reccommend ^-^ + the 2 red bolts give a nice touch to the nose

Written by undefined on 28th Jan 2016

#swaggie they are so awesome. my diamond hardware broke in 2 weeks. ARE YOU SERIOUS! and the diamond hardware doesn't have the cool red bolts. my hardware is still lasting for over 4 months. GO LIFE BOLTS!

Legit bolts
Written by Christopher mendez on 13th Jan 2016

the product I ordered the revive bolts are really cool now I can tell me nose from tail the color red pops up so it's cool

Good and Inexpensive!
Written by Colton on 5th Jan 2016

This hardware works well and 2 of them have red heads. I put these on my nose so I know I'm skating the right way. They work well and they look cool! :D

Written by Cameron on 4th Jan 2016

These revive life bolts are very useful because of the red bolts that can either mark the nose or tail of your board. And the red doesn't just scrape off.

Favorite hardware i've bought!
Written by Landon Pelley on 3rd Jan 2016

This hardware looks great on my Broken revive deck! Totally sick.

Written by Matty on 3rd Jan 2016

Great hardware which makes it even easier to distinguish the nose even for someone whose skated for years! Plus the red and black look amazing together!

Written by Thom on 9th Dec 2015

Looks great! Nice the paint isn't all in the threads~ Live skate die!

Written by mike on 8th Dec 2015

Exactly what I expected.

Great product
Written by undefined on 5th Dec 2015

These bolts are awesome I just wish it came with 4 nuts. Have fun with my extra nut :)

great product
Written by jackson jarvis on 19th Nov 2015

they work great, but the red bolts striped easily.

Nice Hardware
Written by Michael on 24th Oct 2015

The red bolts are really cool looking and tell you where your nose is. I use riser pads and these fit pretty well.

awesome hardware
Written by Zach on 13th Oct 2015

I thought the red would just gunk up and not be possible to see. These guys know exactly what they are doing.

Written by Perry on 12th Oct 2015

The life bolts a really strong and they have a good length. The two red bolts help a lot with seeing which end of your deck is which. Great product, I would buy them again.

awesome name
Written by Garrett on 7th Oct 2015

This hardware is great. They feel super solid, and the red bolts let me easily tell where my nose is with just a glance.

Love the red bolts
Written by undefined on 4th Oct 2015

I purchased these last night at Ollie's and I love how the red bolts tell me where my nose and tail are. Before sometimes I would accidentally ride my board backwards but not anymore!

Self Explanitory
Written by Connor Clark on 26th Sep 2015

They do what they're made to do, no problems with them

They do what they do.
Written by Alex B on 15th Sep 2015

They do what they're meant to do but better. Having the red bolts in the front is nice so I can rearrange the board with a glance if needed .

Great hardware!
Written by Kayla! on 16th Jul 2015

Where they were a little more pricey than general hardware, they were so stylish and I love supporting Revive! I was a little nervous as to the way they stuck up so far on the grip, but I just screwed them down more and no issues. Loved the red bolts!

Great Product, Great Company
Written by undefined on 1st Jun 2015

I found out about this company through YouTube. Andy Shrock seems like a great guy, and his team defines the fun and freedom that IS skateboarding. I had to get something to support this company and I thought I needed new hardware anyway. I like that some of the hardware is colored so that you can tell where the nose is, and "Life Bolts" is a great name for them. I will definitely be supporting this company again in the near future.

Good Hardware
Written by Noah Harris on 27th May 2015

These hardware are amazing! They also come with a cool sticker!

Good product
Written by undefined on 26th May 2015

Good product, fast service.

totally digging them.
Written by undefined on 25th May 2015

It's hardware, if it works it works, but I love the color and supporting the company.

wish there were allen key hardware
Written by undefined on 23rd Apr 2015

There is only 1 problem with phillips head hardware they strip easyer than allen key hardware