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After years of talk, we finally put together our first full length skate video!

The Digital Download is 37 minutes long. upon purchase you will be emailed a link for a download(that is unique to you) and includes parts from the whole team, plus credits and screw around section!

We had a blast making this and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did filming for it.

The download link will be emailed to you shortly after your order is completed. Due to heavy traffic it may take up to an hour but is typically within 10 minutes.


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Great company!
Written by Justin Hackert on 6th Jul 2020

I have been following the revive team since around 2013 and i believe in their business and love the creativity they bring to the table. This skate video made me laugh , made me smile and made me cringe at narley bails. Should give it a watch its very entertaining and amazing skateboarding.

Live.skate.die. - Digital download
Written by Jane on 31st Dec 2019

Awesome and super fun full lengt skate video. Would be better with bonuses which are included on DVD, but still good.

Written by Bryan Burnett on 5th Dec 2018

Amazing video! Lots of fun, friends, and skating.

Great Product
Written by Chris on 27th Mar 2017

Awesome video, highly entertaining with a good variety of skaters and content!

this is my favorite skate video ever. The sync of the music to when tricks land or pop is perfect and it is crazy how good it is.
Written by Drayden Raber on 5th Mar 2017

I love you guys.

good display of talent
Written by Richard Lambert on 6th Feb 2017

I've watched many skateboard vids over the years and loved the comical aspect along with the great lines and mix of tricks.

Awesome skate video!
Written by David Walstad on 27th Jan 2017

This was the first skate video I ever actually paid money for and I DO NOT REGRET IT!! Awesome video, some hilarious non-skating antics, and amazing skaters!!

worth getting a copy
Written by Aaron Early on 25th Jan 2017

I have to say this is a great video, reminds me of when my buddies and i used to mess around in high school( only these guys have a lot more talent then we did), definitely worth grabbing. its obvious that the Revive/force guys are a really tight group of friends, looking forward to the next video they put out .

Awesome skate vid
Written by Pugs333 on 8th Jan 2017

Sweet little skate video. I got it free with black friday deals. Looking forward to their new skatw video coming out this year. Check out my Revive unboxings on Youtube Pugs333

Great! FUN, and Exciting
Written by Aaron Tuell on 4th Jan 2017

its all those things and more, for people that have watched youtube videos of the guys in this skate part. Normally you get a bunch of basic tricks and skating on, sometimes some great stuff... but this gives you a next level look at the talent and of some great skaters. Just when you think it is over and the credits roll, there is still more to see! BUY it if you are as other reviews say, a fan of Revive!

Amazing and fun skating, must have for fans of Revive!
Written by Chris Anglin on 26th Dec 2016

This is the first skate video I've gotten and I absolutely love it. You'll recognize all the familiar faces from the Shredquarters and some then some that I don't see in their current videos. The skill displayed is amazing and I can't decide who's part I like the most. It definitely makes sense when these guys go all day just to get one trick for a video part. Definitely get this if you're unsure, you won't regret it!

I really hope they can take over the world
Written by Sean on 7th Dec 2016

Awesome skating that just leaves you wanting more. Take all the clips theses guys put on youtube and insta and just turn the talent and production up to 11. It makes me wish there were spots half as good near me. 45 minutes of pure fun, but I could honestly watch 45 hours. I can't wait to watch Live. Skate. Die and Take Over the World back to back to see all the growth and evolution over these last few years.

Get this video!!
Written by Tyler R. on 6th Dec 2016

If I recall it was between 30 to 45 min long. Great quality, great skaters- definitely keeps you entertained the whole time!! A++

sick video
Written by Kaleb on 28th Nov 2016

Great skating with cool people canto wait to watch the next full length part and love watching Andy's videos everyday

Written by Ryan Marvell on 7th Nov 2016

Love your guys products, and andys videos. Can't wait for the next DVD you guys put out next year!

It's niiiiiice
Written by Greg Fl on 11th Oct 2016

I skated from ages 10-18 and took 12 years off. After finding Braille and Andy's channel, it motivates me to get back on a board. Amazing skaters with amazing parts! 10/10 would buy again...but I won't because I already bought it.

Awesome, Creative and a Fresh Spin
Written by Caroline Jablonski on 10th Oct 2016

Live.Skate.Die was a really great, creative, and refreshing skate video. The comedy was entertaining, as was the skating featured. I am looking forward to the next installment!

Amazing and Creative!
Written by Stephen Bradford on 22nd Sep 2016

The Live.Skate.Die video was so much more unique than any other video that I have watched in the world of skateboarding. Revive is such an innovative brand and are doing things that no other company successfully can do which is just being themselves. It really shines through especially with this video part. You guys are changing how skating can be done. You've made it a very inclusive activity and thats why Revive is my all time favorite brand. I had no doubts in my mind that this video was not going to be any less than other than, creative, fun, and humorous. Keep doing what you're doing guys.

Great fun but too short
Written by Jason on 21st Sep 2016

A good mix of skating and goofy antics. Love that it shows each skaters personality and the music is pretty good too.

This high quality, only 10$.
Written by JT on 19th Sep 2016


Great Edit!!
Written by Royce on 15th Sep 2016

Despite my more comical reviews of other products here, I will seriously say I really enjoyed this video! As a professional video editor I look for a good blend of variety and continuity, and finding such rhythm while keeping the pace can be tough in a video over 30 minutes. What I enjoyed most was getting the flavor of comedy and character from the crew, something we're all familiar with from the team's respective YouTube channels, in addition to the expected shredding from the great pros. Can't wait to see what they do with Take Over the World this year! Great job guys!!

one of the best videos in my opioion
Written by dan kearns on 17th Aug 2016

Live skate die is one of my favorite videos ever I loved every second of it

live skate die review
Written by Rjay on 7th Jun 2016

This is one of if not my favorite skate videos and the oly problem i had was that its not long enough

So Good!
Written by Ted Starkey-Lethbridge on 1st Oct 2015

I didn't know what to expect from this film but I'm so glad I purchased it because it's really good. I just want to say THANKS and I'll definitely be purchasing revive take over the world next year because I'm sure it'll be as good as this, if not better!

Written by undefined on 25th Sep 2015

This is revive XD

If you like WWR on youtube, you'll love this!
Written by Priscilla on 29th Jul 2015

Great stuff.. The usual Revive greatness. Just hope they put together another one soon. Come On Andy!

Really enjoyed this movie
Written by undefined on 31st May 2015

Really good movie really looking forward to the next one

Written by Morgan Mulholland on 26th May 2015

I put of buying this for a while but now Ive got it I'm more than pleased it was sick!! Looking forward to the new film with John Geiger in it :) also hoping for a bigger part for black ninja :p

Great Movie
Written by Jordon on 1st May 2015

This is movie is Funny and has a lot of skateboarders doing awesome tricks. I loved it's!!!

Written by jack on 22nd Apr 2015

Most inspiring skate video I have ever seen

Written by undefined on 10th Apr 2015

Best video I ever watched

Written by Walter on 16th Mar 2015

I love it!

Written by Fabian B on 24th Feb 2015

It was the best skate video I have ever seen.

Written by Anthony Poppa on 23rd Feb 2015

Very nice I Like!

Written by tom on 22nd Feb 2015

This video shows that this is just skaters having fun and loving skating in everyway possible. It shows that it is a local skate video. Andy, Brian and the whole Revive crew did a really good job on the video. It has shown me and my friends that skating is something you shuld do because you want to do it.

Written by Palen on 22nd Feb 2015

Are you a person that likes to get inspired? Well alrighty then, that makes it pretty simple! It is worth every dollar. I cant wait for next video!

Written by Pierce McCabe on 22nd Feb 2015

First ever skateboard movie I've watched and it was absolutely amazing!

100% a Revive video and loved it.
Written by David H on 17th Feb 2015

It was everything I expected from the Revive crew. But the thing that made this video what it was is Schrock and Kyro's parts. My god they were great. Worth the price for these two parts alone. Great stuff.

Written by michael on 5th Jan 2015

This is now my favorite skate vid! All of the revive team were sick.

Fun is Returning to Skating!
Written by Andrew Benner on 17th Dec 2014

This video capitalizes on everything that I love in skateboarding. The feeling of accomplishment from landing a trick you never have done before, the hilarious and awesome moments spent skating with your friends... People, at least where I live in Sacramento, need to watch this. Everyone tries to have the same look, is way too serious, gets mad if you aren't as talented as them and want to skate the same obstacle they are... Before my local skatepark closed about 3 years ago, we somewhat had a community of people similar to you guys. We even created a youtube channel called TeamNinjaMidget, documenting almost every new trick we would learn. Now we have all gone down separate paths, and because of you and all of your friends I still have an urge to skate, hoping that one day I will meet another positive group of skaters... Keep it up man!

Written by matthew lobb on 5th Dec 2014

Hey thanks for such an awesome skate video, one of the best I've seen ever. I've watched it about 20 times already and love it every single time, yous have all done a great job in creating this epic revive skate vid and i cant wait for more to come. If yous ever come to New Zealand i would be proud to support revive in any way i can. Do yous have revive boards for sale in NZ? or do i purchase straight from I have recently started skating again (3 weeks ago) and even though i haven't skated in 12 years, just watching all the revive/force/braille youtube vids just keeps giving me so much inspiration to keep on going and try get back what i used to have. kia kaha to you all. #LIVESKATEDIE

Pure Class
Written by Matt. S on 29th Nov 2014

Brilliant skating action and non stop fun, a must buy!

The best ypu can get.
Written by Merin Thommaipillai on 19th Nov 2014

This movie is the best thing I bought for skateboarding( apart for my skateboard). I started skating 2 years ago and I was stupid enough to get a Walmart one. I stopped skateboarding. 4 months ago, I started again. I bought a new skateboard and started practicing. I wasn't able to do an Ollie for some reason. I looked at andy's old video and I tried but couldn't do it. I bought this movie(which is my first purchase from you guys) I watched it once and it made me want to watch it again! I examined you guys skateboarding and I finally can do ollies! Thank you so much for this. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to get a deck and wheels from revive! You guys are amazing. THANK YOU!

Live Skate Die
Written by Youtube: Will Crawford on 5th Nov 2014

I bought this video because I follow Andy Schrock and many of the Revive riders on youtube, and also because I film with a t3i as well. My honest opinion of this video as someone who films and edits seriously is that, by full length video standards, it's pretty darn average. The filming, editing, and skating are not outside of the realm of what you will find in your local skate scene. If you are looking to buy this video and expect to see something like Pretty Sweet or another video by a top tier board company, you will most likely be very disappointed. However, it is pretty clear that this video was not made with that goal in mind. This video is supposed to capture the essence of the "local skate scene" and features a lot of footage of normal dudes having fun on their skateboards. The best parts by far come from Doug des Autels and Aaron Kyro, probably the two most respectable talents on the Revive team, but I feel that riders of their caliber demand better filming and editing to truly showcase their skills. The ultimatum: If you are looking for an insanely high level of skateboarding and production value, this video is probably not for you. But if you're a core skateboarder who enjoys just going out and riding every day with the homies and having fun, or if you follow this company and it's riders on youtube and have an appreciation for their unique personalities, then you will probably really enjoy this video.

sick video!!
Written by undefined on 16th Oct 2014

It was a cool all around video! Best part was Aaron's manuals at the end! Wish josh Katz had a longer part with more of his sick park skating in it.

pretty awesome video
Written by Zack on 14th Oct 2014

The video is great! Good skating and Andy an the team is so sick I love how they skate and just have a good time. The only thing I didn't like about this is I couldn't play it on my iPod. But idk if that's because mine is 4th generation, so I would recommend the DVD even tho it's 3 more dollars but its definitely worth buying!

Good movie
Written by Tim Douglas on 23rd Sep 2014

Great movie aspecially if you watch them on youtube like Josh Katz, Andy Shrock Etc.

Written by Mark on 26th Aug 2014

Awesome and fun video, definitely worth every penny!

Written by Matthew on 24th Aug 2014

I really liked the video and because i watch all of the skaters in it now as well its good to see how they have progressed

Written by Jake oelke on 16th Aug 2014

Good skating and really funny not all serious skateboarding

Written by Matt K on 8th Jul 2014

Great skate video; exactly what I had expected after watching their YouTube channels. Extremely entertaining; watched it 3 times on the day I bought it

The best
Written by Frederic on 3rd Jul 2014

Wow. I was thiking that this video was like another but this is a must buy!

great product with little to no wait time
Written by undefined on 1st Jul 2014

Was a great movie for the price that I paid. Well worth it

awesome movie
Written by undefined on 11th Jun 2014

it is a cool video fun to watch and it inspired me to learn new tricks

Written by TJ Brown on 22nd Apr 2014

I watch all of your YouTube channels and this full length was just amazing and awesome! !!!!! Keep it up guys.