Red Lifeline - 7.25 Youth Complete Skateboard


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   ***We cannot make any exchanges or substitutions for any component***


  • Width: 7.25in
  • Medium Concave
  • Length: 30 inches
  • 7ply decks made from 100% hard rock Canadian maple. 
  • These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.
  • **ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import. This is in addition to shipping costs.  Please consult your local post office to see the duty rate for your country as it varies from country to country.


Product Reviews

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son's first real board
Written by Marc Scimonelli on 10th Apr 2023

My son has been learning how to skate using a very small board and he needed a better one for his size. He insisted on getting a "shredquarters dot com revive skateboard" so here we are. He has been riding every day for a week now and is getting better and better.

My Son is in Love
Written by Amber Harmon on 10th Jan 2023

I can't say enough nice things about this company. I reached out with some questions and Kasey quickly jumped in and was so helpful. We ended up with this set up and my son loves his new board and can't wait to try all the tricks Ryden does.

Exceeded our expectations!
Written by Noah and family on 25th Dec 2022

The Shredquarters Team, from Barbara's quick response with under 10 days before Christmas went above and beyond to get our order processed quickly and also accommodated our special request! Our 5 year old son has been a following Andy and Ryden on youtube and this was a "dream come true" in his own words :) Youve inspired him to learn to skateboard and this youth board is the perfect size! packaging and quality is top notch!!! thank you so much again!!!

red lifeline 7.25
Written by Denis McAuliffe III on 11th Oct 2022

Just gave this to my grandson's 7th birthday. He can't ride it yet, but he was thrilled with it He has been going up and down the drive way and it seems like a quality board

Great Board & Company!
Written by Brandi Bloom on 29th Sep 2022

My son hasn't had a chance to see it yet since it's a Christmas gift but he will be so THRILLED to finally have a Revive skateboard and a signed skateboard at that! Thank you so much for doing that!!

Great Skateboard, great company!
Written by Rajeana Lammers on 9th Sep 2022

I ordered this skateboard and a T-shirt for my grandson’s 9th birthday. He absolutely loves Andy’s YouTube channels! I requested that they sign the board, and they did! My grandson will be over the moon happy! These are truly great guys! Can’t thank them enough!

Never seen my grandson so excited!
Written by Diego Reynoso on 8th Apr 2022

My grandson loves Turbo Toy Time and especially Warehouse Wednesdays. When he found out you can get a youth Revive boards his heart was set on getting one. So I ordered him one. I got me a starter board too so we can learn together. Let me tell you, that kid was dancing he was so excited when he opened the box his board came in. He started telling me everything about it immediately. He may be 3 but he studies Revive. I was so happy to see him like this. Ever since then we been hitting the local skate park. I even tagged Andy and Brian in a video of his first time at the park. Thank you Revive! You not only have 2 happy customers but customers for life! Highly recommend anything Revive!

Youth Skateboard
Written by Barb Reaka on 21st Jan 2022

My grandson loves this board I got him. It is way too cold outside right now for him to really try it out, but he loves that some of the guys signed it. He debated on whether or not he was actually going to use it! THANK YOU!

Buying at revive the sread quarter
Written by Jonathan on 19th Dec 2021

Love the experiance they are awsome great service like no wear else exellant quality

Red lifeline youth complete
Written by Josh Tjader on 8th Dec 2021

My son is a huge fan of Turbo toy time, and all of Andy and Ryden’s videos. He has recently gotten into skating so we purchased the red lifeline youth complete board for him for Christmas. When I submitted the order I asked if there was any possibility of getting it autographed. Andy and the team we’re so accommodating and gladly signed the board and sent a handwritten note thanking us for the purchase! We haven’t given it to my son yet but I know it will make his Christmas! Can’t say enough what a great buying experience it was. Thanks, Andy and everyone at Revive!

Youth skateboard complete
Written by ROBERT GARCIA on 24th Nov 2021

I received the skateboard and my little sister loved it. I jumped on it and really like all the concave that the board has. Over all very happy with the board. Probably will be buying one for me soon.

New board
Written by Lee on 15th Nov 2021

Great board and my son loves it.

Revive Youth Skateboard
Written by Atiqi on 25th Oct 2021

Bought this as a gift for my son’s 5th birthday and it fits him perfectly. Saw an immediate difference in his confidence while skating as compared yo his full sized deck. Skateboard was well made with good quality parts. Overall happy with the purchase!

skate board
Written by Donna Martin on 12th Oct 2021

amazing love it

Awesome board to get my son started
Written by Kevin Bair on 1st Oct 2021

Exceptional customer service, shipped very fast, and quality product. Andy is a class act!

Revive 7.25 youth Complete Deck
Written by Jeremy Peacock on 21st Sep 2021

Pro quality in a youth package! This deck has all the great features of the full size boards scaled down to kids size. High quality materials at a fair price. Attention to detail is excellent, right down to the screw heads all being oriented the same direction. I highly recommend revive boards !!!

Review of last purchase
Written by Benoit Courcelles on 17th Sep 2021

Great product. My son loves it. Delivered to Canada within a few daya including the weekend. Great job guys! Keep it up!

Awesome Board!
Written by Brandon Knudsvig on 17th May 2021

First board setup for my 7 year old. Couldn't be happier, set up very well just as stated, receipt even signed by Brian Ames with a personal Thank You! Love the YouTube channel!

Youth skateboard
Written by Claudia Ibarra on 10th May 2021

Amazing amazing!!

Best 7th birthday!
Written by Laryssa Romero on 2nd May 2021

My son was turning 7 and his first request was a skateboard. Right from the start the staff,(Barbra A.), was a huge help with my entire order from beginning to end and assisted me in picking out which board was best. They went above and beyond to make his birthday extremely special and memorable

Youth Board
Written by Philip W on 6th Apr 2021

I bought my son this board for Easter. He’s 7 and it is his first board so here are his thoughts. Design: The graphics are 5 stars out of five Feel: scary but good Shape and size: good size and shape especially the wheels. ( My words after hearing his review l. Definitely nailed it with making the wheels round lol)

Awesome youth skateboard!
Written by Kellie on 29th Mar 2021

My 6 year old son had been using a full size deck and doing pretty good with it. We ordered him this as a surprise, and he was able to do an ollie the first day! The size made a huge difference! We are so happy with this purchase! Worth every penny!

Great board
Written by Nicholas Jaindl on 21st Mar 2021

Bought this board for my 7 year old, he feels a lot more comfortable using this board then a full size board. The quality of this board is great! Just holding this you can tell it is very well made.

Written by Candace Carrado on 23rd Feb 2021

My 7 year old just opened the box and has been on this setup for 2 hours now. He loves it. Totally manageable for a kid his size. He is super excited to get it out to the skate park but in the meantime so far so good! Thank you for your speedy delivery, quality product and attention to details!

Written by Vanessa on 23rd Feb 2021

My son was so excited to receive this skateboard. It’s his first one and all the personal touches made it special for him. He is 6 and pumped to ride/loved day 1.

Youth Skateboard
Written by Don Mercier on 12th Feb 2021

Prefect Size for my little grandson, he loves it.

Great option
Written by Joshua Winton on 1st Feb 2021

Love this option for the kids, I have a 4 and a 6 year old that both ride on this board. It's quality made, all put together when it arrives, and sized right as well. Bought one for the 6 year old last summer and bought another for the 4 year old this winter.

Youth skate board
Written by Rob on 30th Jan 2021

This a exceptionally well made board and is the perfect size for my 6 year old who was having a hard time with a full size board! Revive is great great customer service compared to any company I have ever bought anything from and just great people!

Perfect deck for my son
Written by SCOTT WATTS JR on 25th Jan 2021

This is perfect for my son he just turned 5 and he been watching tubo toy time for about 3 years now and he also wants to visit the indoor skate park at the shop some time if it's possible

Youth skateboard
Written by Robert on 9th Jan 2021

It is a very nice board and fits my 6 year old son perfect!

Revive complete youth deck
Written by Misty A Dickerson on 3rd Jan 2021

My son was so thrilled to open this board. Not only does he aspire to learn, but he has watched Andy and Ryden for years on youtube. This deck is amazing quality! I am very impressed with the quality of the deck and wheels! It seems to be the perfect size for my son. I am so thankful we found you guys on youtube, and that my son's love for wanting to learn to skate was sparked by you! We will definitely be getting our future decks from you as he grows and learns! Thank you so much!

Youth board
Written by Eileen Melendez on 2nd Jan 2021

This board was the perfect size for my little dude. He was stoked he got the same ones that Ryden tested out when Andy released them on YouTube. My little dude is 8 and loves watching Turbo Toy Time and Taco Game Time. Also the dope touch of getting a small hand written thank you from Andy Schrock really had a huge impact on him. Super thoughtful!!! He kept the receipt with the note like it was an autograph.

youth skateboard
Written by Stephanie Gibson on 26th Dec 2020

We bought this as a birthday gift for our son (7) and he is beyond happy. I am new to skateboarding but I feel the quality is great. He's been jumping all around on it and it is holding up great. He is learning how to use it and I am glad that we had the option of a youth size that seems to fit him better. We enjoy the YouTube channel as well! Thank you

Written by Michael Frank Jackson on 25th Dec 2020

When my package got here the box was damaged and my board was comeing out the box. And i pay 26 dollors for it. I wasn't please with that. But other then that everything was good

Awesome board!!!!
Written by Amber on 19th Dec 2020

I bought this board for my son for Christmas and it is not going to disappoint! I can’t wait to give it to him. The quality of the board is top notch! The design is sharp and bright he is going to love it. The packing slip was even signed by Andy which my son will treasure forever. Thanks so much guys for all your hard work and thought put into your product it shows!

I love it!
Written by Christine on 18th Dec 2020

I ordered this for my two year old son and I love it! He hasnt got yet its for Christmas but i know once he gets it he wont put it down! My son loves to skateboard and loves to watch your Youtube channels! He is gonna be so happy he got the same skateboard Ryden has! He wants to skate just like him! Thanks for keeping my son interested in skating!

Superb! Skateboards
Written by John Romero on 17th Dec 2020

We ordered two youth boards during pre order for the two youth styles. They arrived in plenty of time for Christmas but more importantly they are awesome. My grand kids will love them and there so well made I suspect that they will be around for quite a while. Great job Andy and Team!

Written by Mickey Duffy on 17th Dec 2020

We got this for our four year old and it looks absolutely perfect, we already know he’s going to freak on Christmas morning!

Youth revive board
Written by Heather Howard Jarvimaki on 28th Oct 2020

Was shipped quickly. Is a gift not given yet, but, looks to be of great quality!

Youth skateboard
Written by Mike on 24th Oct 2020

So I don’t know where he picked up his enjoyment with skateboards but my 6 year old is obsessed with skateboarding. We found the youth board here and ordered it for him. It came super fast with some cool stickers for him to put on. He got it today for his birthday and loves it! The board is super nice, the grip is great and the board is really sturdy. I would totally recommend this to others!

Youth compete board
Written by Lindsey Hanson on 22nd Oct 2020

So impressed with my son's new board. He LOVES IT!!!

New deck
Written by Kara E Hermsen on 5th Oct 2020

Awesome board for my 4 yr old daughter. She is moving and grooving in style. Thank you!

Youth Complete Skateboard
Written by Jane Martin on 5th Oct 2020

My son is SO happy with this skateboard. He loves watching Turbo Toy Time, so this board made his whole year. He has already learned the "baby leaf trick". It's a great size for him and the quality is excellent. Thank you!

Written by Nicole on 7th Aug 2020

My 7 year LOVES the skateboard. He’s a fan of the you tube videos With father and son shows. He found out about this skateboard through those videos and did chores to earn money to buy. He loves it.

Awesome board!
Written by Pabby p on 28th Jul 2020

Got this board for my sons very first board. He loves it! Hes been skating every single day and showing it off to everyone. It also delivered super fast very happy with everything and definitely recommended. Thanks revive!

Youth skateboard
Written by Atticus Phillips on 23rd Jul 2020

Excellent quality smaller scale skateboard. Arrived very fast. Revive owners and staff are terrific humans.

Red Lifeline 7.25 Youth Skateboard
Written by Gary Magee on 21st Jul 2020

Comes fully assembled can skate right out of the box. My son loves it and it's much more manageable for young kids then the larger boards. Highly Recommend!

Written by Jason Stewart on 20th Jul 2020

Ready to roll out of the box! Quality deck and components!

Skateboard review
Written by Jorge Jones on 17th Jul 2020

My daughter was skateboarding on my sons, 7.75 and was to big for her. Then I bought the rivive youth complet skateboard she loves it.

One happy kid
Written by Emily on 17th Jul 2020

He hopped on the moment we got it and now I can't get him off =) Thank you for making such a cool, AWESOME, skateboard. -Cool Mom

Revive skateboard
Written by Kelly Bryant on 17th Jul 2020

My son has been watching Ryan on YouTube and when he tested this board he had to have it! So far he loves it! Just the right size for him to try and do tricks with. He turns 6 this month and it was the perfect birthday present for him! Highly recommend this product! Shipped fast and is solid!

Written by Malaya MacDonald on 16th Jul 2020

I compared this skateboard to another. I found the Revive skateboard was much better quality. After owning it for a while I realized - I loved it. So, we bought a second one for a family member. Shred on!

Youth skatebord
Written by Mallory on 16th Jul 2020

The shipping was incredibly fast, the customer service incredibly personable, and the actual board is incredible quality! Would highly recommend!

Perfect Youth Board
Written by Loni Reule on 11th Jul 2020

Absolutely awesome! Liam (6) loves his new board! It rides so smooth, fits him perfectly and bonus- it’s super cool! Thank you Revive and The Shredquarters for supporting young skaters!

Youth Skateboard Review
Written by Sarah Velazquez on 22nd Jun 2020

My son wakes up every morning asking to go out and ride! It’s a quality board and looks great too. The service is always outstanding. I’d recommend you guys to anyone!

first skateboard
Written by Joshua D. on 22nd Jun 2020

My son loves your YouTube channel and is loving skateboarding. Thank you

Very stoked to have the classic red Revive Jr. skateboard!!
Written by Dylan K on 20th Jun 2020

Thanks Ryden for introducing a great beginner’s board!!

Red Lifeline Youth Skateboard
Written by Kelly on 15th Jun 2020

My daughter picked this skateboard out for her tenth birthday. She is having the best time! This skateboard is well made and it looks really cool. The extra stickers included with the board are a nice bonus. She said it's easy to ride. We would absolutely recommend this skateboard.

Youth Red Lifeline Skateboard
Written by Garry Pearson on 15th Jun 2020

Bought for 7 year old son who loves all the videos!! Awesome quality and great looking board too!! Can’t fault the service from the guys at Shredquarters, keep it up guys!! Garry and Harry (England)

Written by Brittney Thompson on 10th Jun 2020

bought for my 4 yr old son, absolutely loves it! It is perfect size for him and he's so much happier with it because it's easier for him trying to do tricks than with a regular size board. Thank you so much was a great purchase and worth every penny!

Our Best Skateboard
Written by Jason Fenter on 7th Jun 2020

After watching Andy and Ryden on YouTube and practicing with his 19 year old brother's skateboard, I bought my 5 year old a Red Lifeline deck. This is by far the best board we have and now big brother wants a new deck and I'm being tasked to build a mini ramp! My youngest says the only thing that would be better is if Ryden signed it!

Red Lifeline 7.25 Youth Complete
Written by mjordan on 3rd Jun 2020

Perfect! Perfect for our 6yr old little man. If he could sleep with it he would. Get the helmet, get the pads - this thing rolls, as it should. Well worth the money. Don't hesitate if you're on the fence. Thank you Revive | Force

Written by Donna Kipp on 7th May 2020

Bought as a birthday gift for my 6 year old grandson who is a fan of your YouTube videos- He was thrilled! Looking forward to seeing him riding in my driveway .

Great Company
Written by Christina Windhorst on 4th May 2020

Great service,fast shipping and loved that they even wrote Happy Birthday to my son who the board was purchased for. So excited to give this to my son, Tyler for his 4th birthday in a month!

My nephew loves it!
Written by Nichelle on 20th Apr 2020

I purchased this as a gift for my 6 year old nephew since he had been begging my sister for a skateboard. He was so excited to use it and he loved the pebbles suck wheels :) I’m so glad I could get a beginner board for him to learn to skateboard on!

7.25 Youth Skateboard
Written by Jim Raymond on 20th Apr 2020

Got this for my 6 year old son, looks like a very well made board. He always watches your U-tube channels. He loves it. Thanks JIm

My 5 year old first board !!!
Written by Destinie Baker on 21st Jan 2020

Bought for my five year old son for his first board and it's amazing he absolutely loves it! He looks forward to going to the skatepark each day after school or just whenever we can!

Red lifeline complete 7.25 youth board
Written by Amed Morales on 16th Jan 2020

It’s awesome. My son love it. He is also a big fan.

Written by Greg on 13th Jan 2020

Awesome product. My kids love the skateboards. They are 7 and 5. They love all your videos. Great job Andy and everyone at revive skateboards and the shred quarters!!!!

Amazing quality!
Written by Duncan C. MacPhail on 23rd Dec 2019

This skateboard is perfect! Was bought for my grandson for Christmas so he hasn't seen it yet but I've taken a turn or two on it and it is amazingly smooth and easy to maneuver. He is going to freak when he gets it because he's such a huge fan of Turbo Toy Time as well as Andy and Ryden!

Love the board and this company
Written by Stephanie Teague on 11th Nov 2019

My 7 year old is a huge fan of Revive and everyone involved. I made a few special requests and the staff at Revive bent over backwards to accommodate and I’m SOOO grateful. My son LOVES his board and won’t ride anything other than Revive. Thanks again to everyone for being so accommodating!

Written by Patti Myres on 2nd Oct 2019

I bought this skateboard as a gift for my grandson ‘s birthday. He loves it! I could not have made him happier!

Red Lifeline Youth Board
Written by Samuel on 19th Aug 2019

I used my own money & bought this as my first skateboard, instead of using my dads skateboard! I love it!

Thank you
Written by Desiree Gotses on 26th Jul 2019

Thank you so much! It was my sons 8th birthday and when he opened it he REALLY LIKED IT! My son, Trent, loves to watch Andy Schrock videos. He loves to watch Ryden skateboard.

Red lifeline youth
Written by Chris on 15th Jul 2019

Great board,smooth ride!

Awesome board
Written by Brittany Dworman on 13th Jul 2019

I bought this for my 8yo son's birthday. He is a big fan of Andy and Ryden. He couldn't have been more excited to get it and has been practicing his tricks already. He loved the design of both the deck and wheels. Thanks!!!

Awesome skateboard
Written by Jessica on 5th Jul 2019

As a 5'1, 107lbs teen girl who still wears a kids large and fits into boys' 4.5 shoes, this was a near-perfect first skateboard for me. I was initially considering getting a 7.5in deck when I came across this particular skateboard and decided to give it a shot. Although I knew I would prefer a smaller skateboard for better portability, I was initially scared that this skateboard would be a little too small and of a cheaper quality. However, when it arrived (quite quickly, I might add), I was stunned by how vibrant and pretty the graphics were and although I'm obviously very new to skateboarding, I could still tell that this skateboard was of really good build quality. I ended up liking the small size and while I plan on changing the wheels and am still thinking of trying out a 7.5in board in the near future, I love this skateboard and skateboarding (although I sprained my ankle on the first day lmao). Thank you! I'm fairly confident that this would make a great skateboard for younger/smaller kids, as well as people who just prefer smaller boards.