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  • Medium Concave
  • Length of deck is 31 and 1/2 inches
  • Six sizes- 7.5, 7.75, 8.0, 8.125, 8.25 and 8.50
  • 7ply decks made from 100% hard rock Canadian maple. 
  • These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.
  • Free sheet of Jessup grip or you can upgrade to Amgrip starting at $7.49 USD 
  • **ATTENTION** Please be aware that if you live in the EU you may be charged a VAT tax upon import WHICH IS ON TOP OF SHIPPING PAID.
  • Please check your our local post office to see the duty rate for your country, as it varies from country to country.  

Product Reviews

Score: 5 out of 5 (based on 146 ratings)
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Great Feel!
Written by Josh on 9th Jun 2020

I'm recently getting back into skateboarding after years long hiatus and this is my first deck since getting back into skating. I love the feel of the concave shape. The shape is confidence inspiring and feels like it was built for tech tricks. This deck is lightweight and very durable so far. This is definitely made with quality wood. I like the graphic (it's nice without being too over the top).

classic red lifeline
Written by robby pietrofere on 8th Jun 2020

11/10 only buying revive decks from now on

Written by Justin Dhillion on 7th Jun 2020

This board has everything you need in a deck and got to my house quicker than I could’ve imagined especially considering the pandemic. The tracking and customer service spot on. Definitely a lifetime customer.

1st Revive
Written by Sk8_Dat on 5th Jun 2020

1st deck from Revive and love it. I checked them out as I am a huge Giger fan and wanted to get his board but didnt have an 8 for the one I wanted so I went with another and is perfect for me. Great pop and able to get my flip trick pretty easy as I am getting back into the sk8 scene after 20 years. Thanx Revive!!

Red lifeline
Written by Carson on 4th Jun 2020

It's great. The pop feels better then my old deck but the graphic scratches away easily around the tail which I don't like

Written by Missy on 14th May 2020

Nothing beats this classic skateboard deck! Love the shape and the simplicity of the design.

Red lifeline
Written by Evan neisius on 14th May 2020

The board pops like a rabbit

Written by Evan on 10th May 2020

This is amazing. It's my second revive board. Keep up the good work andrew shrock.

Product review
Written by Casey Jones on 1st May 2020

I used to skate for ghetto skateboards in Zephyrhills Florida and I think you guys I have the same high-quality as their decks. You guys probably hear this all the time but you have good wood

Written by GAMER SKATER on 22nd Apr 2020

This board, after a few days of break in feels really good. The pop is great and I love the graphic. It is also a lot brighter in person than this photo. It is super simple and really cool. Great Buy!

Product review
Written by Daniel on 9th Apr 2020

When I stepped on my board, I had the confidence to just jump off a building. The deck had the perfect amount of concave. The pop is insane, and long lasting. I might add that it is incredibly difficult to stomp a revive deck, even after a month of skating. As always I am beyond satisfied with how the deck rode and lasted. I highly recommend to everyone who loves skating.

Revive Skateboard
Written by Michael Martian on 27th Dec 2019

The Perfect skateboard "REVIVE". Simply Beautiful! Shred on!

Great board but…
Written by Jesse-Eric Salazar on 19th Dec 2019

when I got the board the graphic had a scratch on it but it does not bother me due to being a great board all around.

Red life line
Written by Cam Noyes on 2nd Dec 2019

Skitzo board mate! Looks sick super vibrant, feels nice to ride. Plus it's the only board Ive ever gotten that passed the kickflip test FIRST TRY! lol

Red Lifeline
Written by Ezra on 28th Nov 2019

This deck is amazing! It has held up for so long and is amazing to skate. I recommend this deck to everyone and anyone!

Revive skateboard review
Written by Mike Honcho on 24th Sep 2019

Skateboarding is life and I was gonna give up until I found this board it totally changed everything it made me want to skate and go outside. A couple months ago I was snapping boards in frustration but now I’m gonna be in the ripon skatepark contest.

Red Lifeline Deck
Written by Gary Russell on 16th Sep 2019

Grandson is ecstatic, thanks

Best board I've bought
Written by Derek on 9th Sep 2019

Recently I've saved money during the summer doing anything to buy myself a new skateboard to use, as for the old one was all chipped up razor tailed and felt small for me (it was 7.75). At first the deck was hard to buy, first, what brand? Second what size was good for me? And well as maybe as everyone knows here on YouTube, usually anything you search skateboards, Braille will most likely be there so.... yea. At the time I haven't head much of the company Revive nor any of the team but Braille Andy. In the end, I really liked the graphics and board are like 10 to 15 dollars cheaper, so I risked it I bought a board. Classic Red Lifeline (8.125) , am grip, with the all great life bolts, mystery sticker packs and to finish it a poster. Yes, it was my first time buying here but everything is just so.. amazing, I had to buy and I had much more than than what I needed so yea some accessories won't hurt. All that was $78 plus the trucks because I needed some too. I bought some Independent hollows Andrew Reynolds pro model which was $49.90. In total everything was $127.90 and I don't regret it. Just one thing, why do some people just dislike revive, I just kind of don't understand but everyone has opinions and I'll leave it there. Lastly, from this being my first board from Revive, I'll definitely buy another once I need another for it being the best board I've used, are cheaper than others and graphics are pretty awesome. Thank you!

Amazing deck
Written by Colby on 31st Aug 2019

Really enjoying my Revive deck. Came with quick delivery and very kind customer service!

Written by Andrew on 29th Aug 2019

This is such a great board. Best board I could have bought

Written by Will on 22nd Aug 2019

I watch you on YouTube and think you’re really cool. I ordered this skateboard deck and it is cool. I love it!

Written by Korena Tangimetua on 21st Aug 2019

Great deck, son is over the moon with it! Fast postage also. Thank you!

New deck
Written by Stewart bongiorno on 19th Aug 2019

I recently bought this deck and I'm in love Higher pop, better flip, more style Everything about this board is the best Will only get this board Go skate or die. R E V I V E

Amazing Deck!
Written by Luke on 13th Aug 2019

I just got my 8.5" deck in last week, and I can say this is possibly the best board for the money! It feels great, has amazing pop, and is nice and thick. Should last me a while.

Revive board
Written by Gary Shaw on 12th Aug 2019

Love this board I recommend this board to everyone...5 out of 5

Written by Christina L Ramey on 7th Aug 2019

I bought this for my daughters 11th birthday. She LOVED it. The design is excellent and putting it together was easy.

Written by Erin on 22nd May 2019

My son absolutely loves this board. Very nice and very good quality!

Loving it!
Written by Paul Tyagi Jr on 4th Mar 2019

I've skated on and off most my life (only 22) but just cruising. Just now learning how to do ollies and this board feels amazing! Looking forward to learning more.

Written by Jesse Ankney on 8th Jan 2019

This is the 4th Revive board I've bought and they are undoubtedly the most solid decks I've skated. I tried out a Girl board and snapped it within a week. After that, I actually skated my worn out Revive boards again and they were still sturdier than that Girl board ever was. 10/5

Very satisfied
Written by Wyatt Esh on 13th Sep 2018

This board is great its very durable and light love it.

Written by Jacob Yocom on 11th Sep 2018

If it is anything like the tie dye 18 board, I'm stoked. I haven't gotten it yet so I can't say much. But the stafd is super friendly and the little notes are amazing.

Great Board
Written by Alexandros Drousiotis on 1st Aug 2018

A lot of my friends told me I shouldn't buy it cause they think Revive is not a good company but the deck is really good. It has an awsome graphic and great pop!

These are great quality skateboards
Written by Austin maurer on 9th Jun 2018

This board is awesome. I have seen alot of negative feedback on revive, and i think they are just jealous. The biggest negative comment on the board ive seen is that the concave is very mellow. Well, yes, i have boards that have a steeper concave, BUT!!! I still prefer revive. It is a super comfortable board, and as far as i can tell, there is no difference in the ability to do tricks. I can actually get a higher ollie on my 7.75 revive deck than i can on my 7.5 santa cruz deck, and santa cruz boards have a pretty steep concave. Its all about personal prefference and what works best for you. Revive works for me and i would 100% recommend it to anyone. Whatever the concave, this is a great board, and for $39 it is sure better than any other board out there. Even if this board was $60 id still choose it over any other brand. They put alot of effort and quality into the boards they make, and it shows

Written by Billy Morris on 29th May 2018

This was bought for my grandson. He put it together without any problems.

Red Lifeline Review
Written by Colter Nubson on 23rd Mar 2018

Board has loads of pop and feels super rigid compared to other boards that I have had. It also seems slightly more concave than my other boards which I think may be adding to its rigidness Either way really, really great board to skate on.

ReVive Lifeline deck
Written by Mike Smith on 22nd Feb 2018

Knew I had to have this deck the first time I saw it. Looks even better in person than it does online! Will order another to hang on my wall.

Written by M. A. on 17th Feb 2018

The board was amazing and came in perfect condition unlike any Walmart board I look forward to skating this and thank you to everyone on the ReVive team, looking forward to the next Warehouse Wednesday. P.S thanks for the extra hardware really appreciate it.

Revive skateboard
Written by Israel Torres on 16th Feb 2018

I wanted to have this skateboard long time ago and now it's mine, I love it. Keep doing good skateboards guys and videos cause you have too many fans everywhere. Cheers!!

I love it!
Written by Felix Palmer on 16th Feb 2018

This deck is one of my favorites next to a few other decks from Revive. Get the OG red lifeline shirt for a epic combo that is Revive! Been skating Revive decks since the fall of 2016 and they have been great. Also have yourself that snack you been thinking about, maybe tacos.

Red lifelins
Written by Jake schultz on 14th Feb 2018

Nice graphic good quality deck and thats coming from a guy who is 280 lbs my last board didnt crack neither has this one

Roll tide
Written by Andrew parker on 7th Feb 2018

Roll tide

Board Shape
Written by Michael kaufman on 5th Feb 2018

I don't know if I feel this way because my love for what revive is doing or because I genuinly feel that way but I feel this board has the perfect amount of concave and is strong as hell. Better than a lot of boards you might find in Zumiez and at a relatively lower price.

Awesome Revive product!
Written by Edwin on 5th Feb 2018

Im very satisfied with my revive purchase . My deck came earlier than expected..when it arrived i was surprised that it came signed by a Revive member ..its awesome i love my board came in a excellent sure to purchase more products from Revive ..5 star service!

Great board
Written by Kenneth Boone on 2nd Feb 2018

It came in 2 days and they threw in stickers with it and its nice and durable it has a great pop and the size was perfect

Quality and feel
Written by Stephen f on 31st Jan 2018

No complaints, a great board overall

Exceeds Expectations
Written by Chris on 13th Jan 2018

This is the second Revive deck I’ve bought (first was the tie dye Lifeline deck) and it’s perfect. The shape of the board is like Goldie Locks pourage...just right with a mellow concave. Just like my other Revive deck it has tons of snap and pop with no crackle right out of the wrapper. If you’re on the fence about skating a Revive deck it’s time to get off and pull the trigger. You won’t skate another board again. These guys do everything for the love of skateboarding and put out a super sick product.

Written by Noah on 14th Nov 2017

It's awesome, this is my first deck and it works great!

red lifeline deck
Written by alexander bozhenov on 31st Oct 2017

bought lasted the whole summer

Just Awesome!!!
Written by Jesse on 19th Jun 2017

The deck looks awesome!! Took it to my local skate shop to get trucks and wheels and all I needed. Thunder trucks. Spitfire wheels. Bones reds. All good. Skated around the beach this weekend and loved it. Yup, take some time to get comfortable again but I love it. As soon as I see John Hills deck at 8.25 I'll probably get another one....been watching his channel for a while and motivated me to get a skateboard. Love Revive!!

Written by BRENDA on 2nd Feb 2017


Highly recommended
Written by Tim on 6th Dec 2016

Couldn't ask for a better board it definitely exceeded my expectations

Written by Bryan on 21st Nov 2016

It has really good pop and it feels amazing when you land

Written by undefined on 28th Oct 2016

It's a solid deck, great design with pretty quick shipping.

Revive Decks
Written by Logan Slajchert on 17th Sep 2016

I rate the revive decks because they are really good and they look cool

good board takes long time to get here
Written by undefined on 20th Aug 2016

The order took awhile cause they have added protection from identity theft but the product is great an the service really was too.

Best of the best
Written by Kelton on 17th Aug 2016

Great deck deck and great product overall. Always the finest quality and revive hooked me up with some stickers. Thank you so much and I'm very happy with this product.

solid deck
Written by undefined on 15th Aug 2016

It was a good deck I had it for about 4 months and it didn't lose it its pop until about 3 weeks ago

Simply Awesome!!!
Written by Dave Williams on 9th Aug 2016

I Purchased the Red Revive Heartline Deck in a 7.75, I am Very Please with my decision, its the perfect Deck size and Weight for myself being im getting back into skateboarding after 27 years of not skating, The board has the best perfect Pop to it and is an Extremely Durable board that can withstand all the abuse i can throw at it, I Highly recommend any Revive deck to anyone who's into skatboarding Hands Down!

Written by eric vue on 6th Jul 2016

This board and all of the revive boards have the most pop. I've never had a board with as muck pop as these boards. I definitely recommend all of these boards. With a good price you can't beat it.

your the best board company
Written by undefined on 1st Jul 2016

The best deck I've ever skated and going to be more. Out of all the decks I ever skated yours is the best. It a a great concave and it's super strong

so far so good
Written by undefined on 28th Jun 2016

Love the graphic so far seems like a solid board

Written by Karsyn on 10th Jun 2016

This board has been my go to for the past year or so and I cannot be any happier than I am right now, great quality, great service, and a sleek design. A real classic

great skateboards
Written by undefined on 2nd Jun 2016

Always wanted one and it does not let you down

Review on red life line deck.
Written by Jamie on 13th May 2016

This is the first board i have ever gotten, at first i was spending a lot of time picking out really detailed boards that i though looked cool. However after finding Andy's channel it made me realise just how much better in my opinion the less graphical boards are compared to the ones with to much detail on them. I love the colour of the board and the basic design of ReVive on it. Personally i don't think i could have chosen a better board for my first. :)

Awesome Decks
Written by Mike on 29th Mar 2016

Just starting to learn, but the revive decks are awesome, specially the artwork. The price is also amazing compared to so many other places (and it comes with grip tape!). They don't ship completes, which I actually prefer (putting it together feels like Christmas).

Always wanted a Revive Deck
Written by Mr. Peanut on 25th Feb 2016

Great awesome board Revive I got Lifeline Deck and Tye dye deck for Valentines Day! Revive is going to be what I back up at the park. Thanks Dad!

red life line
Written by undefined on 16th Feb 2016

Great deck

Great Board
Written by Mason Reaves on 15th Feb 2016

The guys at ReVive keeping it simple and clean. The graphic is very nice and the board offers great pop and durability. I will be always looking at ReVive for my future board purchases. Thanks guys!

Written by levi on 26th Jan 2016

This deck looks amazing, feels amazing, and rides smooth as budda! Revive is the best company out there I totally recommend this board and just everything that they sell.I will never have to go to a skate shop again!!

Good solid board.
Written by Joey on 23rd Dec 2015

Love the shape. Not sure if it's in my head or what, but seemed a bit heavier than my last deck. After the first session I didn't even notice anymore. Definitely feels solid though, so even if it weighs a bit more it's totally worth it. I'm pretty sure I couldn't break this board if I wanted to. Will be riding Revive from now on for sure.

Written by Cache on 13th Dec 2015

i got this board so stoked to try it out but when i got it it already had some scratches in it. Almost like it had already been ridden. oh well still an amazing board.

Written by james sweeney on 2nd Nov 2015

great wuality board love the graphic

great boards, great videos. keep up the good work
Written by Mateo on 31st Oct 2015

Easily some of my favorite decks and skaters keep up the good work

So much pop and the nice classic concave
Written by undefined on 23rd Oct 2015

This is easily the best deck straight out of the box. I used to skate plan b and alien wares but darkstar and revive are my very favorite

Great Deck and Company
Written by Nick Stavis on 22nd Oct 2015

I wasn't planning on buying this board until I saw one of Andy Schrock's videos and thought it would be sick to support him and his company so i decided to get this board. I don't think I will ride a different company from now on.

Awesome Deck
Written by undefined on 19th Oct 2015

This is an amazing deck. It doesn't get torn up easily and it looks great.

Best Board I Have Ever Ridden!
Written by Jon Jardine on 18th Oct 2015

Everyhting about Revive skateboards are amazing. The shape is great, the pop is amazing and they feel super comfrotable while also feeling sturdy and well built. I would highly reccomend this board to anyone, from beginnner to expert. The price is also excellent!

very happy
Written by Kenneth edge on 16th Oct 2015

I love the board nice looking graphics good pop all good wood feels solid in ur hand

Written by Ryan on 7th Oct 2015

WOW - The deck is fantastic - great shape great concave and yes yes yes the pop is awesome. It feels so good to ride as I downsized from a 8.125 I live in Australia and as most decks are around $90 to $110 retail I came out on top - plus the free Jessup grip and stickers are a bonus. The shipping was super fast as I only had to wait around 8 days from the US - pretty good. Thank you REVIVE and thanks Casey for the note - I will shop again for sure.

Written by Connor Clark on 26th Sep 2015

Haven't fully worn it out yet, but I love the design and the quality is amazing.

cool deck, high quality
Written by undefined on 21st Sep 2015

The deck looks really cool. It is just perfect

good quality deck
Written by undefined on 24th Jul 2015

Very happy with this deck. Looks sick awesome concave and good pop. Got to me in a hurry and the free grip tape included is really nice. Good company good people AWESOME deck

Written by sebastian arcuri on 23rd Jul 2015

This board is insane. It's got so much pop, it does not razor tail as fast, And slides great!!!! The designes are sick too. Definetly get these boards!

My First! THE BEST
Written by undefined on 15th Jul 2015

I bought this as my first revive deck and when I got it i loved it! One complaint, the very tip of the tail is prone to razor tail. Who cares?! I love it!

amazing deck
Written by Matthew Nikirk on 2nd Jul 2015

Got my deck fairly quickly but when it came i was amazed. Great graphic great pop all around great feel and even came with grip. Cant beat that

thanks Andy & Casey
Written by Ben on 1st Jul 2015

Great board and quick delivery to Australia. I had some special instructions with my order which was gratefully handled! Thank you Casey & Andy. Cheers

great board great price
Written by Jose Gonzalez on 23rd Jun 2015

Good concave! And free jess up grip tape!

Red Lifeline Deck
Written by John on 21st Jun 2015

This board is AMAZING, it has amazing pop and it is very light, that said, it is also an incredibly durable board. On this deck, so far I have learned 5 stairs, kick flips, and boardslides, and I'm still riding it. It doesn't razor tail quickly but my only small complaint is that if u boardslide it the graphic wares away pretty quick, but in all honesty that can be an upside because it shows that u are a skilled enough skater to boardslide. All in all, I freaking LOVE this deck

Favorite board by far!
Written by Mark on 20th Jun 2015

This deck is truly fantastic. Tons of pop, a perfect amount of concave, and really good pockets to dig into. It also feels noticeably solid. Whenever the board bounces from its edge it just has such a solid sound that really shows it's a great piece of wood. Some other brand decks I've had (that like to chip easily) just have a dull thud. The graphic comes off fast but what can you expect? I think it's sick that you paint ledges red when you slide on them. Definitely recommend any deck from this company, and for such an amazing price!! And no matter what you do, get that AmGrip! ;)

best deck ever
Written by Johnny on 20th Jun 2015

This is my favorite deck I skated so far it is strong has a lot of pop and perfect concave and is a good price. It is a great skateboard for beginners and even advance skaters. It is also great to support the skaters who run the company.

Written by Zach on 16th Jun 2015

This is one of the best decks I have ever been on the concave is perfect and it just feels right on my feet. Definitely planning on buying another when mine gets old!

good stuff
Written by Alex Pena on 10th Jun 2015

Red life line is pretty dang good only like little thing it it razor tells to much I'm working on nose manus and my nose already has some but it happens to a lot of other decks too so it's not much of an issue

My favorite board so far!
Written by James on 9th Jun 2015

I love this board so much. I am very tempermental with my board choices. Almost had too much concave. Girl didn't have enough pop. Plan B's would chip. Flips had almost no pockets. Alien Workshops were close, but not quite there. I decided to just skate a blank for a while, and the blank was good, but it wasn't the greatest ever. Revive on the other hand killed it with the shape. It's exactly what I have been looking for over the years. It has great pop, pockets, and a perfect amount of concave. My only complaint is that the graphic does seem to wear away more easily than other boards. However, if you're going to skate, then you have to expect the graphic will go away sometime!

amazing deck!
Written by Josh on 3rd Jun 2015

Been a big fan of revenge//revive for a long time! Never got a chance to try out a deck, bought the red life line deck and absolutely love it! Once I ride a certain board I ride them until I find something else to replace it, and I feel revive boards have done the trick! Concave is just amazing, not too extreme not too low. Nose and tail are relatively similar (which I like because I use nose and rail interchangeably) and the pop on it is incredible. Overall I would definitely recommend trying these boards out, I WILL be buying more in the future!

Written by Anthony on 2nd Jun 2015

This board has amazing pop and is very reliable. 10/10 would ride again.

As jacksepticeye says
Written by Ryan on 21st May 2015

Ten outta Ten

great deck
Written by Justis Brady on 18th May 2015

The revive deck i ordered is a good, strong board. It has good concave, and a great feel.

Awesome sauce
Written by Alicia on 14th May 2015

My kid was actually the buyer, but he is in absolute love with the board. It was his first board that he bought and rigged up entirely on his own (he's and 8-yr.-old). He's pleased as can be! It's nice an light, too. He's a huge fan of your company and a frequent flyer on your you tube channel. Thanks for inspiring my boy to be fearless and incredibly badass.

Red Lifeline
Written by undefined on 6th May 2015

Its a great skateboard with an amazing concave and great pop. I just wish the graphic wouldnt wear away so easily

Amazing Board
Written by Ben Eaton on 25th Apr 2015

I recently purchased this deck and have skated it a lot. It has treated me very well and I am going to buy more decks from here in the future :)

Written by undefined on 15th Apr 2015

Board way exceeds my expectations!

Written by undefined on 27th Mar 2015

I just got this board today and I am loving it. Board has a great feel to it with tons of pop. I've skated deathwish, real, girl, almost, and a few Walmart boards lol. So far this is my favorite board and I definintely recommend this board.

Written by undefined on 22nd Mar 2015

This deck was my first revive deck and I loved it! I've skated PUSH, Dark Star and globe, but Revive is by far the greatest!

Written by undefined on 6th Mar 2015

got my board just the other day just, was so excited! it is a great product! one of the best boards I have ever owned in my life! get out there and get riding!

Red Lifeline and Force Wheels
Written by Ryan Mitchell :D on 21st Feb 2015

I loved the feel of the wheels! Even on rough roads they ride super smooth! The Red Lifeline has been my favorite deck since the revenge days! The concave is perfect! So Me being a huge fan, I couldn't help myself by ordering some new gear and I showing ReVive the love it deserves! I love all my products and rate each : 5 stars !!

best board
Written by mark on 11th Feb 2015

I love revive skateboards, there light and strong with amazing concave

very happy
Written by undefined on 5th Feb 2015

Awesome company. Awesome people. Awesome products

Happy as a wet pig in the sunshine.
Written by Michael on 15th Jan 2015

I'm really happy with this board! The shape is perfect! It's got tons of pop! It has a large nose which I really like for nollies and noseblunts in the miniramp. Having a nice big nose helps with getting your ollies higher, it gives a little more for your front foot to grab onto after the initial pop. I've got an unboxing video of this board on my youtube channel. Watching this video will really allow you to see the shape of these boards a lot better. You can find my channel by searching Michael Relevant under channels. You can also find it by typing in the URL I'll be posting more videos skating with this board daily. Revive is a great company and I support them 100%!

Written by undefined on 4th Jan 2015

I got the deck for my boyfriend for Christmas. He is nothing but thrilled with the quality of the board. He was so excited not only about the board, but about the message that Andy himself left inside the box. He thanked us for the purchase with his own handwriting. You just don't get that kind of personal service from other companies!! I recommend Revive to everyone.

Written by deborah on 3rd Jan 2015

Shipping was super fast. My son loves the stickers and always getting a personal note! Those little things make him feel like a rock star, and if you can make a teenage boy smile....your getting it right.

Excellent Board
Written by Melissa Thomas on 29th Dec 2014

Purchased this as a gift for my son and he absolutely loves it. Great quality and really nice graphics. The unexpected stickers and grip tape that were in the box when it arrived was icing on the cake. Thank you! We will definitely purchase from you again.

Amazing Product
Written by Joey Chenevert on 25th Dec 2014

So far, my kids have been through several boards. Revive decks by far out way the others in durability! The nose and tail hold up to accidental hits. Have bought two and if the time comes that I need another, I will buy revive again!

Written by undefined on 24th Dec 2014

Order the board for as a Christmas present for my son, it came well packed and was shipped super fast. Loved the personal message in the box, that's a nice touch keep it up. The board it self looks awesome, my son will love it when he opens it on Christmas Day. Cheers Guys

Written by undefined on 17th Dec 2014

love it

Written by undefined on 15th Dec 2014

Great Board! The added note was a wonderful bonus.

Written by Joey Rodriguez on 9th Dec 2014

I've been a fan since the brand was still called Revenge. I always wanted one of these boards and I finally got one. I love how I could still get the same graphics as the Revenge decks because they all look sick. Love how it came with a little note. It shipped really quickly and I am looking forward to future purchases with Revive.

Revive Board
Written by Heather on 7th Dec 2014

My son waited for his board to be delivered. He could not even wait to get home to open the package...he did it right in the car. He was tickled pink and floated on cloud 9 when he received a personal message tucked in with his board. He has had the message laminated and it is proudly being displayed on the walls of our home. Thank you for taking the time for the little details that have lit up my son's life. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Heather

Awesome customer service
Written by devin guardino on 7th Dec 2014

I ordered the wrong board size and emailed them and the board showed up with the right size and a note saying take care. Best experience with any costumer service I have needed on a website.

Written by Grant Olsen on 5th Dec 2014

You guys are the best!!! Sweet graphic and free Jessup.Note from Andy was totally cool. Board is totally awesome definitely will order again.

Scale from 1.00/10.00 - 9.7
Written by David from Spitflare on 2nd Dec 2014

I'm a 10 year old skater who is a fan of the Revive Team, and wanted to see what they ride in every day life. First of all this board is moderate weight. it's not super heavy, but its light/heavy mix. It is .4 pounds lighter than a 8.1, so that's a pro. Free jessup grip, a note from Andy, and 37.00. Not bad!!!! still getting used to it, got sick so its taking some time to get used to :P. Gonna throw some theeves on it and see if it improves my experience. Find me on youtube: Http://

great product
Written by Damian on 29th Nov 2014

Brought this for my son for Christmas, got it signed and a note from Andy, that makes it a special gift. Received quicky from USA to London, slowed down when it reached customs and the British postal service though. Recommend the products and the company!

Best deck!
Written by Michael Padilla on 19th Nov 2014

I love ReVive! It's my favorite company and they have been for such a long time. Everything is cheap and affordable compared to other companies. The boards are tough, durable, and very well worth the money. It comes with your selected deck, 2 foil ReVive stickers, 1 sheet of Jessup grip tape (my favorite) and a receipt with a little note from Andy! The shipping took about a week and I was impatient because I was so excited. It comes with a tracking number so you know where your package is and that helped a lot. Overall, there's no other company that I see myself buying from. For a guy who loves skating around San Francisco, ReVive is the company for me. I'm definitely buying more from ReVive. Much love from your future team member, Michael Padilla.

awesome deck
Written by dane on 17th Nov 2014

I love this deck, ive only had about 3 different high quality decks but this one is the best.

Best Deck I've Ever Used
Written by J on 7th Nov 2014

Two things I should preface this with: First, this is my first deck. I've skated a bit before, but this is the first deck I've owned and bought myself. Second, I am 6'9" and about 270 pounds. I was looking for a deck that would be both comfortable to use and would support me, as a lot of the ones I have used tend to flex with me on them. Not this one, though. If you're a bigger skater and looking for a deck that is going to support you, look no further. I'm glad to support this company and the things they're doing, and I'm also glad their decks support me. I look forward to buying my next Revive deck - thanks to all of you guys!

Been skating this deck since the beginning
Written by Jack on 2nd Sep 2014

Absolutely the best deck for the price you will ever skate GUARANTEED

best deck ever
Written by abdullah baghdadi on 1st Sep 2014

I got no words the graphics are the best my 2nd deck ever and the best one yet

Best Deck Ever!
Written by undefined on 7th Aug 2014

This board is the best board I've ever had. Great pop, nice concave and looks cool too!

changed my skating carrer
Written by Aaron Stawicki on 24th Jul 2014

Ever since I've been watching Andy's channel on YouTube, I've always wanted a revenge/revive deck. And let me tell you once I received mine it was 10x better hpthan any shop deck I've ever purchased. I will only be buying boards from here. I hope this company never goes out of business. Shred on!

best board i've ever skated!!
Written by steven duffy on 21st Jul 2014

By far the best board I have ever skated!! It's like it has magical powers that make the board flip and I somehow land on the board :o

Beautiful and durable
Written by hunter on 16th Jul 2014

It lasts and the color is so vivid and it's very attractive and it can withstand a ton!

Written by undefined on 16th Jul 2014

My son loves the look and the way it rides. Very happy. Thanks

great deck
Written by Briggs on 15th Jul 2014

Nice board feel with a perfect concave. Good pop and super durable. Nice job revive!

Solid Deck: Need Grip Options
Written by Number Six on 9th Jul 2014

I've skated several Revive decks and they've all been great. Construction is really solid and consistent. They keep their pop really well and never got mushy on me. It would be nice if there were grip tape options like no grip for a small discount, clear like Ninja is doing, or AmGrip now that Doug has his own brand.

Very good board overall
Written by undefined on 9th Jul 2014

One of the best decks I've skated in a while, and it's still cheaper than the other top brands.

This Board is Great :)
Written by Christian Stehno on 7th Jul 2014

The price is fantastic which is just one the plusses it also offers a great baord in genreal for color and pop for tricks :). i will buy revive baords till i die :)

Amazing board!
Written by Josh Fraga on 1st Jul 2014

If you are looking for an amazing board then this is the board for you! Looking forward to getting Revive wheels!

best deck I've ever ridden
Written by Jordan McDowell on 23rd Jun 2014

These decks are amazing. Saw a video on YouTube once by Andy. Decided to check out the rest of the group's channels. I loved the videos and the deck designs are sick. I'm currently daily following all of the birthday rolled around so I got a deck and being the 200 pound guy that I am,I wad kind of hesitant.but these boards ate amazing.they withstand the weight with no problem.I love the shape and they have unbelievable pop.definitely my preferred brand now .Will be buying another

perfect deck
Written by undefined on 21st Jun 2014

The deck is awesome go and buy this deck or other revive decks

Written by hezekiah on 18th Jun 2014

Hey Andy love this deck its perfect! Keep up what your doing! The deck has great shape lots of pop. Just feels great. Learned about you guys from Aaron Kyro's channel been watching you guys ever since! Love what your doing!

Great Deck
Written by sam on 16th Jun 2014

The deck is outstanding. It has major pop and doesn't really wear down that much. It takes like 3 months for a razor tail to form! Outstanding deck, Andy.

Awesome deck
Written by Stephen Clifford on 19th May 2014

I found ReVive skateboards after watching Aaron Kyro's YouTube channel. Gotta say that the board has heaps of pop, is light but strong and looks totally wicked! Not many people have heard of ReVive in Australia bit quite a few of the skaters in my area reckon that they are going to order one for their next board because mine feels so good. Do yourself a favour and go ReVive!!!

Written by undefined on 12th May 2014

I love your decks!!!! I love there shape!!!

great deck
Written by Terry on 12th May 2014

Really good deck for a good price!! Thx andy!!

Great Deck
Written by Nathan W-M on 6th May 2014

Great deck and great design nice concave comes with a sheet of Jessup griptape like all there boards and that is really good griptape. Also the board is really strong they don't snap they just wear down

Written by Jakob B on 5th May 2014

This board is fantastic it skates really well and I'm just in love with it!

Excellent Quality
Written by Steve on 5th May 2014

The board is perfect. The concave feels great and it comes with a sheet of Jessup grip tape and a couple stickers. Super strong wood, and I highly recommend it to any skater, new or pro.