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No one told you to read this, but you did anyway so 

you will get 10 random Revive/ Force stickers.



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Written by Andrea Pennington on 27th Feb 2024

You can't go wrong with this sticker pack! We loved each one it came with.

Written by Luna on 6th Sep 2023

it came as advertised plus the 2 stickers on the packaging, though i did get 1 repeat sticker

Awesome stickers!
Written by Lisa on 20th Mar 2023

These stickers were great for my sons skateboard(s)! Exactly what he wanted and now he can cruise in style. Fast shipping, fantastic customer service. 10/10 would reccomend

Sticker random pack
Written by Becky Dietz on 4th Mar 2023

Very nice assortment in different sizes. Looks cool on the board and car.

Sticker pack
Written by Benny on 2nd Aug 2021

We loved the different stickers! Perfect for what we wanted!

Written by Brian Lambert on 13th Apr 2021

Sometimes its better not knowing what you get

Written by Nick on 21st Dec 2020

So. Many. Stickers.

Random stickers
Written by Gavin shaw on 11th Aug 2020

Amazing stickers!!!

Written by Heidi on 3rd Aug 2020

Love the variety of stickers, my son was ecstatic when I gave them to him. Good quality, colors, etc.

Sticker purchase
Written by Peter Gross on 28th Jul 2020

We ordered a mystery pack and 8x11 Revive stickers. My shredders were excited to get them in the mail and put on their boards and mini ramp! Revive is our favorite!

Written by adriana Almanzar on 26th Jul 2020

My son loved these. He put the stickers all over his skateboard

Written by Ben L on 14th May 2020

Took a chance on the random sticker pack. What can I say, I like surprises. This pack did not disappoint. Quality stickers with some dope graphics. Just put it in your cart already and you can thank me later! Happy skating

Sticker Pack Review
Written by Jagger Cranfill on 30th Apr 2020

Recieved the sticker pack in the mail today and it contained a handful of awesome stickers. Will totally purchase again!

Revive random sticker pack
Written by Jimmy on 11th Sep 2019


Awesome variety
Written by Scott on 21st Jun 2019

There is a ton of stickers in this pack and they stick well

Sticker pack review
Written by alan cook on 11th Jun 2019

Sticker pack was plentiful for the price I suppose. Quality was meh...

Written by Kim evans on 5th Nov 2018

The stickers were awesome!! I loved how many there were and all the different types, and only for $5 it's a steal!!

Best sticker pack ever
Written by Varial Reality on 31st Jul 2018

Most stickers of the best variety I've ever gotten. I will be picking this option any time I want some stickers from now on.

Written by Eric Roberts on 29th Jul 2018

Me and my son loved the stickers! We put them on our decks and they stuck like stickers. Good job guys!

Random Sticker Pack
Written by Thomas on 7th Feb 2018

High quality, even tho i dont skate anymore i still love the brand; im pretty sure i got 12-13 instead of 10 but all the better, +Rep

Stickers for days
Written by Chris J on 6th Feb 2018

I received a good variety of stickers in my package and plenty of them. Definitely worth the purchase if you don't know which ones you want. All of the stickers look great and there wasn't one I disliked. Nice and glossy and all that jazz.

The stickers i got were dope
Written by Matt Bott on 25th Jan 2018

I got the stickers and i got the best ones ever, neon lifeline, cat with 3d glasses, revive skull, and revive skateboards eye