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It's Chocolate... And it's AWESOME!

4 Bars of Fantasticness.

- Dark Chocolate with Jalapeno (Andy's favorite)

- Dark Chocolate with Kettle Cooked Potato Chips (Brian's favorite)

- Milk Chocolate with Peanuts

- Milk Chocolate

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Taco Gametime Chocolate
Written by Todd on 13th Jun 2024

This is some of the best chocolate I have ever had!! Especially the potato chip!!

Written by NickAtNightGaming on 22nd Mar 2024

This chocolate was very good! I bought it to review on my channel and it did not disappoint!! My favorite was the kettle chip Dark Chocolate! It was so good that my dad tried it and then ordered $100 worth! Thanks everyone at Revive! You guys are truly the best! STAY AWESOME

Written by Matt Murdock on 27th Dec 2023

My son and I loved the chocolate! He had to try the jalapeños chocolate first. Loved it! Thx guys!

Taco Choco-late
Written by Stephanie on 7th Aug 2023

Both Milk Chocolate bars were solid. The subtle heat in the Jalapeño Dark was nice. The kettle chips in dark chocolate were perfect. Overall impressed, the chocolate was delicious. Will be slow eating it over time to enjoy it.

Wow! Literal miracle product!
Written by Adi D. on 2nd Aug 2023

I don't know what I was expecting when I received this chocolate, but I certainly wasn't prepared for such an extraordinary experience. Upon consuming this chocolate, I bought a yacht, published a newspaper (only one), planted a new garden of chrysanthemums, and taught my pet iguana how to heelflip, all thanks to this chocolate! Genuinely can't recommend it enough!

Taco Game Time - It's Chocolate Review
Written by Brandon Lee Gross/ Myles (son) on 14th Feb 2023

As chocolates go this was good. 1st we will start with the quality of chocolate. It bares a resemblance to an Easter chocolate flavor. But at a higher end, not as waxy, which enhances the creamy silkiness. Now as for the different flavors, we will start with the jalapeno. The jalapeno has a soft taste at 1st bite with a pit of back end heat and a very subtle jalapeno flavor, just a hint. My son and I liked this bar the best. 2ndly the potato chip infused bar was also delicious, however the amount of potato chips was on the low end. 3rdly the peanut chocolate bar was flawless, it had just the right amount of peanut to chocolate ratio, for us anyway. And of course the plain milk chocolate bar was equally on par with the other bars. Overall, we will be purchasing more, due to the fact that they were about average bars and also it supports one of our families top watched Youtube channels.

Taco Game Time Chocolate
Written by Kara Scull on 31st Jan 2023

The best dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted! I don’t even like dark chocolate and it was good :).

Tasty and different!
Written by Sethusk on 18th Jan 2023

Taco Game Time Chocolate - "It's Chocolate" is plastered on the side of this delicious treat and it is true. This is chocolate, but is that all? No, this chocolate is different, it's unique, and it's from a fun channel on Youtube. Thankfully, this chocolate is from the minds of Brian Ambs and Andy Schrock. One of the first and most unique flavors is Dark Chocolate with Jalapeno. It's so delicious. I never though about having chocolate with a bit of heat. This one is a real stand out among chocolate bars. I found myself eating it faster than I meant to. Next, Dark Chocolate with Kettle Chips. Tasty and crunchy, the kettle chips come through nicely. The saltiness compliments the smooth flavor of the dark chocolate. Next is Milk Chocolate with Peanuts. A real classic, you can't go wrong here unless you're allergic to peanuts, which you're not, why would you eat this if you were? Take care of yourself. Lastly, why change perfection, that's what you have with Milk Chocolate. Sweet and delicious. The only downside for me was that a couple of my bars where broken and that gave my brain an itch where they would normally break along the pre-pressed lines. You know what that didn't change though? The flavor. That was still perfect. That's why you're here. It is certainly worth the price tag for me. If you like chocolate and you like Taco Game Time and you have $15 bucks I don't know what you're waiting for. If you don't order it fast enough, we're going to eat it all before you get any. ~Sethusk

Game on
Written by Jonathan Tetreault on 10th Jan 2023

Delicious. You can taste the quality of the chocolate in each bar, especially the dark ones. The dark/jalapeño is my favorite and I’m glad I bought two packs because I ate the first one the day I opened it. My ONLY gripe, and I’m totally nitpicking here, is that I wish the peanut bar had more peanuts in it. Aside from that, I wouldn’t change a single thing. Definitely scoop this up while it lasts.

Delicious Chocolate, Jalapeno was best!
Written by Godzilla Fan 90s on 3rd Jan 2023

I tried all four chocolates from milk chocolate, milk chocolate w/peanuts, Dark Chocolate w/ kettle cooked potatoe chips, and Dark chocolate w/ Jalapeno. And to be honest they were getting better & better in the order I ate them! For starters the Milk Chocolate was the most uninteresting one of the four, but the balance of the salty & creamy flavor were great! The next one is that plus the salty & smoky-like flavor from the peanuts! While the other two were much more tasty IMO, due to liking dark chocolate more and the potato chips were a bit better than the Peanuts, though the chunk was nice! Finally the Jalapenos; a perfect balance with spicy & sweet being more on the sweet side, then the tasty after "burn" of the jalapeno, the spice from the jalapeno g as ve the bar more complexity with the flavor than any other bar in my opinion!

Darn good chocolate
Written by Keith Skates on 3rd Jan 2023

I had originally planned on eating a little piece while watching Taco Game Time videos. That lasted about as long as the first time I tasted the jalapeno one. Within a couple of days, there's not much of anything left.