A Gift For You - Deck

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Comes with a FREE SHEET of Jessup grip tape or you can upgrade to Amgrip starting at $7.49

Concave: MEDIUM

Length: 31.5 INCHES


Ply count: 7

These are truly the best boards we can manufacture.
*We can assemble complete skateboards ONLY with the purchase of a Starter Pack and by selecting the Assembly Option on the Starter Pack product page*

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Product Reviews

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Always awesome!
Written by John on 11th May 2023

This is my third deck from Revive and I have enjoyed every one. Good shape, good concave, great pop, and they have always lasted a long time.

Customer Service
Written by Casey on 15th Aug 2022

I'm a 30 year old man coming out of a mental/physical disability I've had for like 20 years and one of my first cravings was skateboarding. My first exposure coming back into the sport was watching the Revive team on their various channels. I became a fan over time and fell in love with the people. This was my first time ordering some of their skateboards and for the heck of it I asked, "What are the chances I could get everyone at the Shredquarters to sign the Gift For You board?". Brian Ambs crossed out "What are the chances" and underlined "everyone at the Shredquarters to sign the Gift For You board" on the slip. He leaves the message "Shred on!" in pen below and I get a signed board no problem. I never experienced anything like that, and I wanted to leave my appreciation. These are busy people and they made it happen out of their good nature. Because of my condition I can't enjoy the community, but these people make me feel like I have one. Thanks everyone for the signed Gift For You deck. I really appreciate it. Great sale too, i bought 2 decks and got 2 handboards for free. I thought I was only getting 1.

Killer Deck
Written by Steven on 3rd Nov 2021

Looks amazing and amazing quality like you would expect from Revive. Highly recommend!!

A Gift of Skating
Written by Alex on 19th Feb 2021

While I haven’t quite received the board yet, I’ve been fairly excited to actually setup my first at 23. I’ve been wanting to get into it and finally ordered what I needed!

It’s a good deck to skate and to put on your wall!
Written by Daniel Leonardo on 13th Jan 2021

Just arrived last week and (thanks to my daughter) already on her room’s wall.

It's so pretty!
Written by Nick on 21st Dec 2020

I'm not allowed to ride it, because my wife loves how pretty it is.

Written by David Wright on 21st Dec 2020

I love the deck, not what I was expecting lol I thought it was supposed to be some random deck