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Amgrip Griptape! This is the perfect balance of grit that keeps the board attached to your feet while not destroying your shoes too fast. It skates great with the new pizza cutout and sticker. Grab a sheet!

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Jarred's Revive Review
Written by Jarred Ross on 3rd Jul 2020

Just as described it's well made griptape. Not too slippery but not to grippy.

Am Grip
Written by Andreas Drevenstedt on 24th Jun 2020

Sehr gutes Griptape, ich bin sehr zufrieden damit.

Written by Julia Moreno on 23rd Jun 2020

This is daughter's first board. We had to look up how to apply the grip tape. Some instructions would have been helpful or even a link to you guys showing how to apply the tape.

Written by Mark leone on 22nd Jun 2020

My son loves your stuff he watches all your vidoes on youtube and loves you guys your products are awesome an extremely great quality thanks for keeping it real

Am grip pizza
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 8th Jun 2020

Love the pizza grip(my 2nd one now)Looks great and grips well on my infoodity war 2 deck. I always use amgrip on my decks, it's a great product.

Good grip
Written by Alexander Jacobson on 29th May 2020

5 stars

Solid grip with a fun twist
Written by Eric Hoefer on 28th Apr 2020

The pizza AmGrip was the perfect combo for the Infoodity War Deck, great combo of grip and fun!

Great quality
Written by Ryan Marquina on 27th Apr 2020

Got this pizza grip tape for my 10 year old son He loved it,and it came with a pizza sticker as well to put wherever l,he put it on top of the grip tape Quality is topnotch,pizza and skateboarder is visible from it being cut out of the grip tape my son loves his new deck and grip tape I would reccomed the company and the product for any level skateboarder I bypassed my local skate shop for the shredquarters and I am very happy with my choice

Order review
Written by Dakota Bell on 20th Apr 2020

Love the grip. Wasn't what i was expecting and turned out to be way better than I thought. Super grippy, two thumbs up

Great pick!
Written by Jamie Kayali on 17th Apr 2020

This grip is pretty aggresive the only complaint is not really the tape but the board top (which I couldn't tell in the pictures) is black so the cut out I paid etra for was kind of the product though.

Written by Charles Ingeldsen on 19th Dec 2019

I like the grip and the cut out. Good balance of grab and slid. Maybe taco cut out next?

Written by Frank Kolondra on 6th Dec 2019

If you like pizza you're going to love this grip! I worked with Doug and designed the sticker that goes under the cutout. Seeing it in person is incredible. I put magical fairy dust into the design of the sticker and it makes every trick you pop fly into outer freakin' space. So yeah... it's super special.

Am grip pizza
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 14th Oct 2019

Works great and came out great...makes me hungry to look at it haha. It matches perfectly with my infoodity excited! Excellent product.

Review pizza grip
Written by Noah Appel on 23rd Sep 2019

AmGrip Pizza Grip tape is super nooice. Very precise graphic cutouts of pizza and man doing kickflip. Does its job. 10/10 would buy again. Also the Revive deck with green mountains and gold background is really vivid. Love it.

AmGrip - Pizza
Written by Susan LaPlante on 22nd Aug 2019

My son Hunter loves the sticker and the grip tape.

grip tape
Written by sean on 3rd Apr 2019

son loved it

Favorite grip
Written by Felix Palmer on 4th Jan 2019

Am grip has become my favorite! I love the pizza cut out, soon it'll be on the Revive space lifeline 2.0 with a pink top ply

Pizza Amgrip
Written by Keith on 2nd Nov 2018

I will only use #amgrip Great amount of grip, not too rough on the shoes, and it's thick enough that it's easier to work with than other brands that I've used.