Life Bolts (Gold Allen Key)


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Hardware! Here is 8 1" Allen head bolts to keep those trucks attached to your skateboard. There are two gold bolts so you can quickly look down and tell which end is your nose and which is your tail. It also has a neat name that will honestly be a weird talking point in a random conversation, but we say hey, go for it. Someone might be into hearing about Life Bolts. Also Jalapeños.

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essential part of your skateboard
Written by KeithSkates on 21st Nov 2022

Without them pushing would be much more difficult.

Looks great!
Written by Jordan Cochrane on 21st Jun 2021

It's hardware, there isn't a lot to review. That being said, it's going to look great beneath your feet and will keep your trucks on tight. What more do you need?

Gold Allen Life-Bolts
Written by Graham Gurtner on 2nd Apr 2021

I love the gold, it looks great when I flick kickflips, and in general looking down at my board. REVIVE SKATEBOARDS!!!

Golden life bolts
Written by Josh Schmidinger on 25th Jan 2021

Usually use the red or white Phillips life bolts but wanted to give these a try cuz they better matched my "goodnight" deck. These work just as well and look great. Just like the others you can quickly tell which side is your nose or tail with a glance. Sturdy, quality hardware.

Allen key
Written by Joel cruz on 2nd Nov 2020

I love it

Great hardware
Written by Nina on 8th Jul 2020

Awesome hardware can’t go wrong with life bolts

Review of skateboard
Written by Avi on 9th Jun 2020

Great bolts my skateboard has never felt better with these bolts I feel more supported on my skateboard than any other bolts.

These are bolts
Written by Frank on 5th Jun 2020

These hold my skateboard together. They are advertised to do so. They do what they are advertised to do. Very good.

Gold Life Bolts, Featuring Mr. Allen
Written by Eric Hoefer on 7th May 2020

They're bolts, not much to say other than they do their job well. Comes with a free Hex Key though which is a great touch!

Written by p407 on 26th Apr 2019

These is bolts right? Confirmed. I like the two shiny ones it comes with. They are not made out of solid gold. The included shiny sticker has presented me with a dilemma. I am seeking counseling.

Life bolts (gold Allen key)
Written by Travis on 26th Aug 2018

The moment I got these I was given a raise at work. Might seem serendipitous but I give it to this purchase.

revive life bolts allen
Written by Michael McKenna on 6th Apr 2018

i got the red ones on another deck thought id try out these when i do new set up overall good quality liking the x2 gold bolts too and comes with Allen key although i didn't need it as i got a revive skate tool lol nice sticker as well shiiiiiny =)

Awesome Thank You
Written by Abraham Mendoza on 5th Jan 2018

These bolts are great and finally I can tell easily the nose from the tail with the two golden bolts.

Amazing Product
Written by James Bowersox on 2nd Dec 2017

I know that hardware is usually pretty cheap but the quality isnt always top noch, but these life bolts are very high caliber and cheap at the same time. I recomend this to all my g's.

Written by Daniel Reyes on 14th Jul 2017

some bolts are a little bent and dont hold up the trucks too well but these bolts are good and keep everything in place.

Written by Nitsa on 14th Jun 2017

These bolts are cool and the two gold bolts are gorgeous. Awesome quality too.

Written by Cameron Shea on 21st Apr 2017

Works like they normal hardware, and 2 are shiny gold!

do exactly what they need to do
Written by Cody Cherrington on 10th Feb 2017

It's hardware. It has one job and it does it well, keeps the trucks on the board. I used to use phillips head hardware and it would constantly strip. Allen key, however, will not strip and seems a lot more durable. Overall, great product.

Ooooooh SHINY
Written by David Walstad on 27th Jan 2017

Good bolts! Allen heads so they don't strip so easy! 2 are shiny GOLD!!

Written by Patrick Reed on 9th Dec 2016

These are the best, quality bolts youll find. I love the gold bolt to put on you nose.